About Nornir’s Corner at Urd’s Well

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Susan Hintz-Epstein is the author of RUNE PLAY: Learning the Runes

Susan Hintz Epstein

Susan Hintz Epstein is a Rune interpreter and author of this blog, Nornirs Corner at Urd’s Well. This blog began as a promise to the Norns that I would write for women’s community. I have no idea how this will unfold, as whenever pen meets paper I am at a new beginning.

I want to acknowledge how much women offer each other in grace and support. Women are the backbone of family and community, yet often we fail to acknowledge our own intelligence, grace, and strength.

I pray women who do not know their own magnificence learn to love themselves in a positive way. We give of ourselves until we run out of steam. Without adequate self care, we burn out. Loving someone does not always mean we must “do for” them what they can and should learn to do for themselves.

This blog may contain anything from family roots and ancestor work, to Rune work and shamanism. It’s about coming home to myself in a new way. It’s about rising above what holds me back and learning from my shadow aspects what I need to bring into the light. Although I write from my own self-exploration, it is also intended to inspire others on a similar path.

I have done intense grief work. I have learned that love does not die, but goes on to renew itself in often surprising and unexpected ways.

On Becoming A Rune Psychic and Author

By January of 2013, I was struggling to gain clarity as a psychic reader. I prayed to be hooked up to the Weave. The Elohim of the West Kill, the creek that flows behind our home, introduced me to the Norns around the same time that the Runes “downloaded” themselves into my head.

The Norns are ancient giantesses that oversee the fate and destiny of humanity. Urd oversees the past, Verdhandi oversees the present, and Skuld oversees the future. The Norns spent over an hour showing me how to work with the Weave to heal relationship issues, and their advice worked.

The story continues to unfold and will only end when I die.