A Rune A Day Keeps the Doctor At Bay

Just kidding. But seriously, I’ve been reading the Runes since 2013 when the Divine (apparently it was the Divine) downloaded the Runes into my spirit in a way in which I could understand them. Soon after that the Norns came calling and I was all in. I have found that drawing one Rune in the morning to foretell the energy of the day to be a positive thing in terms of my capacity to meet what shows up for me. In fact, I started a podcast on YouTube in which I do a daily Rune interpretation for anyone who is interested. You can find today’s podcast here.

I say that when the Norns came, I was all in. It felt good to walk and talk with the Divine in an accessible way. Sometimes the religion of our childhood does not fit our inner being, yet there is a takeaway from that too. For example, I cannot live with the perpetual guilt and shame that childhood conditioning ingrained in me, but to practice Jesus teaching of forgiveness allows me to walk away from grievances and outrages that block my heart from honest joy and contentment. I may never be totally able to live the by-products of such conditioning down, but having struggled through that conditioning to my own truth, I am now able to see the beauty that all religions hold in their role as guides toward the sacred, toward the numinous, and eventually our unique independent individuality.

I think this is not a journey we are alone in. The astrological conditions on the planet right now are bringing about the opportunity for a change in consciousness in many people. It’s funny that “woke” has even become a term that the rightwing political parties, who operate under the guise of religion, are putting down. Wasn’t it Jesus who reminded folks to be alert lest they fall asleep and miss his message to humanity? “Love one another as I have loved you.” Thus when we are “woke” we ought to be in a higher state of consciousness, and living with love.

I don’t think that working with the Norns or Hela takes away from the beauty of this message. Rather their message through me, if you will, is about making wise choices. Thinking before you speak or act. Putting yourself in another person’s shoes, even in your imagination. The actions and interactions of the past form the threads of the Weave in the present as the choices we make now form the threads of the Weave in the future. This is what the Norns oversee. Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld do not judge or condemn; they are impartial and above all that. They will let you make your own mistakes without criticism, as they will then calmly watch you picking up the consequences of your choices. Yet when I meet them with an open heart – even a heart that has been broken open, they will meet with me because of my sincerity and guide me to the actions what will lead to my best outcome. Sometimes other people bring things at us and there is a choice to be made: Do I want to retaliate from rage? Or do I want to get through this with the best outcome for all and peacefully go back to living my life in simple contentment?

I cannot say what another’s choices or motivations are. I can only speak for myself. But I can wish you all out there a pleasant day and mean it.


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