365 Days of Prayer – Day 138 – Taking a Stand

Times in my life when I was swimming in uncertainty because I did not know what I wanted or what I was good for. Hela, who was at that point my principle tutelary deity, would remind me to build my foundation: KNOW WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

This past week, with the death of George Floyd, a remarkable coming together has occurred. I stand with those who declare, “I am ANTIRACIST!”

I support peaceful protests, and I detest those who try to turn those peaceful protests into acts of violence and looting.

The president is a dangerous ding-a-ling who had peaceful protesters tear-bombed in order to get a photo-op on the steps of a church he does not attend, and a Bible I doubt he ever read.

I also support Climate Change legislation and anything that protects the environment from fracking, deforestation, and dirtying the water and the air.

I support connection with the Spirit of Life, and I daily sing and pray and meditate for the healing of the human collective from the psychological separation from Earth-home and each other. Ultimately it all comes down to this – WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. Our bodies contain all the elements of the solar system, we breath the same air, drink the waters of our planet, and I further believe that every human being has a right to food and shelter.

It is the greed of a few that denies adequate living conditions to the many.

So I pray for meaningful change, that all people will have a change of heart, turn our thoughts to our mutual welfare, and take a stand in whichever ways are most meaningful to us as individuals.

Oh, Creator, hear my prayers for clean water, clean air, on this good earth, and for clean minds and hearts in your people. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 137 – You can’t always get what you want

“You can’t always get what you want,” Mick Jaeger sings, “but if you try real hard, sometimes you might just get what you need.”

For a few years now, since I’ve been working with the Norns and Hela, I’ve been digging deep into my own Subconsciousness for a life review. The Norns have guided my insights, Hela has pointed me in the direction of what I need to release because it no longer serves me, and Loki has cheered me on or cheerfully tricked me into seeing my own self-deception.

Today has found me struggling with technological issues that don’t depend on me to resolve, but upon others. I have called tech support, and sales support, and billing support for ZOOM, but I am still stuck on waiting through the company’s growing pains during this time of COVID seclusion to get what I need.

I’m never the most patient of persons, so it is with some humor, that I have stopped banging my will against the proverbial brick wall and put my patience cap on to wait. Meanwhile I am doing what I can.

I am working on a video class on the Runes, and I am going to teach this class as the Runes have SOUL! I’m also working on my first six-week class on Yggdrasil, the Northern Tree of Life – and Worlds! There is a lot of available material, and I am wanting to present deeply and in such a way that people enlarge their spirits. I’ve a ways to go on the planning, but that’s okay. The process is teaching me what I need to know to be able to get more technically savvy. That is never a bad thing.

So while I wait, I may not have what I want, but I am certainly trying real hard to have what I need.

Creator, Breath of Life and Inspiration! Nurture the seed of learning in my heart so that my process may be timely and in alignment with the highest good of all. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Love one another as I have loved you

I was reflecting this morning that there are many enlightened people among us, but these people are so quiet that folks don’t realize there are people among us who are enlightened. Or in the process of lighting up!

We need to descend in order to ascend, step into the fear to come out into love, to be willing to shed thoughts of separation to step into the reality of the unity of God.

Humanity is a COLLECTIVE. What this means is that none of us are in this alone. Black or white, red or green, orange or blue, yellow or purple. These are all just words. They cover one of the biggest evils ever. They are labels for people being different than me. Your body looks different from mine. So what?

Nature is full of browns – brown trees, brown birds, brown butterflies, brown earth yielding the fruitfulness of the earth. People of color are beautiful and should be treated with the same love and acceptance as other folks.

I never saw a white person unless it was an albino, but I have seen many pink people.

Creator, give white people and people of color the courage to stand up, unite, and transcend the differences of race. Amen.


365 Days of Prayer – Day 135 Memorial Day

When I was a child, every year, Dad would raise Geraniums and Dusty Millers for the graves of my grandparents and the brother I never knew.

My parents were not much for sharing family stories. I’m not sure why. Photos of Mom are of a happy child who dressed up in costumes and must have had some relationship with the theater, but she never said.

Dad had a story of how his father brought home a circus pony for a winter, and Dad told the story of how he fell off the bucking pony and lost his love of riding afterwards.

What I did piece together over years of many questions, was that Dad was born on a farm, but his parents lost their farm in the Great Depression.

I think maybe those hard years are why my parents were not much for sharing family stories. Still there are some things I treasure. Grandpa drove a horse drawn mail carrier. I have the photo. He loved horses, and always wanted Morgans.

Dad was a World War II vet who never made it overseas because of bad ankles from being a premie. His parents put him in a shoe box on the kitchen stove, and against all odds he survived. Dad spent his Army time stateside managing medicines as he was a trained pharmacist. That did not get him out of KP duty though, he used to say.

Mom was a simple woman who loved Jesus, her husband, and her family. She kept an immaculate house, made Kool-Aid for all the neighbor kids who used to drop in summers, and made me go to church in spite of myself. I honor her most for her example of self-discipline and spiritual devotion.

I don’t have military dead from my own family to honor, because we weren’t a military family. But I do have military dead among people whom I loved in life, before they left me.

Bill Brayton was a cavalry man in the Philippines in WWII. He taught me how to long rein a horse.

Joe Hopkins and his wife Dotty were two of the kindest people I ever knew. Joe was in Boot Camp with Dad, but he fought all the way through D-Day into Germany. He never spoke of it.

Donald Victor Petacchi was my Gurdjieff teacher for a time. He fought Japan, and made his way up to Alaska as a hobo to prospect for gold. He was seeking the family fortune, and that’s where he found the Gurdjieff work.

Those World War II vets were made of stern and special stuff. They lived at a time when the military men of our country still received honor from its citizens. I like to think they knew what they were fighting for, that there were clear human ideals that needed addressing. Reasons for the wars since then have seemed rather muddy to me. There are too many Republican politicians invested in manipulating other countries to get their oil. (See John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man). 

But I don’t want to take honor away from anyone who is invested in serving our country. I cannot blame the vets who supported causes I might not believe in. I respect their willingness to risk their lives and their sanity for a cause greater than their own.

Creator, we the living have a duty for honoring the dead, especially those whose integrity gave us reasons to try to be better people ourselves. Salute to the military dead, those whom I know and those whom I do not know, for your willingness to fight for a cause. Salute now too, to those whose lives have been lost to this hidden virus. Guide the COVID dead home, Creator! Help us to honor the memories of men and women who may or may not have fulfilled their life’s calling.


365 Days of Prayer – Day 133 – Wake up, Buttercup

What is enlightenment and is it something any body can achieve? I believe the answer is a loud, resounding, YES!

We might talk about this in another way, after all not everybody is going to be the Buddha. In fact, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

The only way you or I can attain enlightenment is to do the work on self to become authentically you or me. It’s not a matter of “Jesus saves.” I don’t believe it’s a matter of over night enlightenment, although maybe that happened for people I don’t know.

Rather from the studies over my lifetime, I think enlightenment for most of us is something that comes in small stages. It’s a matter of doing the Shadow work of uncovering repressed emotions and the errors of wrong beliefs. You stalk yourself a little bit at a time, you may experience “Aha!” moments, these become cumulative, and suddenly you realize you are not as you were before. Something has changed. These changes occur over our lifetime. Perhaps we were all designed to age gracefully having these “Aha!” moments until we reach the Queen age or King age and the Crown chakra buzzes open and we have all the wisdom elders are expected to have – if we lived in a culture that respected elders, and we don’t.

So maybe we can acknowledge that things aren’t as good as they might be, if we all did our own work of waking up from the sleep of human life. It’s like when we are babies we maybe still remember a time from before. But as we grow up that rich glow of memory of the Spirit is covered over with the conditioned lies of how things are in the world.

I don’t know. We can all certainly re-image, re-member, re-collect if we put the effort forward. So wake up, Buttercup!

Creator, please guide humanity forward on the rocky road of its own evolution -noitulove – just a quirky reminder that to learn to love we need to put the work in.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 136 – Everything is Spirit

Shifting paradigms, how we use language, and the fact that certain words do not have the same image to different people – so how do we communicate?

Spirit and Soul are not the same, but they are related. Close relatives. Kissing cousins. Spirit is a work taken from the Latin Spiritus meaning Breath. According to Renee Baribeau (Winds of Spirit) Creation stories from around the world contain a Creator god who is also a wind god who imparts the divine breath of life to human beings. In the Teutonic mythology this Creator God was Odin who imparted breath to two logs, and his brothers Vili and Ve, imparted Will and Blooming Hue.

Soul, has its root in the word Sol,  meaning Sun. The Sun in the Northern tribes was female. The Moon to the Northern tribes was male, named Mani. The male takes his reflection from the female who gives birth to life.

Spirit and Soul, breath and will, the breath related to the heart chakra whose element is air, and soul related to the solar plexus chakra whose element is fire. Fire and Air, two elements in the body, unite in the throat chakra to give creative expression. This is the “rising up” from the creative of the Subconscious – womb energy – into manifestation on the earthly plane.

Just sharing.

Creator, thank you for a day of harmony and sunshine.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 132 – Lichen to Labyrinth

I took a photograph of this lichen, likening it to a labyrinth.

Lichen on rock

I have walked the labyrinth at Omega, and a larger one made by peacekeepers at a monastery, years ago as the name of the place escapes me now. But what doesn’t escape me was the feeling of inner peace I gained from the experience. I kicked my shoes off and let my bare feet connect me with the Earth.

The people who were with me the first time cut short my pleasure in the experience by their own reluctance to engage in the experience.

The people who were with me the second time shared my vision of connecting deeply with the divine. Soul bare, as we bared our feet.


Creator, bless us all with those things that bring us face to face with our soul. Bare. 

365 Days of Prayer – Day 131 – What if?

Coffee meditation

Yesterday’s musings left me with this very simple post today: What if?

I belong to a variety of shamanic groups on Facebook, and one theme that has been suggested over and over is Dreaming a new world into being.

This has nothing to do with any political hype of a “new world order.” No. We are a bunch of shamans and shamanic practitioners, holistic healers, people who heal with vibrational hands, alternative health advocates, and more. We are mostly a bunch of independent free thinkers who have a common belief that Earth is a sentient being herself and that we are living through some significant earth changes. Very old lineages of shamanism have speculated that human beings have the power to dream into being the earth changes we would like to see.

So I pose this question today: What if? What if you and I have the divine power to dream into becoming the Earth we would like to see?

I’m dreaming of every individual having enough of everything – food, shelter, love, creative expression, kindness.

I’m dreaming of people putting aside their hatreds, mistrust, and dislike to accept the uniqueness of other people as they are.

I’m dreaming of clean water, clean air, clean earth, clear sunshine for all my relations.

I’m dreaming of people coming together in ceremony to celebrate calendar times – moon times, planting times, the solstices and the equinoxes – and those times that celebrate initiation times in human life – coming of age ceremonies for girls and boys, births, deaths, weddings, divorce. As we celebrate comings together, why not also celebrate going apart?

I’m dreaming of equal time for all to work and play.

What if we somehow work out ways that every one has a way to support life without the negativity of communism or the excessive greed of capitalism. What if reciprocity were the norm? That each of us has what we need and judges no reason to withhold from another what they need? What if? What if we actually honored what Jesus taught instead of tagging ourselves as “Christian” without a sincere Christian practice? What if we honored the truth of the Quechua Indians’ ayni, “Today for me, tomorrow for you?” What if in working together for survival my neighbor’s well being became as important to me as my own?

What if we vote out a narcissistic president who lies, demeans good people, and tells all kinds of wild stories just to hear himself talk? What if the truth of America was really “Government for the people and by the people”? What if America was really about ALL the people? People of every color? What if America honored the rainbow in itself? Wouldn’t we then be a beautiful nation? Would such good will begin to heal the wounded places in the rainbow soul? And the hatred in racist hearts?

What if?

And what if we the collective are God?

Would this be a world we would like to live in?

What if?


365 Days of Prayer – Day 130 Source – Checked Growth

Hellebore blooming

I had the thought this morning that we are all plugged into the divine. It’s just that some people have forgotten they are connected. Other people know they are connected but still believe in the separation that their way and only their way is the right way. Still other people have chosen to disbelieve in any divine at all, believing that this life is all we’ve got.

What if? What if we are all plugged into the same divine socket? What if we all have the experience to stop our rigorous daily activities and sort it all out? What if?

I have been deeply buried in the garden lately and the life of plants. I have started seeds and nurtured sprouts tenderly transplanting them into bigger containers for the expansion of their roots. I have gone out to the garden which lay fallow last year and yanked other plants -long established perennials- out by their roots. What I observe in my periods of creation and destruction is how closely interactive members of different species are. The intertwining roots of the grasses hold soil in place that the deep tap roots of others descend through to call up the waters. Trees provide needed shade to some and cut off the beneficial sunlight to others. Each plant being has its place in the natural cycle and different species chemical output or waste is what another needs to live.

Aren’t people better when we live like the plants? I like the variety of colors and races and those who feel and those who think and those who explain clearly with words and others communicate with a paintbrush, dance, or poetry. We brush up against one another in life, hardly knowing where each of us puts our taproots down -at work, or at home, or in country of origin- but we all take away a little something, a root, a cord, a kind of influence that makes life a bit richer for all of us.

Plants cry out, so to save them pain, I explained that it was only in the garden spaces that I was ending life for their kind. Their bodies were lovingly placed upon my compost pile to break down for fertilizing other plantings later. Their species mates stand tall around my fenced in garden, flowering heads standing silent vigil to those who passed so that the food I am raising for my family’s sustenance during the coming winter might have its own sustenance for this summer of its life.

What if we all have the experience to stop our rigorous daily activities and sort it all out? Oh! That’s right, we have. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a sudden stop to activities in the world. What will we emerge with?

During my garden musings, I have had to destroy life in order to make room for another kind of life. I would not have time to garden if it were not for this pandemic, but I never asked that such a nasty virus would wipe out human life at such a destructive level as it has. This virus engages my compassion even as it engages my sense of the expedient. Both realisms are necessary. Continuous growth is a fallacy, as at some point unchecked growth becomes a cancer. The forces of breakdown and decay are as necessary to life as growth, because without balance we lack those things needful to the spirit. We need art, contemplation, reflection, beauty, time for the work of our hands, because all of these things feed our souls.

The garden is a quiet place where I can find equanimity amidst the song of birds and the quiet hum of bees. Bees! I am glad to see bees and the resurgence of nature’s life even as human industry has had to slow down.

Creator, I find only two words adequate for today’s blessings. Thank you!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 129 Uncertainty

These days, I have no one to blame and no one to project blame on to. Mainly because I choose not to. But this leaves me with looking into my own soul. When times get uncertain, and when events are rocketing emotions outside the known, what is left?

I know I have courage. I had the courage to take risks in my life that led me to the next spiritual germination. I have had the courage to face my shadows and own my truth.

I know I have love and I have hatred. I have love for the right, for the beautiful, for the joined. I have hatred for that which is undecided, unfinished, ugly in spirit. I have eyes to see in the darkness, and discernment to honor that which requires growth and nurturing, from that which will waste my time.

When I am faced with uncertain emotions these days, I’ve learned to embrace them. When the security of health, and a job, and leadership fades, I find security in the rising sun, in the regular patterns of night and day. I find sustenance in my work and in my questioning. I go within, I go without, I am glad of both my joy and my sorrows. These things give me perspective.

Creator, for what I cannot control, I thank you. For what I can control, I thank you. For that which is secure, I thank you. For that which is insecure, I thank you. For the realms of Nature, I give you praise. For the bounty of the Earth, for the Freedom of the skies, for this planet of our birth, ever and around us rise, oh, Dear God to thee we sing, these our hymns of joy and praise.