Odin called me to the matt for not honoring the Gods this morning. I had made a decision to go to a Music Festival and do Rune Readings, but I had not prayed directly about it. I had assumed that it was going to be okay since the Gods had earlier suggested I connect with these people about the art that I do, and these people are running this festival today. Apparently I am not to make assumptions, but to first consult the Gods who guide me. These would be the Gods of the Valknut – Odin, the Norns, and Hela. They have been working together to guide me to a higher understanding of Conscious Being. While I do have free choice, apparently it is best for me if I honor Them in prayer before undertaking doings on my own initiative. If I fail in these matters, They have ways of making Their Will known.

This morning, my husband’s computer had quit. It was not working, period. He planned to take it to the computer service he uses, but there was a conflict with my plans for the Music Festival. We discussed how we would work these things out. It was a big strain on him to take me to and from the Music Festival, so we decided I would not go. Then he discovered that somehow the cord connection to his power source had been disconnected; this never happens, yet is consistent with how the Gods interfere with events when they want my attention. In the meantime, I had heard from the festival coordinator that there was a way to get me to the festival, and my husband is now telling me I can have the car. As all of this is going on, I am hearing Odin’s Voice ringing in my mind, and I KNOW I had better make the time to connect with the Gods before stepping out on my own initiative.

The message was loud and clear: We [the Gods] want you to bring all of your concerns, consults, plans, requests to Us before you act on your own. Yet there was a paradox here too. I remain free to make my own decisions and choices. It’s just that if I do so randomly, I invariably step away from the Divine Connection that sees me through my days and gives meaning to my life. The need to pray strengthens my connection with all of that. It would not matter if I were following these Heathen Gods or the Christian God of my mother (Jesus). There is a living Presence in my life when I make the time to pray and that living Presence is distant when I do not make the time to pray.

I had been asking the Gods for a while about tradition building. I am aware there has been a lot of work done in this area, but as a solitary practitioner who has come to this via seemingly disparate pathways of learning, I wondered if I was doing wrong if I fit the new things I was learning into the rituals I have been establishing in my own practice as a spirit-worker. This morning Odin chose to answer me with a statement about the New Old Traditions. That was His term. He said that so much has been lost, it has been necessary to take learning from other practices that have not been lost, and that I cannot assume [that word again] that the traditions people have been rebuilding are in all times and all places right for our post-modern Age.

Our Ancestors were an adventurous and war-like people. The pre-eminent chakra in our religion has been the Solar Plexus, our center of Will. The Christian religion that gained eminence over the first religion of our Ancestors based its teachings on Jesus, who was the Great Rabbi of the Heart chakra. As the time of his death approached, Jesus prayed at Gethsemane for Jehovah to remove the need for him to die. Yet at the end of his prayer, Jesus had strengthened his spirit to do what had been planned for him to do, and he said, “I will to do Thy Will” to Jehovah. Jesus had subjected his personal will to the will of the Gods. In his The Book of Runes, under Raido, Ralph Blum writes,”A simple prayer for the soul’s journey is: I will to will Thy Will.” My friend John Naughton, who writes as Phoenix interpreting the Christian Revelation of Saint John in healing terms, has said that Jesus’s death raised the standard for all the Gods of all religions to operate from the heart.

John’s understanding of the Gods is that “God” is the evolving human collective consciousness. I put this thought out there for readers to think about: the idea has a certain logic. I neither defend nor deny it, as Hela has said to me that the Gods evolve as people evolve. I believe I also read that thought (that the Gods evolve as people evolve) expressed in one of Raven Kaldera’s books, probably Pathfinder’s Guide to the Nine Worlds, as that is the most recent one of his books I have been rereading.

Whatever the case, it was brought forth strongly to my attention this morning, that I am better off if I bring my personal concerns to the Gods in prayer. I may have to bend my will [my ego, my stubborn pride] to the Gods’ Will, but when I raise my consciousness to the level of heart awareness, I am connecting with the Gods from love. I do this because my relationship with the Gods renews that love and contributes purpose, joy, creativity, knowing, and meaning to my life. The Gods may evolve with us, but certainly I need the help of the Gods to evolve in myself. I believe that people who turn away from the Gods toward atheism are turning away from a self potential that holds great beauty and wisdom.

So I return to the topic of tradition building. Even though I am now following the Elder Gods of the Norse, I am aware within myself of the conditioned teachings inherited from Christian parents. Hela guided my picking and sorting of conditioned awareness for values I would keep and those I would excise from myself. The dedication, loyalty, service, and truth I learned from Mom and Dad are among the values of the Warrior God Tyr, and are values I keep. Jesus influenced me as Healer; I practice Reiki. From the Native Americans of North and South America, I learned practices of the Medicine Wheel, the four directions, and the Pachakuti Mesa. I honor these, too. Last year I began working with Edred Thorsson’s The Nine Doors of Midgard, and I found teachings therein that were similar to what I had learned from these other traditions. All of these things were a start.

A couple of years ago the Norns encouraged me making my own drum, a thing I had been wanting to do any way. I prepared the deer hide myself in ceremony with Sun and Water, then had to re-stretch the hide after my husband tested the drum and said the hide was too loose. I re-softened the hide this time in ceremony with Moon and Water, so the hide has been three ways blessed. The Four Directions and primitive sound instruments are consistent with a shamanic practice. Love of the Gods, energy work, Spirit-work and the way of the psychopomp, drums, whistles – these are components of a religion that predated the church and has far more in common with shamanism than any religion based upon a priestly class; yet there are things we have learned from religions with a priestly caste. Mindfulness from Buddhism, Forgiveness from Christianity, Devotion from Islam and Hinduism are what come to my mind as I type.

Is there a right way or a wrong way to go about rebuilding tradition that was lost, especially when the Lore that comes down to us has obviously been biased by the Christianity of the time it was recorded? Many people are being called at this time to follow these Elder ways, and I believe that the only way we can arrive at what feels like the truth of it is to verify for ourselves through discernment via personal gnosis. If enough of us are having similar experiences with these ancient Beings, there must be some truth in it. Concerns exist for our Age though.

I have a personal issue with white supremacy. Shortly after I met the Norns in 2013, they showed me the bombings and vast destruction of World War II, a war my father’s generation had been part of. Men of my heart fought through Normandy against the Nazis and through the Phillipines against the Japanese. When Odin made His appearance to me in 2014, he greeted me with the expression, “Wilkommen al Kriege!” He showed me again the devastation the Norns had pointed out. He wanted me to do what I could to make things right of the murders of other peoples. The Norns represent Orlog, a word akin to Karma. As a people we bear the weight of our ancestors’ choices and the consequences of those choices. I have just prayed to Odin for an answer on this, and to the Norns, and I have been told that as an individual I am not punishable for my Ancestor’s choices, but that I am responsible for my actions by my own choices to do what is right toward the Spirit-world and my own conscience.

The Battle to welcome is not then outside of myself toward those who hate, but within me that my own influence in the world might be toward those actions and choices that support the values I uphold. The answer lies not in hating the haters, which I would then become, but to accept others until they too have evolved spiritually. I cannot help but wonder, if my father’s generation of America acted to help free Europe and those imprisoned and persecuted by the Nazis, what lessons are imposed upon the current American generation by another authoritative leader, Donald Trump? What I see of people who are taking stands for what they believe in even as they disagree with this person in the Presidency gives me hope. People are walking to protect water. Governors of states like New York and Vermont are supporting the World Climate Change agreement even as persons like Trump threaten to withdraw from it.

I think that any New Old Traditions we support must include considering the planet as the home of all human beings. There are simply no edges to fall off of now that science has discovered the world is round.

A message from Urdr:

The Cosmos of the scientist and the Cosmos of the Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life, both invite us to participate in the dance of Conscious Being…

We wear a lot of forms, we wear a lot of faces as we shape shift through Time. Some we keep, some we shed, some we hold dear to ourselves long past our need of them.

A lot more can be said about this. Circumstances demand different actions and different reactions. Our masks are the faces we present to the world, to society in order to gain the outcomes we wish. Our cues are taken from others, situations, and time. But are any of these faces truly you?

When you are quiet by yourself something else emerges, right? A feeling maybe. A sense of your own vibration, your own song, and if you sit still long enough and listen long enough, you will begin to hear this something different which belongs to the stars.

Each one of you a star, singing with your own cosmic being.

When we made the legends [Mythos] your species was not ready for galaxies and stars. But you were ready for Gods and Heroes, so we strode forth, larger than the life your ancestors knew – a life close to starvation and survival, but for the work of your hands in the soil of Earth in accompaniment with the seasons and yearly round.

And here you stand now gazing at the stars from which your seed soul came with the invention of the Hubble telescope!

This has not distanced you from your [species’] need for Gods and Heroes. Why else would you play at Marvel comics or do battle with Dungeons and Dragons and create Renaissance Fairs?

The imagination can leap, but the body is still of Earth, and something of the soul still yearns for the vibrational wildness of forests and trees.

We [speaking] are the cumulative voice of your ancestors and ancestral Gods. Loki, Thor, and Woden no less a part of us than Jesus, or Buddha, or Mary.

Sometimes I speak as Urdr, sometimes as the Voice you will hear [me, and the collective]. We feel your pain(s), we feel your anxiety, we have been in the human experience too, so know we are here for you.

Light a candle, pray. Burn some incense, smudge the room. Do whatever it is that you need to do to climb those stairs into the inner realm of vision.

Being or Becoming? Does something in you need to pass away so that something new can be born? This is a role of the Tree of Life, which is pure awareness. Ascend if you are seeking the Becoming. Odin is Master here. Descend if something needs to be disowned, dismembered, or understood. Hela is Mistress of impartial compassion – I did not say “niceness.” She is not a squeamish Goddess, but if you are tough enough for Her kindness, She will help you, oh yes, just as She has this medium we channel through.

If you seek your Being, seek your fate, come to Us at the Well, but KNOW your questions! Know your questions, especially if you turn to Mimir! He’s been without a body for so long that he’s forgotten the trials of the flesh. We [Norns] are much kinder, for we look with detachment, with impartiality.

Know yourselves, know your motivation, know your own darkness and your own light – as Sigyn holds the bowl for the God of Truth and Deceit. For what you fear will poison you, what angers you will poison you, your own jealousies will poison you.

Look to the left and look to the right. Know your own place in life and stand firmly on your two feet and you will hold your own power.

As the Earth spins a certain way about the Sun, and the Moon spins a certain way about the Earth, you too have your calling toward Conscious Being. A calling that if you answer it will grow your soul to its very depths as a tree reaches its branches toward the Sun and its roots toward the anchor of Earth and the life giving waters she provides.

But if there is ought rotten at the heart of you, that will be your undoing.

There was the man who went out with a sword determined to kill every thief he found because he felt something of value had been stolen from him, until at his last day of judgment he learned he had been the thief of many lives. This great warrior did not go to Valhall, he went to Hela who received him in her mercy. For many will say, “Lord, Lord, here I am! Here I am!” and the Lord will say, “I will know you through the compassion you showed your neighbor. I do not know you.”

Odin carries the war toward Conscious Arising. His companions are those He meets along the way. Remember we are all kin. All humans. You may look different as night and day, but under the skin, the blood runs red.

Norns, the Weave, Choice, and Elevator of Awareness

When I first came to the Norns, I had asked the Wight of the creek in our backyard to hook me up to the Weave. For those not in the know, the Weave is something that really good psychics can tap into for better reading their clients. That was what I was really interested in – then. Since then, the Norns through their own service to humanity have deepened my commitment to share what I am taught.

The Weave, the Web – all life is connected through the medium of Breath, Divine Breath, Ond as given us by Odin. Also related to Prana and Chi, or the Holy Spirit, which comes into us at birth and departs us at death.

The Norns connect us to the plane of Time – Urdr speaks to us about the Past, Verdandi speaks to us about the Present, and Skuld speaks to us about the Future. We are connected to Time while we are in the physical body.

I strongly suspect that a key to understanding the Ragnorak (or understanding Revelations) is to know that the Beginning of Time is our birth and the Ending of Time is our death. In this way these sacred books become more relevant to our own life and its meaning. Yes, our spirits may survive the death of the body, and yes, many of us do take on more than one earth life. But the import of these books has really to do more with the soul’s evolution in Time, than the end of human life on Earth.

While we are spirits inhabiting flesh bodies, what we act on has power – the power we give our actions through our attention, our love, our intention, and also how those actions come back to us through the perceptions of others. How do they feel, think, and respond to our actions? This is the fruit of our human life, our “orlog” or “karma.”

We can begin to connect to our personal power through awareness of our choices: For example, the Elevator of Awareness climbs through the states of our consciousness from lowest to highest or highest to lowest – Unconsciousness, Subconsciousness, Waking Consciousness, and Supra Consciousness.

PRESENCE is the key to Awareness: it is an “in your face” I AM AWARE of this. There is peripheral awareness and subliminal awareness. When we are Present and Aware, we realize that neither the past nor the future is real except insofar as we connect to those patterns by the power of our feelings and our thoughts. Memory serves experience as patterns of how to avoid pain, errors, and mistakes.

We have two powers happening within us all the time, and these serve as our Paradox: Essence, that which we are by heredity, and Personality, that which we are by programming, education, reactivity – meaning how we felt or thought about things that happened to us. In this arena we carry childhood experiences throughout our adult lives. Understanding this the way I do, I feel it is so very important to educate children through building upon their own experiences and not merely stuffing their heads through rote memorization of dead facts.

Between Essence and Personality, the Fulcrum becomes our own process of self examination, reflection, and contemplation on what is the basis of our own experience.

© 2017 by Susan Hintz Epstein