365 Days of Prayer – Day Two

Teresa of Avila wrote:

Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours,

Yours are the eyes through which is to look out Christ’s compassion to the world;

Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good;

Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men now.


As with the disclaimer yesterday, inspiration from diverse religions and philosophies will be shared beautifully here, and credit given.

A Year of Daily Prayer


Prayer is such a personal thing, isn’t it? It is a practice some of us have, and some of us don’t. But it can bring such comfort in the midst of pain, fear, and grief. It is in this spirit that I am committing to a year of sharing daily prayer.

I pray daily in response to the pain and fear I feel in the world, and in my own life. This collection of 365 prayers may be my own, they may be shared from various faith traditions, or inspired by other people – credit will always be given.

My reason is simple. I am seeking to inspire others to bring their light into the world with a similar practice. In prayer, we step into our own authenticity and relationship with the Divine.

Today’s prayer:

Dear God, I am the mother of a Marine in training. During his Recruit training, I am aware he is faced with greater trials of strength and endurance than many of us will ever see. I pray from my own grief as a mother missing my son, and I pray from gratitude as I now stand with a group of mothers whose sons have chosen a great calling – that of protecting our Nation and way of life, our freedoms and our liberty. None of us can know ahead of time what the personal cost will be. I pray You today for strength of courage, commitment, and honor for my son, and for myself I pray the grace and hope of love and endurance to weather what the years may bring. I honor You, God, and I offer you my reverence and my love.


Rune Draw July 14 – 20, 2019

JERA, the Harvest Rune shows up alongside EIHWAZ and PERTHRO this week to remind us that how we feed our life force energy can be either fear based or love based. Ultimately it is how we think about things that taps into either scenario. When I am criticizing, venting or complaining of how things could/should/ought to be, I am operating from an angry, fear based reality and not acting on what I can uniquely take a stand to make life better than I believe it is. When instead I choose to find gratitude for things in my life – the earth, the sky, the sun, the stars, the rain, the bad as well as the good, I am choosing a love based reality. Sometimes I have to work really hard at gratitude, but when it does win through, I am a lot happier. So I want to wish you a Blessed Rune week ahead.

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Part 3 – Chakra Management for Integrity

I want to generally pursue the idea that human maturing throughout the years of life connects with the development of our Chakras with the understanding that timing may be different for certain individuals, such as those called to energy healing or shamanic work.

Generally speaking, the Root Chakra (developing from babyhood through toddlerhood) is about coordinating and exploring the physical body, and the Sacral Chakra (developing from toddlerhood to age six or seven) is about emotional development and exploration including creativity. The Solar Plexus as the formatory apparatus shapes our personality with the ideas we develop about the world and our self within it (developing from about age eight to pre-teen). The Solar Plexus contains our beliefs about empowerment, ambition, and capacity for achievement. With the onset of puberty and individuality, teens explore intimacy with close friendships, and add to this mix confusion of their feelings of sensuality and sexuality.

It is at this stage wherein the diverse emotions arise from the Sacral through the Solar Plexus to the Heart chakra, which begins to awaken at sexual maturity at an age wherein caring for children may become a biological imperative. Within the onset and confusion of  puberty, an individual’s energies may surge upward to the Heart Chakra or fall back again into the Sacral Chakra. At puberty a young person’s may exhibit emotional swings as they sort out their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about coming adulthood.

Said by the yogis to be kundalini or sex energy nestled at the base of the spine, I believe that the normal process is for this energy to manifest along the life path. People get into difficulty when the social norms are not in harmony with the natural state of maturing. For example the Puritan’s idea of sex which has been saturated in the American soul often leaves women energetically operating from the waist up, denying her innate sensuality and fullness of life experience. Conversely the same denial of sexuality as appropriate and good can send rebellious persons into licentious sexual behavior, so that instead of a mutual wish between partners for the creation of another human being, the result is all kinds of deviancy. So much depends on the home life where values are picked up for healthy self-expression or unhealthy self-expression. The creation of a work of visual art, music, or dance, for example, is as creative as the choice to make a new life, and is driven by an individual’s sensuous wish for self-expression.

The Heart Chakra awakens naturally when one’s children are born and these tiny little dependent beings demand all of their parents’ resources for healthy formation of their selfhood. Having their needs met with love and acceptance goes much further to nurture self-respect and self-care than blatant neglect, anger, or rejection. Self-expression comes through the Throat Chakra manifests passion or compassion, love or hatred, kindness or anger – and all of these are valuable parts of the life experience for what they have to teach us about our selves. The Heart Chakra is the connecting link between the body and the spirit, and it is from here that the struggle of the higher self to overcome the lower self makes itself felt in the upper chakras, where psychic gifts manifesting through the Brow or Third Eye chakra make themselves felt. This is the sight, sound, clairvoyancy of the higher centers. When the Crown awakens fully in the adult, it corresponds to the time of life when one seeks to prepare one’s self for the holiness of one’s dying, and an intimacy with the Source of life.

Part 2 – Chakra Management for Integrity

If yesterday’s idea holds true, then we should be able to clear our chakras to heal these areas of inner division. For those who don’t know what the chakras are, they are centers or vortexes in the subtle energy field of the body, coinciding also with density of nerve nodes. Most ancient cultures had teachings of the chakras – they have been as prevalent in the Yoga of the Orient as in the Peruvian/Incan teachings of indigenous South America. In the Christian tradition they are hidden within the seven seals of the Book of Revelations. They show up in the Sephirot of the Kabbalah and in the nine worlds of Yggdrasil. So what do they look like?

The most common model is the Yogic, so I will go with that one for now. The Chakra energy flows up and down the spine from the Root Chakra at the tail bone, to the Sacral Chakra about four inches below the belly button, the Solar Plexus located just below the Xiphoid process at the joining of the rib cage, the Heart Chakra, the Throat chakra, the Third Eye chakra and the Crown over the head. The Root and Crown chakras point downward and upward respectively, linking our body to the Earth on a vertical axis and to the three worlds of shamanism, the under world, the middle world and the upper world. The other chakras drink from the atmosphere around us on a horizontal basis, connecting us to waking consciousness and the affairs of daily life in the middle world.

Each chakra holds its own conscious awareness, which is like the awareness of conscious awakening. And more on this I will say  tomorrow.

Part 1 – Chakra Management for Integrity

The concept of Integrity means united  – Whole. Looking around in Great Nature, no thing is separate from another. All beings partake of air, water, and food. At the deepest level, molecules are always breaking apart and recombining. So what does this mean in terms of living a life of integrity, honor, value?

When I go deep within myself, I see patterns from as far back as childhood that interfere with such things as being able to keep my word, caring for others, and even caring for self in a deep and meaningful way. Some of these patterns resulted from ways my child self learned to cope with tough survival situations. Most of us have similar patterns; I am not judging them, but to live beyond the “survival” level into the “thrival” level I have needed to clear these patterns so that they no longer command my behavior.

Within us most of us are not united. As I went through my process of inner healing, I found groups of wounded inner children who had dissociated from a state of “unity within” due to trauma and pain they felt. As I did the work of emotional healing, the adult in me was more able to parent these children into wholeness. I wanted to explore the idea of energy and emotional healing through the chakras, because there is an idea that our psychological states mature in alignment with the chakras. So my idea was that the inner children trapped for example in an idea belonging to the sacral chakra could be helped through work on that chakra.


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July 6- July 13 2019 Rune Draw

This morning upon waking I had to deal with a personal shadow triggered by my son leaving for Marine Boot Camp at the end of the month. Much opposition exists for me here. My son’s soul calling is the military. Ever since he was a little boy he has been attracted to the archetype of the warrior. As for me, I strive to be a person of peace. I recognize that the human dynamic requires all types, and the gift of my shadow work this morning was greater acceptance of the situation. I support my son fully – I am very proud of the discipline and energy he musters toward his calling – yet I do not sacrifice my own prayers for peace.

As often happens, the energies behind my own “stuff” are energies others of us are going through. We may not the same issues, but we do share struggles with the shadow as the human collective at this time. The first Rune to turn up was CWEORTH from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. CWEORTH the “Funeral Pyre” often indicates the fiery need for mental house cleaning. The seeds of our unhappiness generally relate to the wounded inner child, and sow our effort to find our happiness, as indicated by the Rune CHALC, the “Holy Grail” which we always reach for but never quite attain. Here we have at play two oppositional forces.

In my book RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation, I wrote about “…the threefold concept hidden at the heart of an ancient awareness of the sacred. Polarity and paradox represent the point of struggle between oppositional forces. Modern physics states that Every action will lead to an equal and opposite reaction. The blending or equalizing force is often hidden, but can be seen in the result of any conflict. When we can observe this unfolding in ourselves, we can find the blending point that is our center.”

The final Rune FEHU can appear reversed or upright in its interpretation, and the final result of any oppositional encounter within our selves will be determined by how we feed it emotionally. I recently had the opportunity to choose for myself – I can feed the part of myself that wants to feel like a victim so I don’t have to do anything about anything; OR I can feed the part of myself that overcomes, rises up, and confronts each situation toward the development of my spirit, soul, and strength of character. Character is fed by overcoming challenge and struggle.

I will be writing more in my blog this week on exercises to clear the chakras toward growing and maintaining personal integrity. Please check back!

Rune Draw for June 30 – July 6, 2019

Good morning! This morning I sat with my husband for a while to watch the political commentary on television, but I quickly discerned that to continue would do nothing to uplift my mood, and much to unsettle me. So I took the dog for a walk. It is a beautiful day here in the Northern Catskills. The plant life lushly reflects the deep greens of late June. The winds are blowing cool air to transform the humidity. There is a rumble of thunder overhead.

When I got back and sat down to draw the Runes for the week ahead, the Runes I drew were sadly reflective of the news this morning. TEIWAZ reversed and MANNAZ reversed spoke to collective humanity living by lower ideals, and the consequences of this were indicated by NAUTHIZ – severe constraint and limitation. I don’t like unhappy endings even in a Rune draw, so I inquired for Runes that would indicate what could be done to right the situation.

ANSUZ, the God-rune and Rune of higher consciousness spoke to living by spiritual ideals. URUZ showed up half-mast, neither upright nor reversed. URUZ is the Rune of the physical body; upright it means strength, physical well being, and stamina. Reversed it can mean illness. Therefore I interpret URUZ today to reflect that some of us are dealing with the limitation and constraint of illness. Illness can reflect what is going on with us emotionally, as emotions are stored in the body, so the illness we are individually experiencing can reflect those issues that are keeping us out of balance, whether it is with self, family, or the larger doings around us. It may be a simple as a cold or as destructive as cancer. We are given a choice here, as to how well we maintain our attitudes in what we are going through. Rising above the problems can be guided by looking for the gift within a bad situation. The gift might be as powerful as regaining your truth and living your authenticity. The final Rune THURISAZ upright reflects the opportunity to look outward as opposed to inward, and remember that we are part of Great Nature. When we are in higher consciousness we live more in accord with the ideals presented by the Spiritual Warrior, TEIWAZ upright.

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June 23-29 Weekly Rune Draw

Good morning! The Runes drawn for the week of June 23 to 29 were INGWAZ, URUZ, and BERKANO. INGWAZ indicates a period of waiting or gestation. URUZ, being the Rune of strength, physical power, and passion, indicates this to be a time of waiting to gather strength toward that which is indicated by BERKANO. BERKANO heralds an initiation of some form related to the feminine mysteries: birth; coming of age into young womanhood, motherhood, or even cronehood; or life transitions such as weddings or divorces, or the passing of a loved one. These events ask for the strength of our presence. How does this interpretation meet your life this week?

I have been contemplating lifestyle changes for myself, for example. I am feeling a heartfelt need to reconnect and recommit to my relationship with Nature and the Divine. For me this translates into morning prayer beside our creek; being more at home in my own body through better choices for exercise and nutrition, which remind me that my body is my connecting link to Great Nature; and I am also discovering during my Crone years that maintaining right relationship with Earth, family, and friends is very important.

I would love to get to know you better, so if you feel inspired, please drop a comment at Nornir’s Corner on FB, or here, or visit the new group page Wyrd Women, where you just might key into new friendships who share the similar frame of thought.