After Death the Resurrection

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It seems strange from the way I think other people see things to say that the death of my very first cat, a happy little gold and white tabby, could lead me to a deeper feeling of my own spirit and resurrection than any religion could. Buffy danced his way into my heart and loved me unconditionally. People were much harder.

I remember at the age of four I told Mom that I would rather have been born an animal than a human being. She was shocked, and promptly shut me out. At that same age I discovered horses, and they were the most beautiful animals in the whole world. They too gave me joy and love.

At about the age of thirty, when most people are satisfied with their lives or digging into the meat of their careers, I was melancholic, had everything I’d longed for, but very unhappy with my life. I had forgotten reverence, that deep meaningful connection to Life that informs me that I am part of All That Is, and thereby my life has meaning. I had loving relationships, but I had lost my former deep emotional connection to things, and was just going through the motions of living.

Then one day in the fog a barn cat that I really liked got hit by a car and the kittens found their way to my doorstep. I took them into the house and began learning how to be a Cat Mom.


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