The Vision

I am a visionary, and I have empathy toward the pain in the world. Meaningful, lasting change will occur as individual by individual we raise our consciousness above that which cares for self alone toward what is best for all beings, all people, and our earth.

I present two things in these web pages. I create pet portraits because it is an act of beauty I can offer to others through my own unique talents. Those of us who love our animals enjoy quality pet portraits as art serves to immortalize the joy we take in our animals.

I also present my own perspective on the Runes, as read psychically and as a way of life. The Runes present an ancient system of understanding ourselves as human beings in relationship to the world.

Pet Portrait Artist

My curiosity about animals began interestingly enough with the costumes my Kindergarten class made the time we all became circus animals for a show put on for our parents. I was a giraffe and I got to wear a tall conical hat on my head with a giraffe's head on top of that.

When I was a bit older Dad brought home a buff and white kitten, whom he named... Buffy. Buffy was my first real pet. After Buffy we had a cat named Goldie, a cat named Angel, and a Collie named Chico.

My grandfather had been a farmer until the Great Depression forced him out of business. He loved horses, especially Morgans, and I learned to love horses from him, and when I grew up, I eventually owned, trained and bred a few Morgans of my own. I have drawn horses since I can remember.

There was a time I too was a farmer, and raised orphaned kittens, and kept dogs and chickens. We had a dairy farm until the dairy buyout under Ronald Regan made dairy farming an expensive business to remain in. My husband then switched to beef. I went back to college for Studio Art, and got to be a better artist.

Meet the Artist & Intuitive

Greetings! I am Susan Hintz-Epstein. I have enjoyed drawing animals since I was really young, especially horses. Animals love unconditionally. My first horses were camp horses I cared for over the winters I was fifteen and sixteen: Christie and Shanty. I learned how to ride, went to college for horse husbandry, and learned how to shoe horses. I was a dairy farmer for a while, and had my own Morgans. I have had animals in my life for a long time. Eventually I went back to college, earned a BA in Studio Art, and improved my ability to draw. Our current pet is a big drooling, wide grinning Akita named Dolly.

I have a psychic gift too: I am able to communicate with the soul of the pet and capture its essence in the art that I make for people. I have touched hearts with my work, and I would love to make a work of art for you. If you are interested, please visit the gallery page to see the quality of my work, and then call me or email me. Thank you for your interest.

Photo on 2-16-15 at 6.16 PM

Susan Hintz-Epstein

Artist & Intuitive

This is my chance to mention in greater depth about the influences that have shaped my life and that have come together now. If you have read this far, I assume you aren't bored. I married a dairy farmer fresh out of college, and took an active role in the farm, milking and breeding the cattle, putting the hay away in the hay mow, and raising my few horses on the side. My soul was calling me, however, and I began to read the work of Carl Jung.

I learned of the work of G.I. Gurdjieff, and something in me was hooked. I knew I had to explore his ideas. I joined Ann Kelly's group in Honesdale, PA in 1987. She was of the lineage of Doctor Nylund. Because I took my marriage vows seriously and was yet an active part of the farm, I did not join the group fulltime. I became acquainted with the ideas of self-remembering, conscious labor, and intentional suffering. When Ann passed away in 1989, something in me was devastated, and none of the externals in my life held meaning for me any more. In seeking the inner threads to follow to find my destiny, I somehow knew that if I returned to college, I would be able to continue my inner calling.

I earned my BA with two majors in Studio Art and Anthropology, and a minor in Religious Studies from SUNY Oneonta, where I graduated cum laude in 1994. I loved academia, but the inner-directed thread I was following led elsewhere. I started a business making leather half-chaps and other apparel for riders, but I made some poor decisions, so I quit that business and went to work to pay off the credit card debt I had incurred.  While I was working at that job, I met a new Gurdjieff mentor in my own neck of the woods. Don Petacchi was a talented pencil artist, had been a gold prospector in Alaska after he got out of the War with Japan, where he happened to meet the Gurdjieff ideas, and he returned then to NYC and the Gurdjieff Foundation where he studied directly with Lord Pentland. Don greatly added to my understanding of Gurdjieff's work on self. This teaching has affected my entire inner life.

I have been a "jack of trades," and master of some: farmer, rider, trainer, mother, cashier, graphic artist, secretary, and school bus driver, but that's just the horizontal side of life. The soul, within, calls out for recognition and stirs the pot of life until nothing can remain the same. To be true to myself, I left the marriage to the dairy farmer in 2003, obtained my levels of Reiki certification in 2006 so that I could be a healer, became a Mesa Carrier in 2009. Along the way I met many people who were also seekers. I ran a Reiki share from 2008 to 2010, in which I taught people how to develop their own intuition. Toward the end of that time, I met my current husband Alan Epstein, and we married in 2011. Alan had been a shaman's apprentice and had some good advice for me in working with the spirits of the land. In 2013 I was introduced to the Norns by the Creek Woman, and this path has been unfolding for me ever since. A book about the experience is in the works.

Next Steps...

If you like what you see and would like to order a Pet Portrait, please call me or email me for a quote.