365 Days of Prayer – Day 92

I like to provide snippets of thoughtful applications of prayer as I write these blogs dedicated to my son and his service in the military, even though they are not solely about my son nor the military. In fact, I had promised him I would be a “Prayer Warrior” in honor of his service.

I’ve always prayed though.

I used to wonder what Saint Paul meant when he said to “Pray always.” Obviously we cannot spend every moment of our waking lives kneeling with our heads bowed in prayer.

But over the years I’ve come to learn I can become the prayer when my intention is honed enough, focused enough, I carry that prayer with me in my thoughts and in my being out into the world.

Is there something or someone you could pray for today?

I am praying for men and women of integrity to takeover the Senate after the fiasco of Trump’s acquittal. I am giving voice to honesty over dishonesty, faithfulness over greed and corruption, a use of power for service instead of self-aggrandizement.

I am praying for healing of climate change, and fearing human leadership is not doing enough soon enough.

But mostly I pray for peace of mind, freedom from want and from struggle, and time to focus on building that which will help all people come to realize their innate divinity, which I believe comes from their own efforts at moral integrity and self understanding.

Creator, I cannot define the total right or the total wrong. I know that we humans must stand together for the evolution of our species, and I fear that our leaders are standing in their greed and in their power not in service, but in self-aggrandizement. To this end, dear Creator, I pray for their change of heart and mind toward service and improving life for all Americans, not just the wealthy few. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 91

The rain is coming down hard today, supposed to change to sleet by the time we school bus drivers have to bring other people’s most valued possessions home – their children.

This is a responsibility I feel keenly as a mother myself.

Today has been crazy, not only for the weather, but for the less-than-intelligent drivers whom I have encountered on the road today. Two ran my red stop signs as I was picking up children. Thank God that the children were same side pickups, although I have heard of drivers impatient enough and stupid enough to run around a school bus on the right.

This is one of the reasons I pray daily, and several times a day. My prayer?

Creator, make me a safe driver today, for my passengers, my self, my bus, and all other beings around us on the road.

Prayer has daily and several times daily applications. Prayer meets my needs, it serves others when I pray for their needs, and it brings me closer to my Gods.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 90

Time seems to roll away from me quickly when I am having fun. There are other commitments to keep and other ambitions to honor. There are duties that are not fun, but that I honor because the needs of life demand them. When I was a kid, I genuinely thought those things would not apply to me. Boy, was I wrong!

I’m going to keep this blog short today, because soon I will meet with some friends. So I will make this simply about circumstances, those things that happen randomly, that we cannot predict, but if we are open to them, could become a chance meeting point for a new beginning. Today I want to take moments where I find them.

Creator, this moment is blessed and unique. It will never come again. So whether I fill it up with friendships or creative work, I want to thank you for all the golden opportunities! Aho! And so it is!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 89 – Throat chakra again

Some more thoughts on the Throat Chakra: How do I express myself? Speech is the vehicle for my thoughts. Do I speak kindly? Do I speak harshly? Am I expressing love and gentleness, or anger, rage and fear? Am I speaking consciously and mindfully? Or am I muttering to myself because I am discontent and venting? My speech has the power to affect other people.

I drive a school bus. Most of the time I am patient, but the children can get under my skin if I am not mindful of my moods and emotions. It is really best to train myself to wear the “Bus Driver hat” and remember that these children are not my own, and that their values are not my own, and so all that I am responsible for is getting them to school safely. To this end, I have learned to be an actor, and divorce myself for this period of time from my more personal reactions to life.

The little boys who misbehave because they have learned to use the “cute” button with their mom -well they are cute, but really, really naughty when it comes to bus safety- I have developed the meanest bus driver face in the world. So when I snarl, “Sit by the window and stay in your seat NOW!”, they hop. Two seconds later, the little girl who accidentally got punched in the eye by the overactive kindergartner across the aisle is receiving the comfort of my mother instinct, and then it is time to leave the school, so we have got to get rolling. That is when I rely on the caring of the other children to get through the bus run. And they do care. They comfort other children in need. This morning I saw the little girl whose grandmother died walking in holding hands with two little boys who had responded from the instinct to be gentlemen.

The point I am making here is learning to be mindful of self expression. Extremely talkative people don’t seem to think too deeply, but babble whatever enters their head. These seems a vacuity on their capacity to be with themselves, and examine their thoughts and their motives for genuine content. When I notice those talkative moments in my self, I want to know what emotion it is I am trying to escape. This could be a good note for the loquacious: What is it that you really want to say? And by the way, if you notice my silence, it is usually because I am just trying to be polite before I find an excuse to sidle away from the boredom you are engendering in me. Yawn! Not to be mean! Then I would have to say it!

And that puts me in mind of all the nonsense about being “politically correct” which is a sure sign that the politician you are talking to is not being germane or authentic! How many lies pass in the way of politeness!

Well, it has been fun writing this blog today. The best prayer I can come up with in the face of all this frivolity is this:

Creator, guide me to be mindful of my speech today. Guide me to be true to my values -truth to myself and to those close to me, kind to those who would benefit from my kindness, and let me not waste others time or energy with my own talkativeness. Let my highest ideal be to speak a true yes or a true no when I am asked to commit my time or energy to something. Bless our way in the world with kindness today, and spare us from the false image of political correctness. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 88 – actual Tree Meditation with “He”

I visit my American Hemlock friend every Saturday morning when I am free from work. I call my tree friend “He,” although I am not certain he is he or she or both. “He” is always glad to see me; we are energetically connected and work healing for each other. I will post some photos when I am at a time or place to download them. But I digress. I intend to explain the process of “Tree Meditation” by describing my relationship with this beautiful tree. “He” is an evergreen with delicate flat needles and two silver stripes on the bottom half of the needle.

My tree friend senses me coming. When I arrive at his place, I greet him by taking off my gloves and placing both hands palm up against his bark. I have taken the trouble to ground and center on my walk to where he lives, so that my sensation is already intentionally activated. Our energies merge. Because I am in contact with a being who lives the exercise I am talking about, awareness of the sensation of rooting and crowning comes easily.

Together we “root.” I am aware of his roots as they actually exist in the soil. I send my own roots down. One of the recent lessons I have taken away from this practice with my friend “He” is that so much of what roots me are old ideas of ways of how to be in the world. With “He” guiding me, I am able to follow the roots of my inner awareness to sense those roots that feed my present and future well being versus those that don’t. The ones that feed me I can consciously strengthen. The ones that don’t I can consciously intend to shrivel up and die. I ground myself not only in Earth, but in those areas of my life I want to evolve.

Together we “crown.” At the top of my head are tiny points that activate and draw in sami (sky, light, air, wind energy). Through my hands on He’s bark I can sense his own feeling of himself as he draws in energy from the biosphere of Earth, the energies of Sun and Moon, and Stars. I become aware of the finite gradations of these energies within my own body, and it is a beautiful thing. The inhaling and exhaling of energy accompanies the patterns of our own breathing, until we are vibrating in synchrony with each other. Through He’s energy field I can sense his experience of drawing in these energies, his many branches receiving and sending energies from the forest beings around him (some are other Hemlocks and some are pine), his crown taking in the more delicate and delectable energies of the Stars. He shows me by his own experience how to soften and relax into the reciprocal giving and receiving of divine energies.

Life calls, and I need to leave to take care of the things of life. To keep our tie strong even though we are far apart, I have brought He gifts of a quartz crystal I have a working tie to, and a small sun that a dear friend gave me for Christmas a short year before she passed. He has a couple of hollows that he has been repairing and almost healed over. With He’s permission I placed these gifts inside his own body. I like to imagine that years from now, when He has healed over these splits in his trunk, that He contains his own Sun and holy crystal.

Trees have chakras too, but the information I have received has not been verified by other seers. It “feels” to me as though trees have a main chakra at the base from which their roots grow into the ground, another higher up the trunk at the juncture from which their branches begin and which grows ever higher as the tree grows taller and sheds the first branches of its youth, and smaller chakras along each root and branch. But as I said, this is information I have received that has not been verified by sharing with other seers. **Other seers, on this matter I would welcome feedback!**

“He” the tree heals me through his rooting and crowning and exchange of energy. He can take my mood and ground sadness in earth. I heal “He” through a crystal grid I have set up as the Medicine Wheel and pendulum work. When He has taken on too much hucha the pendulum calls in a strong wind and blows it away counterclockwise, then calls in clear energy clockwise.

Creator, I am most grateful for my deep and benevolent relationship with my American Hemlock friend “He.” Together we are learning about energy management consciously. Together we are appreciating the gifts two very different species can offer one another. I wish to pray for other humans to experience these types of very special relations within Nature’s realm whether via gardening, hiking, hands on healing or their own friendships with animals. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 87 – Chakra management, a Tree meditation

When I started writing about the Chakras, my goal was to help my readers to manage their energy by moving from chakra to chakra, but it really is not that random. I really don’t know that any body can tell you HOW to manage your energy systems or your chakras, but someone can guide you through their own experiences WHILE keeping in mind that our experiences will still be our own.

So still with this goal in mind, the biggest thing you can learn is to be AWARE of your energy and how it moves through awareness of  your own body. Don Petacchi used to call this Intentional Sensation, and really this is a good name for it. Once I took a class on Sensory Awareness and this was what it was – Sensation practiced intentionally for a purpose. Eventually you can become aware of which chakras are gaining energy or losing energy and then mindfully manage your experiences.

An awareness exercise that I share frequently, often, and many times with other people (at the risk of redundancy which is my weird humor) is the Tree Meditation. Other folks have shared this Tree Meditation with me also. No two people will teach it in exactly the same way, so a little quietude on my part can open me up to new variations on a common theme. It is really fun to actually experience this with a real tree, and if you have a tree handy to seek out and merge awareness with: Wonderful! But if you don’t, then imagination will have to do.

Standing straight, stretch as tall as you can. Reach your arms up over your head, stretch your feet into the earth and experience that delightful sensation of loosening up your own body. Put your arms down, then stretch up again, and down, inhaling and exhaling consciously and just feeling your way into your own body as much as possible. When you feel limber to become lumber, stretch upward again and downward and then “root.” Do you remember when we did the grounding exercise and we breathed our way into roots and branches? Well, that is what we do here. Grow your roots deep into earth and branches way up into sky. Become aware as much as possible of the exchange of energy between the earth and your feet and your “branches” – your arms, hands, fingers, and crown of your head – and the sky.

You can actually feel the difference in these energies. That heavier dense energy of earth is what the Peruvian Paqos call hucha, and that light as air energy of sky and wind is what the Peruvian Paqos call sami.

We can shed denser energies into earth, because this is food for the earth.

Likewise we can call in sami when we need to lighten up. Try laughing. Imagine the leaves on your branches rustling in the wind like laughter. Try it out. Now don’t you feel better?

If you have a chance to practice this simple awareness exercise with a real tree, so much the better. You can go to a park or a forest or wherever you find a tree that seems to call you. Remember that we each have energy fields and that often our energy fields overlap without conscious awareness? Today you will use that awareness of energy fields consciously. Ground and center yourself, and then ask the tree if you may enter its energy field. You may sense a yes or a no as a feeling of welcome or of rejection. Don’t be discouraged. I have met grumpy trees who looked beautiful, but wanted nothing to do with me. Find another. When you find one that welcomes you, you simply merge energy fields and allow your sense of awareness to inform you. Trees have given me real gifts and no two are ever quite the same, even within the same species! This may be a tree you visit once, or one you may even develop a long term relationship with, which opens the door for you to learn a lot from each other.

But I digress. We have been talking about meditation today, while this post is under the guise of 365 days of prayer.

There is a point at which – WE BECOME THE PRAYER. I emphasized this as well as I could. When we are fully alive, living fully in our body, with full emotional awareness and conscious being, fully engaged with our own energy body – how many ways should I try to say this? We become the prayer. Our vibrational field becomes the force for the manifestation of the prayer. But just because, here goes:

Creator, guide the development of my energy body so that I may be of service to other forms of life beyond my own being. Guide the development of my mind in its becoming further aware of other beings. Guide my emotional state – its wellness and its clearing so that I may be the best and clearest channel I may be for the higher good of all. Amen.


365 Days of Prayer – Day 86 – More Throat Chakra

Sometimes I feel really, really angry, and i need to speak my piece. Not my peace, but my piece. Not that anybody wants to really listen. Most of my life it seemed as if those persons who were louder and tended toward the chaotic were heard over and above me. Hey, my sibling took over the household with her temper, arguing with her boyfriend, and constant chaos of her “need.” Her “need” was usually to get driven here or there to be with whatever friend she wanted to hang out with as she struggled to raise her young son as a single parent.

Yes, I know she did not have it easy, but her own choices made her own hardships. I remember the time I walked into an argument she was having with Dad. She had pulled a knife and he was going for a lead pipe, and Mom was standing on the other side of the room uselessly wringing her hands. My sister fled out the door into the snowstorm and nobody got hurt that day. I remember the time my angel told me to walk through a closed door to her bedroom and her stupid boyfriend with the temper problem was posed in the threat of punching her pregnant belly and killing the baby. I told him to get out and he fled.

The point is our Throat chakra is a blessed way to express truth. We can express truth to help and to heal, or “truth” as a way to hurt another person, damage their reputation, kill their aspirations to our social circle, whatever.

Trouble for me was with my sister being so loud about what she wanted or needed, my wants and needs were not often heard. I learned that if I expressed what I wanted or needed it was often inconvenient for the family, so I ended up feeling like I got the short end of the stick. What my sister’s example did for me though, was to show me that actions have consequences. While it was a lesson she had to learn the hard way, I quickly decided that teenage pregnancy was not my cup of tea, so I avoided that trap. What I did not realize though, was that in not speaking up so as to get along, I was spending years short circuiting myself from my own happiness and freedom.

I learned the hard way that I make my own choices for love and for freedom. I learned to ask myself what I most truly need, because although others make take pleasure from what they give me, it might not be the thing to bring me the greatest pleasure. When I give voice to something now, I have generally thought about it a great deal before I speak, lest my words bring unintended harm or discomfort to another. Sometimes silence is my saving grace. Whether to speak up or not may often be a difficult choice for me, given my upbringing, but my words will always be as well considered as I can make them.

Creator, you are my saving grace. From you, humans have the gift of speech. The gift of speech can be used to illumine and to heal, or to drag others down to another level. Please bless our choice of words to be those in truth necessary to the moment, and help us to bless more than we curse. By thy holy truth, Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 85

I aim to find time to write this blog everyday, but I don’t, so I will just keep on keeping on as best I can. I am an overachiever, so I tend to set myself unrealistic goals, thinking I can accomplish more in one day than I actually can. I bought myself a 2020 day to day calendar organizer this year, and I found it on sale at Walgren’s, so I felt good about the purchase. I’ve been keeping up with it, too, and that simple act helps me to feel good about what I actually accomplish than my old habit of writing forever long “To Do Lists” that I could not see an end to. At the end of a day, I simply carry over the tasks of the day that were not completed. They eventually get done.

I mention all of this, because I wanted to share that I have learned and begun to practice the art of self forgiveness. It may have taken me 60 years to learn this fine jewel of a practice, but it keeps me from unproductive shame and guilt. Most of the stuff I used to punish myself with was stupid, limiting, self-negating ideas that carried over from a childhood of failing to please the people who mattered. I had to begin by observing in my self the roots of those feelings that caused me to feel bad and learn to replace them with new roots of things that feel good.

Please note I am not talking here about artificial ways of feeling good, like drug taking or alcoholism to escape emotional pain. No, no, no. I am talking about learning a new practice of those things that make me feel good because of something I accomplished or something I wanted to do for someone else because I knew it would bring them happy. I encourage my son in his life choices. I wash the dishes because my spouse hates to. I draw a picture not to show off my talent, but just because I wanted to and it made me happy. These are the choices I am talking about. Working out, because it makes my body feel better. Singing, just because I need to express my joy. Saying “Good morning!” to my bus kids cheerfully just in case one of them might have had a rough start to her day. That type of stuff. Letting another commuter out into traffic. Just the stuff of the “Pay it forward!” movement.

Just sayin’

Creator, I write this blog with this 365 Days of Prayer goal to provide inspiration to someone out there, somewhere, who might need inspiration. Please let my effort make a difference to someone, somewhere. Amen.


365 Days of Prayer – Day 84 and Day 10 Clearing the chakras: Throat

Clearing myself of negative emotions has the effect of clearing my Heart chakra. Rising up from the Heart chakra, what is the truth that I speak? What is the creative expression given to my life? How well am I doing at keeping my word?

This last one is very important to me. If I make a promise I try to keep it. I am not perfect in this goal. Life situations have arisen to challenge my word once given, and then I must make a special effort to be clear, especially with the people I most care about, that I cannot keep that promise, and when, if ever, I will be able to make good upon it.

Another thing I observe that some people are really good at, is speaking to and receiving what they need. These people are good in finding the words to state what they need and they receive the respect that they first give to themselves. I admire this quality in others and I resolve to practice speaking to my need more often. The one I will stick with in 2020 is asking my husband not to smoke around me.

I used to find it easy to speak up once I got angry enough, but then I no longer cared how what I said was received. Kindness is an important value of mine, too. So I try to weigh what I have to say, and if it is important enough to be said, how to say it effectively.

Sometimes having to stand up and speak my truth makes me upset to my stomach, and then I have to revisit my solar plexus to see what is eating at me and keeping me from saying what I have to say. I need confidence to hold myself authentically.

Frau Holle, you are my tutelary spirit who has taught me the most about being rooted, and how strongly I can stand centered when I am rooted in all things. From the sacral that nourishes creativity and giving birth to new life, to the solar that calls me to expand into creative growth, and the heart when open is in love with that new growth and new life, allow now my voice to find its confidence for my own well being that I bring forth my projects for the good of all. Amen.


365 Days of Prayer – Day 83 Clearing negative emotions

My ability to clear negative emotions depends on my ability to be aware of what I am feeling. It takes a moment of time to go within and a willingness to sit with what comes up. Some of it depends on my physical well being. It is harder to stay in a positive mood when my blood sugar is low or I am dealing with a head cold.

There are a number of things that trigger me: (a) dealing with difficult people. Some folks just don’t seem to care how amicably we are to get along, they just want to play the power game. (b) Traffic and stop signs. There’s not much I can do about this one, except to practice my patience. (c) People who get in the way of what I want to do. This one is pure ego, because I like to take a project and run with it, even though this has the potential to develop carelessness and errors. Again, what I am teaching myself to do here is slow down and turn to those very people for their often intelligent and reasonable feedback. (d) Parents who give their kids technology too young. Whatever happened to playing outside with your friends, and riding bicycles, and having real conversations with real people instead of walking around texting in such a manner as to develop a crick in the neck? (e) Short sighted lack of concern for the environment and ignorant defense of a president who is determined to turn the clock back on environmental reform. My best answer is to preserve the environment for the next seven generations. (f) Basically anyone who disagrees with me being right. Yeah, I know. Another ego thing that belongs to a control freak or a perfectionist. This trait is so ingrained in me that the best I have taught myself is to just shut up and listen. Easier said than done.

But what I really take away from all this chatter, is that I really don’t want to visit my negative emotions on others any more, and the only way that I can do that is to take responsibility for my own “stuff.” So when I become aware of that vague niggling sensation of a negative emotion, I own it. I take a moment to go within and ask myself what am I feeling today? I don’t immediately ask why , because some of these emotions are habitual feelings going back years, and I don’t want to trigger an old habit of projecting blame on to other people. First I identify the emotion, then I will sit quietly with the emotion and an empty mind and allow such images to arise that will. I remember that yesterday my husband told me about a new expense and we are already stretching our income from week to week best we can. I realize I am angry, but again I don’t wish to project this anger on to others, so how do I deal with that?

First of all, I will admit I am not perfect in this aim. I am a work in progress. But I do practice turning the expression of the mood around by turning to my trust in the gods and helping spirits who guide and sustain me. I turn my fear of lack around by creating a mantra and prayer that attunes my thoughts with prosperity thinking.

Dear Ones, thank you for sufficient prosperity that we are always ahead of our bills with enough money left over to save something. Amen.