365 Days of Prayer – Day 92

I like to provide snippets of thoughtful applications of prayer as I write these blogs dedicated to my son and his service in the military, even though they are not solely about my son nor the military. In fact, I had promised him I would be a “Prayer Warrior” in honor of his service.

I’ve always prayed though.

I used to wonder what Saint Paul meant when he said to “Pray always.” Obviously we cannot spend every moment of our waking lives kneeling with our heads bowed in prayer.

But over the years I’ve come to learn I can become the prayer when my intention is honed enough, focused enough, I carry that prayer with me in my thoughts and in my being out into the world.

Is there something or someone you could pray for today?

I am praying for men and women of integrity to takeover the Senate after the fiasco of Trump’s acquittal. I am giving voice to honesty over dishonesty, faithfulness over greed and corruption, a use of power for service instead of self-aggrandizement.

I am praying for healing of climate change, and fearing human leadership is not doing enough soon enough.

But mostly I pray for peace of mind, freedom from want and from struggle, and time to focus on building that which will help all people come to realize their innate divinity, which I believe comes from their own efforts at moral integrity and self understanding.

Creator, I cannot define the total right or the total wrong. I know that we humans must stand together for the evolution of our species, and I fear that our leaders are standing in their greed and in their power not in service, but in self-aggrandizement. To this end, dear Creator, I pray for their change of heart and mind toward service and improving life for all Americans, not just the wealthy few. Amen.

Author: Susan Hintz-Epstein

I am an artist, an intuitive Rune interpreter, a Reiki master, Mesa carrier, and student of the soul. Personally, my best answers to the question of life have come from my relationships, Nature, the Gurdjieff work, and a practical meditative/prayer life. Currently I am writing a book on my experiences with the Norns, Scandinavian goddesses of Destiny, and Hela, called Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: Called to the Well of Being.

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