365 Days of Prayer – Day 109 New Gods and Old

Raised Christian, every sacred personage that was not Jesus was regarded as demonic. As I grew up, I chose to throw off this fear-based idea of the divine in favor of a love-based idea of the divine. I came to love the healing Jesus, the Rabbi who preached among the multitudes and lived in regular communion with the one he called Father.

When the Norse gods began coming to me, I learned that Odin too was called Father. He is Val-Fadher, All-Father, and Fimbul-tyr, Great-God, and he has many, many other heiti, or names. It was Odin who gave humanity the Breath of Life, or Ond. Don’t let the misleading teachings of the Christians fool you. “Spirit” is Latin for Breath. The Holy Spirit is not the sole property of Holy Mother Church. The Holy Spirit is found by many names throughout the cultures of the world. There are many gods, and many gods wear many faces.

I believe the gods love us, and help us on our path of spiritual evolution. In my experience, those divine beings whom some think of as devils or adversaries are here to challenge us into growing. Loki, for example, and his half dead, half alive daughter Hela, are those who push us into seeing our own self-deception and our own shadows, so that we might work through these things into the full clarity of our own being.

Please don’t think I am sugarcoating these things. Evil is very real on a larger scale than human beings can be aware of, and humans themselves perpetuate evil out of their own fear. But this is not the topic I wish to pursue today.

Suffice it to say that in my choice to pursue this path I am on, I worked very hard to develop a solid spiritual foundation so that I would not be misled or deceived by an angel of darkness posing as an angel of light. One needs a strong ego and absolute trust in one’s guiding spirits, and one of the very best places to begin is developing one’s relationship with one’s Life Guide, or Thought Adjustor.

You can meet this Being just before sleep or upon waking when your daylight mind is most clear from the pre-occupations of the day. State your intention to meet your Life Guide out loud to your Subconscious mind, and then stay alert for the process to happen. If it doesn’t happen the first time, don’t give up. This awareness (intuition) you are trying to develop is like an unused muscle. Have faith and keep trying.

Dear Gods, thank you for loving us and pushing us toward our highest good. Thank you for the obstacles and the struggles to overcome that cause us to turn toward you in our dark nights of the soul, and for the rejoicing as we emerge again into the mornings of the Spirit. The journey for many of us is long and difficult, but we are upheld by love of you and your love of us. Thank you.

Author: Susan Hintz-Epstein

I am an artist, an intuitive Rune interpreter, a Reiki master, Mesa carrier, and student of the soul. Personally, my best answers to the question of life have come from my relationships, Nature, the Gurdjieff work, and a practical meditative/prayer life. Currently I am writing a book on my experiences with the Norns, Scandinavian goddesses of Destiny, and Hela, called Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: Called to the Well of Being.