365 Days of Prayer – Day 122 – Changes

When I started these 365 days of prayer, I never foresaw the changes and the challenges we would face -as a world!- and the challenges that social distancing and being homebound would bring. I laughed at first that people would buy out all the toilet paper, thinking that reflected contemporary values, but my initial laughter has changed to tears as I contemplate those medical personnel on the front lines without adequate gear -masks and hazard suits- to protect them in the work they still show up for day after day.

And it is not only the medical personnel, but the grocery clerks, the long-distance haulers, the transportation folks, those state workers who show up to meet the insane demand for unemployment so that people can continue to feed their families and pay the rent while we wait out this time of isolation.

Stupid, I think, are those who don’t take this seriously, when people are suffering through infections they may or may not be able to fight off. To NOT practice social distancing is to put the young and the elderly at further risk.

Noble, I think, those who are reaching out to neighbors while maintaining the six-foot rule to do the extra shopping and helping with the groceries. When I walk the dog in the mornings, there are always neighbors who are glad to see me as we have conversations from across the street.

In short, life is weird and it will never be the same. This morning I talked to a friend in Berlin via ZOOM, halfway around the world, as she is launching her new book on her birthday of April 4, 2020. More and more things will probably be done via technology, at least until we know this virus has been managed.

Creator, guide us as we navigate these turbulent times. Amen

365 Days of Prayer – Redefining Life – Day 121

Sitting around home is getting tedious. I miss the daily interaction with the school children I drive for. Faced with the prospect of entertaining myself, I am refocusing on my second book. It seems a good time to write, but I cannot quite wrap my head around the action of getting started.

I think the larger problem for me is that I have always been a person who looks ahead, and suddenly there is no looking ahead, because we do not know when the Corona virus shutdown is going away. It is not that I am one who is overcome by fear; rather I am discovering my restless mind has habitual grooves that it likes to travel in, and those grooves are trying to find old, familiar, and comfortable channels. I choose not to go there.

I know that once I bend to the action of my intention, I will be focused and driven until my goal is reached. Until then I am still deciding on my goal. Okay, all right, time to get started!

Creator, this time of stopping is an opportunity for many of us to grasp upon our life purpose! Guide us all in our choices!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 120 – Snow!

We had snow yesterday. After a warm winter and being able to stay home, I find I can actually enjoy this white stuff without the stress of shoveling the driveway or having to get to work by a specific time.

The snow blankets the wild areas so beautifully, and soon I shall have to walk the dog and wading through the snow will be like writing my personal signature in the white areas: Susan was here! I used to feel like that as a child. Age is said to offer that gift of a “second childhood,” but really I don’t feel at all senile! But today it will be deep boots.

But also more seriously, after having taken a few days to adjust myself to the changes life has suddenly brought, I am finding a need to sit down and keep a calendar to provide some structure to my situation. Ideas for writing are pummeling me, so it is time to provide self some structure, take care of the necessary, and then enjoy the time to sit down and put words on computer.

However you are utilizing your days, stay home and stay healthy, until we meet again!

Creator, thank you for beauty and normality amid these times of chaotic changes going on in the world these past few weeks. I am grateful humanity is finding ways to cope and cooperate, and I pray that these lessons stick with us, even in ordinary times. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 119 – Corona and the Military

With the stop imposed upon humanity by the Corona virus, and the fact that I have a son in the Military, my thoughts turn today to prayer for our young men and women on the line.

Creator, thank you for those whose hearts have lead them to serve out country. I pray that they be safe from CORVID-19, that at the time their service ends, they are able to return home to mothers, fathers, wives, children, brothers and sisters eager to see them. May those whose stay overseas in Afghanistan and other areas feel your love and care. Help them to stay healthy and positive as they endure this time of waiting. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 118 – Stay Home

One of the mandates for the Corona virus is to stay home to help contain the spread within the capacity of the hospitals and health help centers to care for its victims. Governor Cuomo was on the TV exclaiming over people who were still frequenting beaches and coming into close social contact with each other, and specifically asked us to stay home so that we can continue to meet this emergency.

So please, if you happen to see this blog, stay home and keep yourself and us healthy! Thank you!

Creator, today I pray for those on the front of this disease. Keep them healthy, keep them rested, and let this disease burn itself out quickly. Let us honor the caring these individuals do to help those on the brink of death heal. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 117 – Fire Tending

We have been adapting to the mandate for social distancing for a couple of weeks now. Our normal way of life has ground to a halt, and we are left with opportunity to catch up with our inner life, if that is what we choose to do. I choose a prayer life as to neglect this is, for me, the certain path to worry and anxiety over which I can do – NOT MUCH!

A visit to the store last payday revealed the shelves still bare of paper goods, but people were being much more sensible and buying out the food too. I made certain to thank the workers in the grocery store, whom I usually take for granted, for being on the line. They are at risk as are our hospital personnel and they are keeping life running, as are the truck and transportation drivers. Some local school bus drivers have been asked to drive food to hungry children. You are awesome! That what we take for granted can become a hero’s journey, just to get up and go to work during this time of fear.

I want to draw attention to a special fire tending ceremony that will be ongoing until -I believe- April 12, for those who might want to participate. Renee Baribeau, the Practical Shaman, has asked her Winter Solstice Fire Tenders (all you need is a candle and an altar, friends) to join again in coming together to direct our intentions to burn this COVID-19 situation through more quickly. You can sign up here. Renee also has a Spring Wind Class coming up, which may be just the thing to go deeply within during these troubled times. I have taken several classes with Renee, and have come out deeper in soul and more directed in purpose.

Creator, as these times keep us isolated from one another, I want to thank you for what a great job my state New York and Governor Cuomo are ding to stay on top of the rapidly changing scenarios of this virus. For those who are not taking this seriously, bring them to a change of heart. Let us remember we are a collective and can do much to help the situation just by staying home! Amen


365 Days of Prayer – Day 116

This week we all got hit by a new worry – CORVID-19. On pay day I took myself to the store and was surprised to see all the toilet paper shelves empty. It seems as if with the concern about the virus, people’s biggest worry is wiping their ass.

Some of us can afford to isolate ourselves while we feel out the unknown consequences of this virus. Some of us cannot afford to isolate ourselves. So we go on, perhaps being more careful than previously about washing our hands and keeping our environments clean. And sticking with learning the facts of the illness.

A friend was telling me a story about how she had to relate to someone that it is not China’s fault about the virus, but that the virus is a random condition of nature that leapt from one species to another. It happens. Shit happens too. Nobody is at fault, but it did bring to mind the question of “What superstition will the religious wrong bring to blame the situation on?” They can’t blame gays like they do with AIDS, because anybody can catch this disease. But I heard Trump on TV blaming China today, so maybe they will run with that. Then the man avoided serious questions by talking for endless minutes about not shaking hands. Really? This is the leader of the free world? Funniest bumper sticker I spied about the election was “Put an adult in the White House 2020.”

The conditions of life are what they are. Maybe everything that seems “normal” has to be stood on its head so that humanity can learn to face life with more balance. For many of us, this means a hard look at how we need to slow down, or how do we support ourselves when the anticipated means have come to a halt, or what happens when a loved one drops ill? It may not even be the Corona virus at all, but something else, a heart condition, cancer. The events of the past few days just beg the hard questions.

When I face the hard questions, I have to pray. Prayer is my saving grace.

Creator, life is uncertain. I’ve always known that, but with these events I am really feeling that too. I choose to put love above fear. I choose to put faith above fear, and yet sometimes the fear happens. You have taught me to step into the fear, to face it down. When fear comes upon me, be strong with me. Don’t leave me alone. Thank you. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 114 – Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is the Norse Tree of Worlds. When I first came to this path, it was to answer a call to the Norns. Soon, however, other gods and goddesses began dropping in. I met Hela, Freyr, Freya, and then Heimdall came and did something very interesting. He dove down my universal energy core with a huge laugh, exclaimed, “How droll!” and I felt the worlds of the tree merge with my energy body. Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) has often been a very interesting experience for me. Yggdrasil remains a huge topic. I recently gave a talk on the Tree and the Chakras, and people in the class had some very interesting experiences of their own.

What I love about the Tree is that it holds awareness while those of us who are not rooted, but in constant motion, go about our business in the world. But every so often, to take a breather, to go visit Yggdrasil is to have an otherworldly experience.

Yggdrasi, beloved of trees, Odin’s steed, thank you for holding the space of awareness in the Nine Worlds.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 113 – Waking Up

Today is a day demanding patience. Two days ago my sciatica went out, but nowhere nearly as painfully as one year ago when I missed two weeks of work that I could not afford to miss. A year of exercises designed to minimize pain have done their job. So that incident alone reminds me to have patience with myself. I can no longer quite rely on the strength of my youth, but I can be intelligent about taking care of this aging body.

Today I had the last ski charter of the year. Getting down to work to get the bus gave me another opportunity to remember patience as the car I was stuck behind was in no hurry. Fortunately, I had the mindset this morning because of the sciatica.

Incidents and situations that I don’t plan on, are great for helping me to “wake up,” step out of ego for a little while, discern the events going on around me. Lately I am getting the message from Spirit that those of us who are “waking up” to the light of the heavens (term borrowed from my friend John Naughton’s books on the Book of Revelation) are being asked to hold space for those who aren’t quite there yet. I’m willing to do this, when I remember that I too, was once lost in my own darkness. So it is good that I have sciatica. It is good that events conspire to slow me down, to pace, to think, and to be aware that all is intrinsically good, that it is often my own judgments that color things bad.

Creator, thank you for today and the events that have made me slow down in the sunshine and cold of the day. Thank you for the joy of the skiers and of my dog as I took her hiking at my snail’s paced walk. Thank you simply for the reminder to just BE.