Rune Cast for March 17 – 23, 2019

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For those of us who did the mental housekeeping advocated last week, the Rune ISA reflects that for the past week productivity may have been at a standstill, but that these times are also key opportunities to do that work of mental housekeeping. Ideas that arose regarding self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs are subjected to “STOP-DELETE-RESET” – a wonderful mantra shared by my friend Rebecca Stewart from the Wind Clan.

For those of us who have done that work, the Rune of Humanity, MANNAZ, emerges. The week ahead will bring an emerging from the isolation of self into cooperation with family, friends, and community. The resulting blessing of these interactions is the promise of prosperity, revealed by the Rune FEHU.

On a larger scale, the practice of catching our limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors before they manifest is an exercise that will not only improve our own life, but overall contribute to improving the state of the world. Why is this so? Thoughts empowered by emotion are energy creations that go out into the atmosphere. Instead of creating a negative thought, I would rather be creating a positive vibration that will lead to further fun and adventure in my life!

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No hate mongering

This is a brief disclaimer: I use the Runes for divination and healing in service to humanity. The Nazis profaned the Rune system for their own ugly cause. I believe the Runes were intended to be of service to life, helping through divination (seidr) and chanting (galdr) toward such ends as blessing the harvest, working the weather, finding game, to bring good luck, mates, et cetera. It is in this spirit of creativity that I teach and work with them. I have no truck with hate groups or malicious treatment of other people.

Weekly Rune Draw for March 10 – 16, 2019

Wow! The Runes hit me time and time again with their powerful messages! Today’s message is the work we can all do on self to Awaken and ultimately the work we do on self will help raise the collective consciousness.


The Runes drawn from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark for the week ahead are Cweorth, Ansuz, and Ior. Cweorth is the Rune for the funeral pyre. What this means in terms of daily life is a strict mental house cleaning. Whenever self limiting thoughts and beliefs arise, catch them as they arise and “Snip, slip, delete,” as my friend Rebecca so succinctly said recently. When we take this action of mental house clearing, we can replace those self limiting thoughts and beliefs with a new and positive self-affirmation. If your thought is of unworthiness, change it up! “I am worthy!” “I am beautiful just as I am!” “I am loved!”

Ior is the Rune of the Serpent, and there is much that can be said here. The Serpent is the symbol of transformation and regeneration as she sheds her skin as she grows. She is the symbol of the kundalini energy that rises along the spine between the chakras, the twin serpents meeting and merging at the crown chakra in the sacred marriage. She is also the symbol of the sleep of the world. As we are captured by unfulfilled hopes and dreams and those reasons we tell ourselves why we can’t achieve them, we are caught in this round of sleep. Thus to do the work of mental house clearing is to begin and to continue to rise above that to the realm of the Awakened.

Does this mean we reach enlightenment? Yes, within our individuality. Enlightenment for us does not make us all the Buddha. I feel the need to speak this because of the “new age mental guru” types I have met and been disappointed by because I was not just like them. Each of us carries our personal blend of mistakes, successes, and memories that make us one of a kind people in the world. No one else will ever be just like you ever again. So let’s do the work, but as we do the work, let’s remember to celebrate who we are and congratulate ourselves for doing the work. It is each one of us, uniquely working toward our personal awakening that helps lift the collective consciousness from the sleep of the world toward cosmic consciousness.

That’s all for today, and may your week ahead be happy and blessed!

Renewal: from Burnout to Balance





Today is one of those days that started with the thought: “I don’t want to.” I’m trying to build a practice of Rune reading and Art in the world, and the idea of committing time to job, household, meeting the demands of the winter months, et cetera, when I really wanted to cocoon with the sketch pad just seemed too large this morning. So I did what I often do. I grabbed my Journal and my pen and committed my feelings to paper.

The Rune reading for the week ahead predicted that this would be a challenging week requiring time to go within and to work on those emotions that arise in response to difficult life circumstances. And it has been. Today my personal Rune draw was Thurisaz reversed. For me in recent years this has meant confronting my own negative emotions as they arise and not giving vent to them. Today I recognized my feelings of impatience and anger and I chose to deal with them early. This is a good thing, because my day job as a school bus driver requires I be patient with traffic and energetic children.

So how did I transform these negative emotions into positive ones? The first gift I gave myself was the act of listening to myself. I responded with a plan. I know I have no outside commitments this weekend, so I will commit to giving myself a minimum of two hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday to draw. Anticipating this mini-vacation will sustain me through the next three days of having to be responsible to the bills to be paid and my contribution to my household.

The second gift I gave myself was a gratitude practice. When I walked out the door in the dark of the morning I breathed in the beauty of the stars twinkling overhead, the crunch of the snow underfoot, and a car that reliably transports me here and there. I sent my awareness out to the Beings of Creek and Mountain and breathed in the essence of their calm-abiding presence. On the way to work I thought about all the supportive things my husband Alan has done to sustain me through last week’s nasty episode of sciatica. I have a great chiropractor. All of these things contribute to keeping me functional.

The third gift I gave myself was the gift of mindful presence. For me this translates into being aware of my body, my sensations, and my stance in the world. My stance is slightly crooked now as I am still hobbling about with a sore leg, but this is daily getting better. I find that the act of driving becomes a meditative practice and helps me to stop my thoughts. When the thoughts stop, those things that trouble me stop, and I find a quiet joy in the rest of the day.


Rune Draw for week of March 3 to 9, 2019

The Rune Draw for the week of March 3 to 9, 2019 indicates a period of waiting (INGWAZ) – this might be for plans to come to fruition, for challenges to clear up, or even a birth, as indicated by the second Rune in the draw (BERKANO). For those who are waiting this is a time for replenishing one’s energy, a little self care, and for many of us it is a good time to use to go within and do some mental house cleaning. The final Rune (AC of the Anglo-Saxon Futhark) indicates that this is work one must do alone, so stand strong like the Oak tree AC is named after.

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Time, Humanity, and a Rant against telecom robots

Clock Photo by Jordan Benton from Pexels
Photo by Jordan Benton from Pexels


I spent the morning hanging on to the phone waiting to get through an extremely annoying robot phone service to get to a real human being who could solve a problem for me. Familiar? We’ve all done that, been there, and even have the tee-shirt. I no longer get quite so annoyed as I used to. I suppose life has increased my practice of patience, but there are few occurrences that make me realize the passing of time as that of getting through robot phone services.

I’m not entirely certain where I’m going with this, except to express my regret that jobs that used to serve real human beings are now being outsourced to machines. You don’t have to pay machines in the same tender. They don’t get tired. They don’t take coffee breaks or cigarette breaks. And they don’t call in absent because the children are sick. There is little doubt that machines solve many problems for human beings, but I do not like the way they remove us from our humanity.

Case in point – when I was a kid a very long time ago, we hung out together and rode bikes and caught crayfish in the creek and ran around and played baseball with the neighborhood children. These days I watch teenagers gathered together in groups their heads bent over their cellphones never saying a word to each other.  To make mischief, I will deliberately start a conversation. Sometimes the young people warm to it and sometimes they don’t.

There is not much of a conclusion to my blog today, except that I resented wasting a morning on an activity that could have been solved quickly had the institution I called cared enough to hire more real people. That in itself raises another point I am annoyed by. There is a lot of blame among individuals of a certain persuasion that the poor should not receive government help because they are basically lazy and do not want to help themselves, and that the real reason the middle class is rapidly declining into the lower class is because it is paying for these lazy, shiftless people. With more and more jobs being outsourced to machines, there may come a point when even these loud persons of a certain persuasion will find themselves with the pink slip and out of a job that a machine can do better.

There are many reasons why people may be temporarily, or even permanently unemployed – loss of a job, loss of health, a family member going through serious illness… I wish that we all can remain free of critical judgment for other persons whose stories we may not know, and give the other person the benefit of the doubt when their circumstances are different than we suppose or know.

Okay, rant over. To remember our connection with the Runes, MANNAZ is the Rune of humanity .

Weekly Rune Draw for February 24 to March 2

Today’s Rune reading comes as a timely reminder that I, you, we are all human beings, and that it is our relationships  – life affirming or negating – that can show us as in a mirror those qualities of ours that we feed into or get out of a relationship. It is by reaching up to the highest that is within us, and by our willingness to take a deep look at these issues that we grow our souls. Step one might be to choose to drop the blame game, and take responsibility for our own light and our own shadows. The result will be another step on the ladder of conscious awareness. By doing this work we free ourselves for becoming Whole. We gain clarity, presence, and with those qualities, a greater measure of freedom and personal power. I leave you this week with a blessing for peace in the week ahead.

Susan Hintz-Epstein

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Winter-time is Rest-time?


Winter-time is traditionally a time of rest, but with our post-modern lifestyle, it is often anything but. I lose track of the beauty of Nature when I am shoveling out my driveway and my feet feel like blocks of ice. I have to stop and remind myself to rise above the negative and see the beauty in each and every moment.

Earlier on the day that I took this photo, I had walked with my dog up the long trail to a Hemlock tree I had befriended a number of years ago. That memory alone made the day  special despite slogging through the snow and consequent shoveling. Yet I like to watch how the trees and houses disappear in the whiteout and the wind. Nature is truly marvelous with Her changing climes and changing times.