Prayers of the Faithful released by Notre-Dame fire

The heartbreaking scene of the cathedral of Notre-Dame on fire horrified and saddened many. Sometimes we wonder why these horrible things happen. As I was watching the clouds this morning driving out on my morning school bus route, I pondered that the clouds held a formation I had not seen before, and all of a sudden I knew that the fire had released the prayers of the faithful that had been collecting in that honorable cathedral for hundreds of years.

The clouds held the shape of a wing, and under that wing were tiny fists of clouds of the type that gather together preceding a rainstorm. I thought of the wings of angels and guardian spirits whose prayers gather to lift us up. The Ancestors had been calling to me since early morning, and I had been singing them awake with my own song of prayer: “Please come and gather to support the human collective as humanity struggles to overcome its own darkness and grow into light.” I suppose this was my answer.

It is not coincidence that Light is equated with the process of Enlightenment or Awakening, just as it is no coincidence that evil is called darkness or shadow. I cannot know Light without Darkness, and I cannot know Darkness without Light. What is darkness, but light unaware of itself? All of the Great Teachers have taught something about waking up to higher consciousness, and part of this process is the practice of forgiveness. As we struggle collectively and individually on the political scene and elsewhere in life, it helps to remember that whether we agree with the other person or not, opinions expressed and sincerely listened to by each party can blend for the benefit of all of us. Keeping an open heart and an open mind is key.

I’m not intending to stand on the bully pulpit, but I wanted to let this be known: the Divine has released the prayers of the faithful over centuries because this energy is needed by humanity and the Earth at this time. When I felt that soothing prayer energy, my own heart lifted, and I wanted to encourage anybody who will listen, to pray, pray fervently with all the light you have. Find reasons to be grateful, no matter what your troubles. Find reasons to love. No matter what the color of our skin, we are all human, and this Earth is the only home we have.

Christmas Angel | The Golden Child of 2017

When I was a child on Christmas night I would linger under the tree, lights lit in the darkened living room, listening to the bustling sounds of Mom and Dad putting the day away. My sister was in the play room watching television, but for me, alone under the Christmas tree, was a special moment. A feeling of peace would come over me. In the quiet and utter stillness was the living presence of peace.

Between young adulthood and middle age, I lost this feeling in the cares of the world, making my way. But after divorce, and raising my son apart from my former spouse, a light broke into my heart again. His dad had come to pick him up for the weekend, and I was sitting alone in my home, enjoying the moment of peace and quiet before exhaustion drove me up to bed. The lights were out, because I was preparing myself to go up to bed, but I had just sat down for the moment, and two ribbons of light, one red and one green began dancing around the living room. I extended my senses, and I experienced a feeling of love. Two days later, I visited a store that sold new age art prints, and someone had painted angels that way, as ribbons of colored light.

Cares and time weighed me down again for a few more years, but this year just past, in 2017, I have reconnected. My second husband is a Jewish man. When we first met, he asked his sister to teach me the song to light the Sabbath candles. It began slowly, but in August I first noticed that by the Sabbath candles I felt again the way I had felt under the Christmas tree as a child. The more I noticed its presence, the more I began to feel in touch with my inner child.

With this presence I feel calm, happy, and joyful. The more I bask in its presence, the more in touch I become with my inner child. The presence comes now when I work with fire. It comes when I need reminding to be a light. There is evil in the world, there are greedy people without love. To be a light in the world has meant I often have to face my own shadows; as my hatred or rage gets hooked by the mistreatment and disrespect of women, the rape of our environment (Mother Earth), the often unnerving hostilities perpetuated against innocents, I can remember the Light and find my inner balance.

I call this Light my Christmas Angel, the Sabbath Angel, or my Golden Child. 2017 was the year I met my inner Golden Child. I know that I AM a light in the world, but together, humanity together – WE ARE the Light of the World. We are to hold everyone in the Light of the World, even the GOP Administration as they expose the shadows inherent in their greed and their narcissism. We are to hold in potential, without judgment, for ALL of us are creating the conditions of this time, as we move forward into 2018. May it be the best of years!