Accessing the Spiritual, Rethinking What We “Know” to be True

Perceiving Divine Energies

“To open the way for encounters with the spirits of the land, it is essential to believe in their existence and their great potential for helping humans to live more creative and healthy balanced lives. These spirits appear in various forms and can be perceived by any of the senses. Yet, because they don’t normally exist in three dimensional reality – because we’ve not opened our perception to them – what is seen, felt, and heard is often indirect. Sometimes their forms appear in smoke rising from a campfire, or their voices may be heard in the wind. They may manifest as a touch felt on the skin, or perhaps simply as a “knowing.” Their messages can be perceived through activities of nature, such as a bird flying overhead or a wave slapping water. However, because they cannot be sensed until habitual patterns of perception have been transcended, it is necessary to quiet the internal dialog that dictates what can and cannot be seen. Then the spirits can communicate directly to your inner realms, through intuition or flights of imagination.” ~ Jim Pathfinder Ewing

I am the product of a Lutheran upbringing. The best thing that I can say about this is that Martin Luther taught that we can each know God for ourselves… The most repressive thing about that is that he taught that God was an authoritarian, judgmental so-and-so like his own father, and that the only way we can be worthy of God is to basically throw ourselves onto the dung heap in order to be most pleasing to God. I don’t believe that the Creator would so abase his Creation: Not a Creator about whom John wrote, “God so loved the world that he gave his only son…” So my position is that the Creator is a loving being who supports and loves his Creation: All beings, not just humanity. In this way, I have traveled far afield from mainstream Lutheranism, and I am glad that I have. I am a creature of earth and field, winds and water, and grateful for the fire in the hearth on a winter’s day.

The supposition that I hold out is that every being, whether they are a form of life that we understand or not, has its own level of consciousness. In the overlap of energy fields we experience this consciousness mingling with that of our own. We share this with other people, our pets and animals, our plants, the earth upon which we walk, the Sun which shines down upon us, the rains and other waters, the winds, the birds, the bugs, rocks, and so much else. Physics teaches about gravity, electromagnetic theory, and energy fields. Religion teaches about “spirit.” The word Spirit comes from the latin Spiritus, meaning Breath. Take that word a step further to the term Atmosphere, and we might consider Auras or Energy. So while we have our individuality, can you also see the possibility here for the mingling of atmospheres, energies, auras, or the unity within the diversity of life?

So when I broke with Lutheranism, I began experiencing the energies within the diverse unity of the beings within Nature. Through overlapping of energy fields I have experienced communication with Quartz crystals, trees, animals, and the “Spirits” of Place – the Creek, the Mountains, the Forest. When I released teachings and beliefs that did not feel “true,” I was able to experience information that came to me through my own perceptual experiences, as stated by Jim Pathfinder Ewing, quoted above from his book Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in Buildings and Lands. I have chosen this post today to encourage people to feel, sense, perceive, and think about your own experiences outside the box.

Utiseta is a great way to do this: It is the Norse way of sitting out in Nature. Sometimes you seek a Vision. But sometimes it is enough to find a quiet place beside a waterway and open yourself to whatever experience might come in.


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