365 Days of Prayer – Day 18

This afternoon the dog wanted to go down to the Creek. Mindful that earlier in the summer I had promised Creek Woman that I would lend my Voice, I sat beside the Creek petting the dog and re-inventing my favorite childhood hymns from praising the Savior to praising Nature, which fits more congruently into my current world view any way. Prayers and time outdoors in Nature have fit into the human need for the celebration of a power greater than ourselves from time immemorial.

I gave up my ideas of separation when I understood emotionally that all beings partake of the breath of the world. My body may be a separate creation from my favorite pine tree, but my spirit can merge with that pine tree and experience a connection/communication without words. Feelings are the key. Until individuals open their hearts to understanding this unspoken language, they will not understand the concept of Oneness.

The idea of separation is one aspect of the brokenness of human connection with Nature. The lack of belief in climate change is part of the condition of human sleep and absence of awareness. Some individuals are very aware, and some are not – this is the process of the awakening of the human collective, and each of us will awaken at our own time and pace. There is not blame. But there is an understanding that the Earth is changing her state of consciousness too, and humans must be adaptable to see through the coming changes.

Great Creator and Great Earth, I sing today in appreciation of your bounty and your beauty and your own rising consciousness. I can choose to see the negative or the beautiful, and I choose to see the beautiful.

Then sings my soul, the beauty of the trees, the open sky, and bounteous earth…

Author: Susan Hintz-Epstein

I am an artist, an intuitive Rune interpreter, a Reiki master, Mesa carrier, and student of the soul. Personally, my best answers to the question of life have come from my relationships, Nature, the Gurdjieff work, and a practical meditative/prayer life. Currently I am writing a book on my experiences with the Norns, Scandinavian goddesses of Destiny, and Hela, called Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: Called to the Well of Being.