No matter where we go, we are always linked to the Cosmos.

I like living where I can walk outside at night and look up at the stars. On a clear night of a full moon the sky is ever so much more interesting, because the night can look like day.

It was many years before I actually was able to live rurally enough that the night sky was not polluted with the mid-night light of industry and technology. So, yes, I am very lucky.

Modern science probably understands the human relationship to the Cosmos better than at any other time in human history, but ancient peoples were much more capable than most of us think. They developed huge standing circles of stone to welcome in the Solstice times of the year. They understood the Equinox, the times for planting and harvesting. So much that modern people regard as “modern” actually came down to us from the cleverness of the hands and the minds of our ancestors.

I think of my Ancestors and their legacy when I walk outside at night and look up at the stars and the Moon. What were my Ancestors thinking in a similar moment? Did they too marvel at the hands of the Gods and consider the Creation stories handed down to them?

My Ancestors gave me two Creation stories. The first one, which I did not learn until later, was how Odin, Hoenir, and Lodher made humans out of trees and fashioned the nine worlds on Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of life and worlds. The second one was usurped by the Christians from the Jews when they formed their religion after the great healer Rabbi Jesus. At the time my ancestors agreed to Christianity they were under threat of death from Christianity, ironically a religion that teaches to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The ideals of Christianity came from Jewish people who retain a great sense of the mysticism in their love of God.

I have respect for the ideas of God espoused by all religions, but not so much for the institution of religion itself which seems more determined to tell people how to think about God so that a bunch of religious clerks can go about life in their own way. Yet I will not deny the accomplishments of the saints and mystics who have found a home for their principled ideals under one religion or another.  Sainthood is not allocated to the Christian church, nor is Jesus the only one true god. That is crap, and if Jesus were here, he might tell you the same thing.

I have returned to my Ancestors’ original gods, goddesses, and animistic philosophy. And I don’t really care what other people think about that at this point in my life, although when I was younger I did still fear getting burned at the stake in this day and age of the rabid religious right amongst the republican persuasion of American government.

I am finding my way and I am taking a stand in response to what my matron goddess Hela has often asked me: What do you stand for?

I stand for walking under the Cosmos on a night of twinkling stars. I stand for right relationships among people. I stand against the evil the Nazis did in WW2, despite the fact that I read the Runes and advocate for the Runes as tools for spiritual evolution. So what if the damned Nazis used the Runes? As far as I am determined their use of the Runes was profane. I stand for Nature even if it means I stand against industry and “progress,” because “progress” is not that if it means cancerous and unchecked growth.

We see now a cancerous and unchecked growth in American government, and I sincerely hope that people will vote the orange narcissist out of office in 2020.