RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation

RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation is now available at amazon for your kindle and in paperback.

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The Runes are congruent in meaning for at least 1800 years that we know of. The principle energies behind the Runes are probably much older than that, dating back to the shamanic practices of the ancient Indo-Europeans.

This book contains the descriptions of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark, and then moves into meditative and artistic exercises designed to help the student of the Runes master their essential energies. The Runes are discussed throughout the book in accord with the Triad, one of the lawful movements of energies within life. Seeing one’s self in accord with the Runes and with the Triad is a useful practice on the journey to “Know thy self.”

The last part of the book uses the Runes to explore the connection of the Valknut, a symbol dating from the Viking Age to the Enneagram, the contemporary form of a nine-sided figure brought to the west by G.I. Gurdjieff with his Fourth Way method of work on self. The book is designed so that a student of the Runes can move through it at their own pace.

It is my wish as RUNE PLAY’s author that you will buy the book and dogear your copy.

Rune Blessings,

Susan Hintz Epstein







Book Review: Winds of Spirit

Ever since the day I sought to meet the Holy, and the wind came up on a still day, the wind has been a special comfort to me. For Christians, the Holy Spirit is the Comforter; since “spirit” means “breath,” I have associated the Holy Spirit with Divine Wind. So that when I came across Renee Baribeau online, I began to follow her work. Renee is the Hay House author of Winds of Spirit.

Winds of Spirit is a original and unique book. Renee got the idea one day to follow creation stories and discovered that the Creator gods were often wind gods. Renee identifies the types of winds and how they affect living on a daily basis. Tailwinds, crosswinds, and headwinds among others can affect our moods, our patterns, and shape our creativity in art, craft, business, and avocations. Renee provides exercises for working with the winds in ways that enhance spiritual growth from identifying and clearing resistances to change that occur in the body to manifesting what you need. Renee teaches ways to work toward your authentic self.

Wind Knots, Wind Whistling, and using the Winds to clear resistance from your life, or seeking spiritual counsel from the 32 Wind gods and goddesses at the back of her book  are other practices. Available to enhance your practice with Winds of Spirit are a Wind Bag of cards with the names of these winds and a Wind Whistle, which can be used to call in the Four Directions, grounding yourself, and healing, here.

I’ve been fortunate to study with  Renee Baribeau through her online Spring and Fall Wind Mastery classes, and her Winds of Spirit class at Omega in August 2019. You can find her on Facebook on the Wind Clan page, on The Shaman’s Cave (a podcast she hosts with Sandra Ingerman), or at The Practical Shaman. Community YOUniversity is a place you can join on Facebook to have a truly supportive and loving community. Weekly video conferences with Renee’s students exist for continued engagement.Winds of Spirit has given me additional tools to use in my healing and divination practices, and is a practical addition to my library. All in all, I believe that Winds of Spirit is a book that belongs on the book shelf of every shamanic practitioner and healer.