Banning the Runes?

When I learned that Sweden wants to ban certain Runes – Othila, Tyr, and even the Valknut symbol – because they were used by Nazis for an evil cause, I decided I had to add my voice to the outcry.

The Runes are ancient symbols that contain energies that assist life, and the Runes held congruent for at least 1800 years. The idea that a government could ban selective symbols from history is the same story of the ostrich burying its head in the sand – and avoidance of a problem does not make it blithely go away.

There is an underlying naivety in the human race that seems to think if we point the finger and blame the other guy we are somehow dissociated from the shame of an act. But the fact remains that hatred exists within the human collective and it is up to all of us to ferret hatred out and chose not to give expression to that within our self.

I understand that some people have the experience of so much hatred that they cannot see clearly to be other than how they are. But for me to direct hatred against that person is not to bring them Light! Rather I must try to hold my own Light clearly enough that someone might experience the seed of Love and move forward in their own work on self. As long as institutions like prisons or poverty exist on Earth we shall have these problems before us. As far as I can discern, the only solution is for each human being to wake up, seek their own enlightenment, and thus person by person, illumination may be experienced by our species.

Meanwhile, I celebrate OTHILA because it reminds me to honor my family and brings me closer to my Ancestors and to help me heal what was unfinished in the family lineage.















I celebrate TYR/TEIWAZ because by honoring the Warrior in myself I develop the strength, courage and integrity to move above and beyond the superficial thinking generated by seeing only the outward image.

So my final thought to the government of Sweden: Think again. Why ban a wonderful national heritage just because of a few hate groups? GEBO carries the same lessons inherent in Christ’s words: Love another as your self.



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