Drawing one Rune a day is a great way to learn the Runes. Not only are you actually working with them, but discerning the meaning of that Rune can help you to clarify issues and guide your day.

Drawing one Rune a day is a great way to learn the Runes and also to guide your day

I work with the Elder Futhark, the Younger Futhark, and the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. All the sets I made myself as I studied and worked with the Runes. Most of the sets that one buys that are already made use the Elder Futhark set. The word “FUTHARK” actually comes from the first five letters of the Runic alphabet, because that is what the Runes are – little mystery symbols that hold alternative use as an alphabet. The correlation to the spoken word here seems almost obvious: God is the Logos, or the Word. To the Christians it comes in the first chapter of the book of John – “And the Word was with God and the Word was God.” In Genesis also, “God breathed upon the waters…” And in the Northern Lore, Woden gave the first human beings Aske and Embla the Breath of Life.

I will not apologize for mixing the metaphors of different traditions when they have the same meaning and it enriches my point. I am a student of pathways to the Divine, and I have both Heathens and Christians among my Ancestors. To hold respect for what is good and true and right is the honorable thing to do.


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