The Mystery lies all around us in the Stars, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and Sea, and even our fellow human beings.

To grow spiritually we honor, delight in, praise, wonder, play, and enjoy the things of Nature.

Humanity fails when it tries to separate itself from the microcosm. We are part of All That Is.

As a child, I sought the wisdom of Nature that was native to my ancestors, but it had been hidden beneath the teachings of Christianity and reduced to the idea of fairy tales for children.

In 2013 the Runes downloaded themselves into my mind. The Angel of the creek flowing behind my home introduced me to the Norns, elder powers who oversee the Weave of fate and destiny. I am Spirit-guided, and I work with the Runes to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

The Runes are at least eighteen hundred years old, and have held their spiritual essence in the same form for all of that time. I offer Rune readings for those interested in deeper insight into their life path.

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Weekly Rune Draw

The three Rune draw for the week  of Febrary 17 to February 23, 2019 was Uruz, Ehwaz, and Berkano, using the Elder Futhark.

Uruz holds the energy, strength and primal urges of the now extinct Aurochs, the Bison native to old Europe. The Aurochs had wide spreading horns that were used by the warriors as drinking horns, from which they drank the Meade of Inspiration in rapport with family, friends and kin.

Ehwaz is a Rune of Movement inspired by the partnership between horse and rider. Those of us who have had horses know how emotional these beings can be and how much peace we can have in our relationship with them. An unknow Calvary man was accredited with the saying, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man."

Berkano is the feminine rune of the Birch tree, motherhood, childbirth, nurturing and nourishment, ceremony and initiation.

With these three Runes turning up, my interpretation is that this is a good week for energy workers, diviners, healers, and caretakers to go within to nourish our own well for the health of our body and emotional well being. When our well is dry we do not have sufficient energy to nurture others. It is okay to seek within for our own happiness, because that is the food we need to continue on our own life path.

A blessing for the week ahead: May you have all the sustenance, subsistence, and joy you need!

Rune interpretation this coming Saturday, February 23 at ISD Oneonta's Cabin Fever Festival from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at 41-45 Dietz Street. Admission is free, and psychic readings are only $25 for 15 minutes. I look forward to reading for you again! To reserve your space early, please email me at susan.hintz.epstein@gmail.com

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