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Nornir’s Corner at Urd’s Well

Nornir’s Corner is dedicated to the Great Norns–Urd, Verdhandi, and Skuld–who oversee the Weave and the Web of Time at the Tree of Worlds. Urd’s Well, located at the Root of the Tree, is a meeting place for women to talk and weave what is important into community.

Passionate writing about spirituality, soul paths, and what faiths share

At the heart we are human. Set aside arguments about the true God, and consider that Creator provided different ways to different times and people for humanity to know Him. Find healing innovations instead of inventing deadly weapons. Nurture the depths of the collective human soul.

Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are built on conditioned arising, a psychologically proven Buddhist teaching. Those who are willing to challenge and explore their belief systems will discover their truth and their shadow, opening up their potential for liberation.

Revelation and reverence

We are born anew with the Sun each day. Each day offers opportunity for appreciation and gratitude. Training our intuition opens opportunity to guide each step of life. For intuitive training classes using the Runes, here.


Humans are social creatures. Yet we are born alone into a body and a solo journey to realize that all is one at the spiritual level. Community with like-minded others offers support and challenge for the life journey.

Embody Wisdom

Becoming comfortable with your spirit fully embodied is a beginning point for wisdom. Your self-examined life experiences become the seeds of your wisdom. Consciously unifying our body, heart, and mind guides taking action to a truly meaningful life.

Spiritual Consulting

A spiritual consultation with Rune interpreter and mentor Susan Hintz Epstein can bring you insights into the next step of your life journey. Visit the sister site to this one, Rune Classes, for further information.

Self Discovery

Self discovery is as much discovery of what you are not, as what you are. Living a self-examined life opens the doors to an inner perception that makes us ever more deeply human. Feeding our minds and hearts on the arts is as important as healthy food for the body.

Creating Space

In a cultural milieu that respects wealth over the contentment of having enough, people may find themselves bound to false ambitions and the expectations that go with that. There is an art to creating space in one’s life for reflection, contemplation, prayer, and gratitude.

Resources surround you

When we are open to synchronicity, the world surrounding us is alive with communicating to us how to attain what we need and is wholly satisfying for our lives. Many people doubt this because they have not experienced it. It is a new way of looking at a very old idea–the universe itself is alive and conscious and so is everything within it. Everything has a spirit and can be communicated with in some way. This way of looking at the world is called animism. Shamans, holy men and women, medicine people, and indigenous folk living close to the land have greater awareness of this. In these pages I ask you to consider this truth. Be open.

The Cosmos lives in you…

  • You are the air you breathe.
  • You are water you drink.
  • You are the Earth you stand upon.
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Life in Nature is fully integrated

  • Humans are an essential part of Nature, transmitting energies to Earth and Cosmos.
  • Modern education promotes the intellect, but neglects emotional training. When my mind and heart are educated together, I fulfill my role to Great Nature.
  • When I am quiet inside I share my thoughts and feelings with other beings of Nature.

“None know how often the hand of God is seen in the wilderness but them that rove for a man’s life.”

Thomas Cole

Hudson River School of Art

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