365 Days of Prayer – Day 21

Yesterday there were several of us gathered in circle. We gather to support each other in our spiritual growth. We are a group of wise women, yet sometimes we forget to listen. We were caught in one such moment yesterday, when some one new to our group said, “You are not giving her the chance to speak.” And we stopped and we began to listen. We thanked our new friend for her input. And one of us said, “We are sorry. We are coming from the wish to help.” Our friend accepted our apology, which led to a better space for conversation.

I learned that the intention to help is not enough when ego is in the driver’s seat, and ego is always talking. To enter into Sacred Space, I must begin from a place of inner silence that leaves space to listen. I must recognize that although my own story contains the seed of compassion that led me to be here in circle now, my own story will not be another person’s story. She is at a beginning point within her own story. Her struggle with grief, anger, and forgiveness will be her own. Any egoistic need I feel to share my own story will be inappropriate to her genuine need for an impartial listener.

Creator, grant me the awareness to be sensitive to another’s genuine need. Let me listen more than I talk, and when the moment for a response is there, give me the words to speak wisely, from Your counsel. Amen.

Author: Susan Hintz-Epstein

I am an artist, an intuitive Rune interpreter, a Reiki master, Mesa carrier, and student of the soul. Personally, my best answers to the question of life have come from my relationships, Nature, the Gurdjieff work, and a practical meditative/prayer life. Currently I am writing a book on my experiences with the Norns, Scandinavian goddesses of Destiny, and Hela, called Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: Called to the Well of Being.

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