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Susan Hintz-Epstein combines the roles of artist, Reiki master, and Rune Intuitive, with those of wife and mother. She has been a lifelong student of the metaphysical; the work of G.I. Gurdjieff became her spiritual foundation. Her mother, Lillian Hintz, a Sunday school teacher for forty-five years, made certain Susan had the understanding of Jesus's love. Susan filled in the gaps herself with a B.A. in Studio Art and Anthropology, minoring in Religious Studies with an emphasis on oriental religions. Today Susan is a shamanic practitioner and Mesa Carrier, learning from and working with the nature spirits in her valley home. She is working hard on three books about her experience with the Runes and the Norns, Norse goddesses of fate and destiny, Hela, and the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds, named Yggdrasil. These books deal with the process of going within to free the well spring of our own souls from emotional pain and build a rainbow bridge between the Subconscious and the waking consciousness to live from a basis of inner freedom, liberation, and contentment.

Rune Intuitive

My passion for reading the Runes began in January 2013 when I found an interesting book on my husband's book shelf. The book Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows caught my eye, and I began to study it. The Runes downloaded themselves into my third eye in a powerful way, and I found myself understanding what they meant.

Soon afterward, the Nature Spirit caring for the waterway behind my home introduced me to the Norns who came in with the moonlight to sit, weave, and teach me around my Mesa. Other deities from the Norse pantheon made themselves known to me. I realized they had come to me in dreams when I was much younger, and had a place in my life.

In the dream they walked out from a cavern beneath the church my family attended when I was a child. Some were animals, some were shape-shifters, some were giants, and some were simple human beings who had thought and felt differently about the world than we do today. There was no fear in this dream; instead a deep feeling of awe and coming home to something in my soul that had - maybe - been disowned by my ancestors with the introduction, sometimes by force, of Christianity.

During the Dark Ages, the church culled from society those people born with the gifts of healing, skills of midwivery, of prophecy, of weather working, and of maintaining the balance between humanity and the natural world. Somewhere in that culling, people lost the awareness that our species too is part of Great Nature. My hope is that humanity will find its balance in the world again.


I have had a lifelong relationship with variety of animals. Horses were my first love, then cats, and dogs, but whenever and wherever I see an animal in the wild, while hiking or driving, I am often reverent. My relationship with them is silent and respectful, taking as little as possible from their natural environment, while I enjoy the beauty of the moment. I am an observer of birds and insects, and I try to identify what I have seen. I do not seek to be every animal's friend, because I know they do not want to be mine. In this way I honor the balance between my kind and theirs.

Sometimes this beauty I feel toward animals expresses itself best through artwork. I specialize in Pet Portraits and have received many words of thanks that my art has given someone the gift of their pet even years after its passing. Sometimes my art takes on a more dimensional nature.

If you are interested, please visit the gallery page to see the quality of my work, and then contact me. Thank you for your interest.


Pet Portraits by Susan

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