365 Days of Prayer – Day 109 New Gods and Old

Raised Christian, every sacred personage that was not Jesus was regarded as demonic. As I grew up, I chose to throw off this fear-based idea of the divine in favor of a love-based idea of the divine. I came to love the healing Jesus, the Rabbi who preached among the multitudes and lived in regular communion with the one he called Father.

When the Norse gods began coming to me, I learned that Odin too was called Father. He is Val-Fadher, All-Father, and Fimbul-tyr, Great-God, and he has many, many other heiti, or names. It was Odin who gave humanity the Breath of Life, or Ond. Don’t let the misleading teachings of the Christians fool you. “Spirit” is Latin for Breath. The Holy Spirit is not the sole property of Holy Mother Church. The Holy Spirit is found by many names throughout the cultures of the world. There are many gods, and many gods wear many faces.

I believe the gods love us, and help us on our path of spiritual evolution. In my experience, those divine beings whom some think of as devils or adversaries are here to challenge us into growing. Loki, for example, and his half dead, half alive daughter Hela, are those who push us into seeing our own self-deception and our own shadows, so that we might work through these things into the full clarity of our own being.

Please don’t think I am sugarcoating these things. Evil is very real on a larger scale than human beings can be aware of, and humans themselves perpetuate evil out of their own fear. But this is not the topic I wish to pursue today.

Suffice it to say that in my choice to pursue this path I am on, I worked very hard to develop a solid spiritual foundation so that I would not be misled or deceived by an angel of darkness posing as an angel of light. One needs a strong ego and absolute trust in one’s guiding spirits, and one of the very best places to begin is developing one’s relationship with one’s Life Guide, or Thought Adjustor.

You can meet this Being just before sleep or upon waking when your daylight mind is most clear from the pre-occupations of the day. State your intention to meet your Life Guide out loud to your Subconscious mind, and then stay alert for the process to happen. If it doesn’t happen the first time, don’t give up. This awareness (intuition) you are trying to develop is like an unused muscle. Have faith and keep trying.

Dear Gods, thank you for loving us and pushing us toward our highest good. Thank you for the obstacles and the struggles to overcome that cause us to turn toward you in our dark nights of the soul, and for the rejoicing as we emerge again into the mornings of the Spirit. The journey for many of us is long and difficult, but we are upheld by love of you and your love of us. Thank you.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 108 Self Renewal

Today I woke up after a couple of days of joint pain feeling much better. The Sun has come out, and the storm that was passing through is gone, so the barometric pressure has changed. Other Old People with arthritis can tell you the same thing. We can discern the coming weather sometimes better than the weather person, although we aren’t making the big bucks.


But Yay! I could jump up, move about and get a full workout in. And that touches upon the point I am making today, that keeping our bodies fit and healthy is important to our spiritual life because our body is the vehicle for our spirit.

In the Norse mythology, it is Loki (aka Lodher, aka Ve) who imparts the “Blooming Hue” to the body of wood, even as Odin (aka Voden) gives Breath (Ond), and Hoenir (Vili) imparts the powers of mind. Ve is another word for the sacred enclosure, a temple, or a place one hallows in order to practice one’s energetic, or magical workings. So it is very important to do as best we can for the health of our body, as our body is one of the triune aspects of life in Middle Earth along with the emotional and intellectual.

I will make no bones about it. I have hereditary arthritis and along the way ended up with type-2 diabetes, so I do the best I can with exercise and diet to manage these conditions. Other people are much worse off than I, so this is no complaint. I simply want to encourage each of us to do the best we can to manage whatever ailments our body engages with in order to have the best life for our spirit. Hence the title today, “Self Renewal.” For me, exercise has become a foundation for staying in touch with my body and even my emotions. As Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, discovered with her scientific experiments, emotions are stored in the body. And as Valerie Hunt discovered in her breakthrough scientific experiments with Rolfing back in the 1970’s, deep seated trauma seems to be stored in the deep muscle tissue. Moving the body, stretching out, is one way to move through stuck emotional issues so that we are freer to be happy and focused on the NOW of our life.

Voden, Vili, and Ve – I give thanks for all the gifts of life. My body, my heart, and my mind contribute to the best life I can experience. Guide me to honor what is sacred at whatever level. Guide me to respect the gift of life inherent within all persons. Let us find community for the sharing.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 107 Taking Time Out

I have been pushing hard to pull tasks together for some upcoming appointments. So today I decided to take some down time and run errands for my household. It turned out to be a wise decision, because I relaxed.

I push myself hard, but in that push, I am losing connection with the end goal in meeting the current one. This can throw my timing and my balance off, and the retrospect of time on the road offers good perspective as to what is truly important. What is real.

Creator, I pray for balance a lot. I pray for wisdom. I pray that my work in the world meet the needs of those whose hearts and minds are opening to the work of conscious becoming. I pray for community. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 106 Changing Viewpoints

I’m watching the Democratic debate on television, and hoping for some change, some ideal person, who has what it takes to win the trust of the American people and turn the tide on the person currently in the White House.

I have watched that person consistently lie to “We the people.” I have watched his supporters cheering him on, as he promised them what he knew they wanted to hear. He sounds very believable, until you look beyond the words and notice that his actions do not echo his words and his promises do not hold up. He has driven up the deficit. He has given pardons to his criminal friends, forgiving even large amounts of money they had stolen from the taxpayer. I would say more, but then I would sound like “Tweetie.”

Today I call upon “We the people.” I beg you to look beyond what is said to what is done. If you do that, I trust your intelligence. Let the election be fair.

Dear Human Collective, as we struggle to evolve through the challenges of meeting the needs and rights of all people, I pray for those who will speak truth to power, for those to whom truth is important, and who will do this job honorably with just regards to all peoples.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 105 Winds of Change

This morning when I woke up I felt that there was a shift in the local energy field. The winds were up and blowing in snow. I could feel a subtle shift in my own energy too, in such a manner that I know myself to be potentially triggered into a negative emotion behavioral loop.

I came downstairs. Was there a frown lurking on my husband’s face? Had I displeased him in some way? I no longer want to go there, I told myself, this could just be my imagination. I smiled and he smiled back.

I grabbed my coat and took the dog for a walk. This is weather that she loves, but the snow was the slippery kind underfoot and made walking difficult for me, and more difficult by the fact that she pulls as she stops to smell, dashes ahead, or to the side for a mouthful of snow. I could feel myself getting irritated, but this is her time to enjoy too, so I breathed deeply, exhaled deeply, took stock of my inner state, and recoiled the length of her leash so that she would have to walk beside me.

We got to the trail where I usually visit Hem. I became aware that I was getting dependent on him to help me dispel my negative inner state, and since I want my relationship with Hem and his grove to be joyful, I decided to dispense with my inner agitation on my own. Remembering what I had learned from Peruvian trained shamans, I prayed to Earth that she would accept my negative emotions as hucha, the dense energy she feeds upon. An enveloping “YES” of affirmative energy was her answer, so I visualized my “roots” growing out of my feet as I walked and sent my fear-based inner agitation down into the center of the Earth. When I reached Hem, I was feeling much better, and this is an exercise anyone can do.

I asked Hem if I could enter his energy field, and for the first time  in a while, Hem said “No.” I turned around and walked away, thinking of how often in the past I would not have taken “No” for an answer, and justified my response by some thought such as “Hem is only a tree, and I can take from him as I please.” The fact is that these trees are beautiful beings of nature and they have their process even as you and I do. Hem wants to sleep for a while as trees often do in the winter time. I accept that. And because I turned around and walked away when Hem said “No,” I think our relationship continues even better.

Odin, you have often reminded me to dwell in my light and in my joy. My own dark moods can turn me away from that until I face them and recognize the source of my triggers in painful thoughts and memories. But I don’t have to act any more from behavior patterns of the past. Thank you for solutions that work, and thank you for life, tree friends, and this very Earth we dwell upon.

Earth, thank you for your gracious bounty, shelter and support throughout many lifetimes. Thank you for digesting my hucha so that I need not bother others with my own “stuff.”

365 Days of Prayer – Day 104 The Bucket List

In the middle of winter when my spirit is weary of cold and lack of sunlight, my imagination soars into the coming spring and how I would like to spend time this year. When I was young and kept horses, I would shop the catalogs and tack shops for some new piece of leather equipment – saddles, bridles, girths, breast collars, grooming equipment, and it was ever so much fun. I love the smell of leather, cleaning it, taking it apart, putting it back together, and keeping a neat tack room.

When I was older and no longer kept horses, I kept my interest in country life alive by keeping a garden. This is the time of year I fantasize about the vegetables and fruits I would enjoy eating off the land. It doesn’t even have to be a cultivated crop. Dandelions are healthy, they do not offend my sense of lawn maintenance, and are pretty to look at. I have enjoyed wandering the local feral fields in search of plants that are healthy for me and even found some that were descended from plants brought here by the colonists.

But lately my bucket list is growing. I would like to visit Iceland or Sweden, learn to speak old Norse, travel to where I can visit the Rune stones in the ancestral homelands, maybe visit the Temple at Luxor, or keep a horse again. None of these things is guaranteed, of course. But it is good to have the fire of imagination to keep me warm on a mid-winter day.

Creator, it is good to have a rich mind! It is good to have thoughts and emotions that move those thoughts to the enrichment of my present moment, mid-winter experience. Thank you!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 103 – Respecting the aged

This is a topic I haven’t talked about much. When Dad was still alive and he had lost Mom, he decided he did not want to be a burden to his children, so he stuck himself in a nursing home for a while. It was a rotten experience and he hated it! The people were old! Dad was not young himself, but to his death he kept a youthful and interested mind, and I am glad he passed his example on to me. 

America is not kind to its elderly. If like me you are of the baby boomer generation, you will remember a culture of youth, beach bodies “Twiggy” thin. Even now I witness aging people trying to recapture the image of youth through plastic surgery, dying their hair young no matter how many wrinkles they wear on their face, trying to stay fit ahead of the sagging breasts (on men and women) and sagging bellies. When that doesn’t work, we take selfies from the top down, so that the second chins or the neck wrinkles don’t make us resemble snapping turtles. Yes, I am trying to be funny, but I am speaking truth too. I am at that age to wear purple, so I can speak truth. 

I think that people should respect and revere the elderly to honor the wisdom that life gives us. So what if we have wrinkles? Some people like those wrinkly faced dogs and old people are not less cuddly. The proof is in the little children with their favorite grandmother. 

Yes, there are consequences to getting old. The bones ache and creak, and it can be difficult to stand up, unlock your joints and move again. The aged body is subject to all the aches and pains our grandparents and parents complained of, cancers, and other ailments. But my spirit has never felt so young all the days of my life! I think the reason is that I have made all the mistakes I am likely to make, suffered all the consequences I am likely to suffer, and learned from them so that I do not expect adverse joy.

So if folks want to appear younger, and it makes them feel better, let them go at it. It costs me nothing and provides plenty of people watching interest. But the moral of the story is to be able to find happiness with You, no matter what your age or material circumstances, and that youth of the spirit comes from remaining interested in life and in learning.

Creator, today I pray that somehow young people and old people needing each other will find each other and that wonderful bonds of spirit can be engaged to the benefit of each other. Young people need supportive mentors and aging people may find interest in the occupations of the young. There are marvelous skill sets to be learned and practiced. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 102 Finding Inspiration

There is enough!

I am having a good day, and while that is nothing to complain home about, it is a bit head scratching to find motivation for a topic today. I did everything ordinary. I write about gratitude a lot, and I think that while it is a great practice for a spiritual life, I may have been wearing the topic out. I haven’t felt desperate or despairing, so that is not something to pray for either. And while I am most encouraging of personal prayer, I am also for prayer for others, for the common good, and any number of topics that we can never pray too much for.

But I think that no matter how many things there are to pray for or about, maybe there would be fewer problems in the world, more material goods to go around, more kindness, more love, if people could overcome their fear of lack. Certainly I have suffered my own fear of lack, and this is one thing that seems to feed into the greed that maintains the separation between the haves and have nots. (I wanted to write between the halves and the half-knots, but that would be an entirely different topic and some folks might accuse me of spelling errors… That would never do!)

Creator, when times are lean or feel lean, and working extra jobs does not seem to help stay above the bills or put food on the table, help us to change our perspective to seeing what we have, to seeing the possibilities instead of the impossibilities, and thereby to have faith. Open the hearts of those who are made greedy by fear of lack so that humans may be more open handed with each other. Let us see goodness in all its forms. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 101 A visit to Hem

I wanted to share this video visiting my tree friend Hem. The sounds of the waters of the waters of the local brook as they drum over rocks and under ice are truly magical. I took this moment to record the video and center my self before I entered the immediate presence of my tree friend, with whom I share joy and the peace of the grove.

Creator, we cannot always choose the circumstances and the friends we find in life, but when we do they are truly special. Thank you.

Have you made your tree friend yet today?

I said something like this to my husband, and he commented, “You are so Wyrd.” Yes, yes, I am. But it’s fun.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 100

It seems like the 100th day of daily prayer ought to somehow be special or a day more significant than any other day. Instead it just seems like another day I cannot catch up to my own goals, no matter how pronounced.

I am behind on the daily prayer blogs, but the best I can do is to plug forward best I can and if my original goal of one year takes longer than I planned, so it does.

I am working on reformatting my ebook Rune Play, and deciding whether or not to include the last chapter of the first edition or publish that as a second ebook. It really does deserve its own place due to its uniqueness.

Good thing is, as I work on myself to free my self from those old habits of self-negating thought, I make more progress, because self forgiveness allows me to continue to move forward. No matter what. No matter the six-day work weeks of recent months or limited time frames.

About a year ago I fell and fell hard. My sciatica went out, and my body which has always been strong and adaptable was stopped while I healed from the pain. A week off from my day job of bus driving with good chiropractic care and then a solid routine of exercises to strengthen the muscle groups to support my pelvis have worked wonders. But the entire episode made me aware that I am not bionic, I do have limits to how much I can push myself, and I am focusing much more on meeting my own needs than those of other people, even those close to me. Even though I have a soft heart and like to be responsive to the needs and desires of my family, I have had to toughen up and take a solid stance for me. Self care really is important, because without that I cannot show up for my dreams which keep me going when the rest of life feels like a struggle.

So I guess today is special, even if only to take stock of how far I have journeyed, and to know that the journey continues.

Creator, thank you for enlightening me as to the importance of self care as a means of progressing through life no matter what curve balls it hands me.