365 Days of Prayer – Day 97 The Norns and Women

There is a part of me that wonders at incorporating the topic of the Norns and women into my 365 days of prayer that I started when my son undertook the Marine experience. They fit, because I am a woman, and a Mom, and I work with the Norns and my own Orlog and Wyrd in order to become the kind of person I want to be. Sometimes my reasoning is more of an emotional nature, but it is to women I speak.

Women are the bearers of life. We have given sons and daughters to life in order for life to carry on. In ancient times, the women of the Germanic and Scandinavian times were respected also as the bearers of the divine and of magic. There were practices that kept the tribe healthy. One could bless, or one could curse, depending on the demands of life and the times.

Then women fell under the power of the patriarch. The lies told against women – that women brought sin to the world, that women could not be trusted, that all women were wily – became lies women gradually learned to believe about her self. The church was particularly poisonous about this, and that culminated in the so-called witch burnings and the murder of women who even as healers were accused of being under the power of the devil. So-called witch finders developed tricks for making it appear as if the accused women were indeed under such a power.

I am not suggesting that the matriarchy is any more balanced a way of life than the patriarchy. Rather I think it is in both sexes working together, cooperating together, consulting each other in their respective strengths that the best path for humanity lies. Take the example of marriage – either it works or it doesn’t, but the best marriages are wherein each partner holds equal power with the other, respects each other, and trusts their partner to uphold his or her part of their marriage.

Well, I’ve said a lot. It’s not a well developed essay, but it is a humbly expressed opinion.

Creator, taking this essay into my own life, thank you for a marriage that works, thank you for balance, thank you for the opportunity to learn of Orlog and Wyrd. Thank you.

Nornir’s Corner

I originally titled this Blog “Nornir’s Corner” because I began working with the Norns shortly after understanding the Runes came to me. That was back in 2013, and I have wanted to write about it, but for one reason or another, that seem mostly excuses to me now, I did not do that.

Somehow I felt this was a life mission. In terms of “mission accomplished,” not so much when I have not been focusing on topic.

The Norns brought me round to the idea of choices feeding our becoming. In one sense the entire process of life is always “becoming.” Time and the flow of Time brings choices to all beings. Whether beings make those choices consciously in accord with their Orlog (kind of like karma, but not quite) or not, those choices and the consequences of those choices are always with us in this incarnation or the next.

Soon after the Norns were introduced to me, Hela came seeking me out. I had been reading Raven Kaldera’s web site and so I had some inkling of this fine lady. It turned out she has a lot worth teaching. One or another Norse god or goddess would make themselves known to me, and the teaching has been building slowly. Slowly, because I’m a little dense and the teachings take time to sink in. One day Heimdall appeared dressed like a computer geek, if a Norse god can dress as a computer geek, but that is the way he appeared to me, and UPG being what it is, it amused me. Repeating, “Droll! How droll!” he somehow dove down my universal energy core and hooked me up with Yggdrasil. Since then I have learned, as other Rune students have already known, that Yggdrasil is also us. In terms of being a “Soul Map,” I mean. I’m going to be giving a talk on this at the ISD Cabin Fever Spirit Festival this coming Saturday in Oneonta, if anyone reads this and happens to be interested in coming.

The point I am making is this: The Norse gods and goddesses have been making quite an appearance to many people like me, who may or may not have considered themselves candidates for channeling deities. They want to be known. They want to relate. They give us tasks to carry out, which is why I am starting to write about them actively today.

When the Norns began coming to me, they showed me in vision of the airstrikes of WW2. They said, “Make it right.” I was given to know that they did not condone the evil the Nazis did.

Shortly after this, Odin came to me, and showed me the same vision. He welcomed me as a warrior, and also seemed to indicate I should act to “Make it right.” I never figured that there was much I knew to do to right that great an evil, but what I can do is take a stand against racism. I can take a stand against self-aggrandizing leaders who are mentally ill with Narcissism. I can speak against those who follow blindly without taking responsibility for their own choices.  I can encourage people to develop and cherish their own unique individuality. In this way we become like the gods, which I believe Odin’s way is all about.