Rune Draw for April 20 to April 26, 2019

Good morning! Happy Easter to my Christian and Pagan friends, and Happy Passover to my Jewish family and friends!

This week’s Rune draw featured Mannaz reversed, Wunjo, and Teiwaz reversed. Mannaz reversed can mean great unhappiness, as when we lost the sacred cathedral of Notre Dam. The human collective is undergoing great struggles at this time, with people of various religions fighting over who is right and unable to see that each is the repository of Divine Wisdom.

Wunjo reminds us of the joy we take in each other, and Mannaz is the mirror image of Wunjo. We turn this reversal upright when we remember to look for the best in each other and not expect the worst.

Teiwaz is the Warrior Rune, and when he shows up reversed, it means that we are acting from weakness or from meanness, and not the highest in ourselves. To be a Spiritual Warrior means to act from honor and integrity. I can look within and discern where I am acting from weakness and then turn that around. There have been times in my life when I have been afraid to speak my truth because of fear of persecution of others who had ideals different from my own. There have been times I have argued from a need to be right, even when I was wrong. I can turn that around.

So the advice I will impart from this reading is that for the human collective to ascend spiritually, it is as individuals who are empowered to bring forth our Love, instead of hatred, Peace instead of war, Trust instead of mistrust and divisiveness who will guide others toward the highest in themselves. This work is what will turn the tide against negativity and fear toward goodness of heart and cooperation of spirit.

That said, on this Easter, which is a day of Resurrection of Mind, Heart and Spirit. Have a blessed week!

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