365 Days of Prayer – Day 16

Today I am frustrated by technology that is supposed to be so simple… Yeah, right! I am trying to sync a device to my computer, but even following the YouTube instructions is pointless, because even though I have the wifi connection and the cable connection, the presence of the device simply is not registering.

Frustration, fear, annoyance, anger – all of these things relate to the primal brain, that fight or flight mechanism that stimulates adrenaline, and the push to conquer, to have my way.

It is clear in this moment that I am not going to have my way. I can breathe calm into this mood into this moment.  Breath is a tool that I can access at any time or place in order to breathe calm into my moment. I like calm and peace of mind, but it is apparent to me often that it is not a state I can easily hold on to. The world is changing faster than I like. But one thing I can control is myself.

Thich Nat Han has a walking meditation:

I breathe in, I know that anger is present. I breathe out, I know this anger is not mine. I breathe in, and I know that anger is unpleasant. I breath out, I know this feeling shall pass. I breathe in, I am calm. I breathe out, I have the strength to deal with this anger.

I breathe in. I center myself in my breath. I am still, I am connected to a greater power. In centering myself on my breath, I know that I have the choice to keep this new technology, or to return the device, and get something less expensive and equally useful for my purpose. Sometimes these devices, no matter how beautiful, are simply not for me.