The Mystery lies all around us in the Stars, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and Sea, and all the life forms we perceive.

The mystery of Nature helps connect us to the silent power of our soul. The Elements are part of us - the Winds, the Waters, the Earth, Fire, Storms, and Space.

Separation from Nature is an illusion that feeds the ego that thinks "I have power over this." To begin to understand our Essence is to realize that we are not separate from anything, but that it is in relationship that we find ourselves. In relationship with the Elements I found power in connection.

As a child, I sought the wisdom of Nature that was native to my ancestors, but it had been hidden beneath the teachings of Christianity and reduced to the idea of fairy tales for children.

In 2013 I met the Runes, and the angel of the creek flowing behind my home introduced me to the Norns, elder powers who oversee the Weave of fate and destiny. I work with the Runes and the Norns to help raise the consciousness of humanity.  Wyrd is the process of understanding ourselves, our "fate", and making conscious choices to weave our destiny.


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Hello, and welcome to Nornir's Corner. I am Susan Hintz Epstein. I have been a Rune Intuitive since 2013, and Reiki healer since 2004. Call me today at (518) 947-0645 or email: SusansRunes@NornirsCorner.com to make an appointment.

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