I want to post upbeat and happy, but I am just not in the mood today. The sky has been cloudy for several days now, and we have had rain on and off, and temperature variations running between 30 and 50 degrees on any given day. It just doesn’t seem normal. It’s just SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and today I decided to treat myself by a good physical workout. So that is what I did.

I was talking to my son the Marine yesterday, and he is in quarantine again from exposure to someone with COVID-19. It’s damned hard not to be affected by what happens to your child when they are far away from home and in times like these. Today yet another friend lost someone to the pandemic and yet I have other friends who insist that the Corona virus is nothing more than having the flu. It’s hard to find balance. It’s hard to wade between what people are saying and grounds for anxiety. But as I told my husband last night I cannot carry a high level of worry and function.

In these times, of course we have loved ones we care about. But I am realizing that the best thing I can do is to take care of myself. Recognizing my mood is the first part of that, because maybe even though I can’t bring myself to upbeat, at least I can bring myself to functional. And that carries me through the day, best as I can.


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