Bridges to Consciousness


I don’t care what religion a person has. I do not believe that any particular religion is better or worse than another, except insofar as a person’s religion points the way to their relationship with God.

And, yes, I will say “God.” Damn political correctness when it will not let me call a spade a spade! If anyone chooses to feel offended by what I write, they had best examine their own relationship to the ideas I am expressing.

God, the Divine, Goddess, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Baha’u’allah, the Tao, Shintoism, Kami, Wayrapacha, Pacha Mamma, Wakan Tanka, Odin – the Names and True Teachers are as endless as the streamlines of humanity who worship at the altars of the Great All-That-Is, the Spirit-That-Moves-In-All-Things. The Winds of Spirit, the Wheel of Time, the flow of movement within the Enneagram, Prana, Chi, Ruach – these are a few more names that reflect the Divine Mystery to humanity.

Where do we get lost? Why is there all this Biblical talk of what is lost and what is found again? Why are some people who are alive in body, said in the Bible to be dead in their spirit? And why are some so vibrantly alive?

If you are still reading, here is an answer. When we are born we are relatively pure in our essence, but as we grow up we have experiences and receive teachings that divorce us from that essential nature.  The Bible doesn’t say we are born sinful – the Bible says that we are born into sin. Sin itself means “error” or “mistake.” What we receive from family, education, or the random things people tell us are taken in by us and used to inform our lives. Sometimes these things are good – like when our mothers protect us from eating poison from under the kitchen sink where the cleaners are stored; but sometimes these things are bad. When parents teach racism, for example, they are giving to their children an idea that separates and divides them from the rest of humanity.

All of these things have their positive and negative aspects. Life after all is polarity. I do not wish to protest or defend different points of view. All I want to speak here is that our essential nature is often scabbed over with the crust of an education that does not contribute to the development of our gifts, our life purpose, or to the collective raising up of humanity.

To begin to “find” the self, is like peeling away layers of an onion. Parts of the peeling process make me cry, parts add to the flavor of my life like onions contribute to great cooking. I examine my habits, thoughts, and beliefs to see if there is any truth revealed today that will add to my liberation and ultimate enlightenment. I need to unrepress emotions that have been suppressed for a long time. There are wounded children in me that I can now parent to adulthood. All of this work brings me closer to healing and wholeness. I am arriving there.

I remember reading years ago a book called Journey to Ixtlan, by Carlos Castenada. Don Genaro and Don Juan were always going home, even when they were traveling in an opposing direction. Nicholas Black Elk said “I am always at the center.” Home is where you are by virtue of you being the center of all that is You. Home is found in the heart, which connects body and spirit. When we allow our self the gift of an open heart, it is no longer a question of whether “Am I worthy?” That stops us in our tracks. Rather, the open heart, like the winds and the waters, is always flowing, always carrying us home to our selves. We are worthy as children of Creation along with the trees and the stars and every body else to have all that is truly necessary and good for our lives. There is always enough.