An Excess of Inconsideration

I took my husband up to the cardiology clinic he goes to in Albany, NY yesterday for a simple “yes or no” for a procedure he needs on another part of his anatomy. After the usual amount of time waiting for the medical professionals to get around to coming into see us had already passed, I am left wondering, “Should I bill the doctor?” After all, I had to take a day off work to get my husband there, I think I should be reimbursed my usual wage of $17.50 hour. I expect the doctors are making at least $250 hour: Why has it become okay that the medical profession should get rich at the expense of my time? Our two-hour surplus wait ended only when my husband, who is an impatient patient, nagged the staff sufficiently to be finally seen.

But the inconsideration of the medical professionals aside, we had another incident happen. We had waited our turn for the elevator labeled two-passenger – another condition of the Covid pandemic. We were on the elevator, the door was closing, and an inconsiderate broad with graying blonde hair dives through the door. I say, “Hey, two people only!” But the person doesn’t care. My husband shouts at her, “Are you deaf? Two people only!” but the door is closing, and we are almost already down. I say to my husband that this might not be the best time for confrontation, since the woman won’t be with us more than a few more seconds. I feared a crazed fight in that tight space. Sure, enough, as soon as the door opens, the Covidiot lady is already off running and trips over two persons in wheelchairs seated near the elevators with their attendants. Now that woman provided proof of some real inconsideration!

When has it become inconvenient to civilly wait one’s turn? Is this still a holdover of the tRump years, when a certain type of person was given tacit permission that it was okay to do whatever they wanted? Where are the veneers of politeness and civility? Now, I’m not all that fond of either, but these two customs of “playing by the rules” did generate some means of societal interaction that kept everybody more or less from violent altercations.

BTW, I can only say I wish one of those wheel chair bound persons that Covidiot tripped over had the forethought to stick his foot out as she raced by.


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