A Day In The Life: Dog & Old Lady

Photo by Charles on Pexels.com

Dog and Old Lady here today. With all the changes in the bus routine this year, added to the seasonal changes when my body just wants to fatten up and hibernate like our local black bears, I’m tired today!

It was a good day on the bus run, though. I’m taking a half day off for personal reasons Thursday afternoon, and the substitute driver who showed up to learn my run today, turned out to be the son of one of the drivers I trained with a few years back! So it was great to catch up on the doings of people I know.

Dog got walked. When I came through the door tonight, she greeted me effusively. I was burdened down by the groceries for the next few weeks. Fortunately I had found everything on the shopping list. The husband came out to unpack the groceries I had hiked all over four stores for in-between bus runs, so Dog got her wish.

Alan warned me, “I gave her a bath today, don’t let her roll!” It’s like when you wash your white or light-colored floors and somebody comes in with muddy footprints – you really want to enjoy the fruit of your labor for a day or two before you need to do it all over again. So I didn’t give Dog time to roll. Old Lady, who you remember has hiked all around five or six stores grocery hunting, strode out like she was young again and Dog had to trot to keep up.

Well, maybe I am exaggerating – but only just a little. I strode out as well as I could despite arthritic knees, which had hiked all over maybe ten or eleven grocery stores to satisfy the monstrous shopping list that took me two carloads to bring home. Dog did have to walk faster to keep up, so maybe I haven’t lost it quite as much as I sometimes think I have, or maybe Dog and I are just both fat and old and still think of ourselves as speedy racers.


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