The Mystery lies all around us in the Stars, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and Sea, and even our fellow human beings.

To grow spiritually we honor, delight in, praise, wonder, play, and enjoy the things of Nature.

Humanity fails when it tries to separate itself from the microcosm. We are part of All That Is.

As a child, I sought the wisdom of Nature that was native to my ancestors, but it had been hidden beneath the teachings of Christianity and reduced to the idea of fairy tales for children.

In 2013 the Runes downloaded themselves into my mind. The Angel of the creek flowing behind my home introduced me to the Norns, elder powers who oversee the Weave of fate and destiny. I am Spirit-guided, and I work with the Runes to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

The Runes are at least eighteen hundred years old, and have held their spiritual essence in the same form for all of that time. I offer Rune readings for those interested in deeper insight into their life path.

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Welcome to these web pages where I provide useful and interesting information on the Runes, the "Mysteries" or "Secrets" of the North. To learn the Runes is to learn about your self. Knowing your self is one of the oldest statements of philosophy.

Who were the people who inhabited Europe before Christianity moved into the area? There is a growing movement behind the Rune Lore that informs us of our own indigenous heritage.

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