A Peaceful Moment for Dog & Old Lady

Photo by Johannes Rapprich on Pexels.com

The past week had been too busy to blog. Dog and Old Lady had to walk after dark, because of the time change and her bus run now ended at dusk. Still, Old Lady reflected, with twilight the stars had all come out and the rich hues of the Milky Way were there for her enjoyment. She wondered if Dog enjoyed the Milky Way as much. Old Lady was doubtful, as Dog kept her nose buried in some scent that was too delicate to reach Old Lady’s nose. At least the noisy little neighbor boys and their deep voiced hound dog had gone to bed and Old Lady had the quiet night to herself.

A passing car briefly interrupted the peace of the night with it blaring headlights. Old Lady stepped off the road and Dog buried her nose further into some new scent Old Lady couldn’t smell. Old Lady reflected that smells were for Dog like the meaty gossip old ladies indulged in, at least the old ladies of her mother’s generation who had time for such things. Old Lady, who worked two, sometimes three jobs depending on the demand, had no such time. With Covid-19, many former opportunities for work were no longer available. The craziness leading up to the 2020 presidential election was finally over, although as of this night the final ballots had not been counted. Old Lady had invested so much energy into anxiety over the last four years that she had no leftover emotion to toss any more concern at the outcome. She had voted for her preferred candidate, and whether he won or not, she was now determined to give up worry and enjoy the remainder of her life to the best of her ability.

Old Lady gave a deep sigh of contentment. Really, life did not get any better than this. She looked up at the stars again, and took another deep breath, Dog pulling her further into the field, slowly snuffling out some new scent-sations. The stars twinkled just as slowly back at Old Lady, and she smiled with quiet joy. Their sense of eternity gave no urgency, no hurry. Tomorrow and its time-table schedule would come soon enough, but for now the night sky unfurled before her like a road map for the rest of her life. There was no urgency for that either. Age had a way of bringing with it a level of patience that the ambition of youth could no longer exhaust. Another deep breath and another sigh of letting go of the tensions of the day and the week. Old Lady’s shoulders lifted, and she tugged Dog toward the east. Surely some new smells could be found there too.


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