365 Days of Prayer – Day 116

This week we all got hit by a new worry – CORVID-19. On pay day I took myself to the store and was surprised to see all the toilet paper shelves empty. It seems as if with the concern about the virus, people’s biggest worry is wiping their ass.

Some of us can afford to isolate ourselves while we feel out the unknown consequences of this virus. Some of us cannot afford to isolate ourselves. So we go on, perhaps being more careful than previously about washing our hands and keeping our environments clean. And sticking with learning the facts of the illness.

A friend was telling me a story about how she had to relate to someone that it is not China’s fault about the virus, but that the virus is a random condition of nature that leapt from one species to another. It happens. Shit happens too. Nobody is at fault, but it did bring to mind the question of “What superstition will the religious wrong bring to blame the situation on?” They can’t blame gays like they do with AIDS, because anybody can catch this disease. But I heard Trump on TV blaming China today, so maybe they will run with that. Then the man avoided serious questions by talking for endless minutes about not shaking hands. Really? This is the leader of the free world? Funniest bumper sticker I spied about the election was “Put an adult in the White House 2020.”

The conditions of life are what they are. Maybe everything that seems “normal” has to be stood on its head so that humanity can learn to face life with more balance. For many of us, this means a hard look at how we need to slow down, or how do we support ourselves when the anticipated means have come to a halt, or what happens when a loved one drops ill? It may not even be the Corona virus at all, but something else, a heart condition, cancer. The events of the past few days just beg the hard questions.

When I face the hard questions, I have to pray. Prayer is my saving grace.

Creator, life is uncertain. I’ve always known that, but with these events I am really feeling that too. I choose to put love above fear. I choose to put faith above fear, and yet sometimes the fear happens. You have taught me to step into the fear, to face it down. When fear comes upon me, be strong with me. Don’t leave me alone. Thank you. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 107 Taking Time Out

I have been pushing hard to pull tasks together for some upcoming appointments. So today I decided to take some down time and run errands for my household. It turned out to be a wise decision, because I relaxed.

I push myself hard, but in that push, I am losing connection with the end goal in meeting the current one. This can throw my timing and my balance off, and the retrospect of time on the road offers good perspective as to what is truly important. What is real.

Creator, I pray for balance a lot. I pray for wisdom. I pray that my work in the world meet the needs of those whose hearts and minds are opening to the work of conscious becoming. I pray for community. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 98 – Changes

This morning I walked the dog to visit Hem, nickname for my tree friend. Enough snow remains that I could see blood drops on the snow where some small predator caught its small prey, the laws of nature to eat and be eaten satisfied. The tracks of the smaller animal, probably a squirrel, stopped just as suddenly as if some larger bird, perhaps a Great Horned Owl or a Cooper’s Hawk, had dropped out of the sky and lifted it away. I could only imagine.

Something has long bothered me in all of this. It is not the blood on the snow. I accept the needs of predators to eat; I love them as I love the entertainment of squirrels collecting their nuts  or a rabbit’s slow hopping across the meadow as it samples the most delectable bites of grass. I believe what bothers me is how some human beings have removed themselves so far from Nature that the natural laws have become to them as fairy tales.

What this has translated to in my thought process, is how some human beings have now become so protective of the small and helpless as to hate other human beings for not feeling as they feel. There was a Facebook move for a while demonizing Oriental people for eating dogs and cats, an act which is abhorrent to Americans. We love dogs and cats as pets, and as pets they become part of our human families. Then there are the angry Vegans who hate me for enjoying my meat at mealtime, because they have taken their love of animals into the act of not eating anything of flesh.

These attitudes even follow into the outward image of spirituality. I was once ousted from a group of “spiritual” yoga women in part because I did not agree that my spirituality had to follow their outward path. To me the spiritual path is an inward journey. It can sometimes be shared in ceremony and in ritual with other like-minded human beings, but basically each one of us is on a solo spiritual journey in this event we call life. In the old indigenous way I give thanks to the animal whose flesh I eat even as I give thanks to the fruit, the grain and the leaf. All have contributed in some way to my life and my survival, and when I die I would really appreciate that my body become part of the forest floor for the trees and other woody plants that I love to nourish their being existence. This is my practice out of my honor for life.

In short, I think that much of the human longview has been perverted into seeking that which makes us feel good for the short term, as opposed to seeking that which is. If we are to become awakened to who we are through awareness of the vitality of the Spirit that animates me, animates you and every other being that has ever lived or died on this planet, and renews itself accordingly through the birth, death, and rebirth of beings, we need to seek the long view.

Whatever practice an individual takes to honor his or her own integrity, I can respect. I can respect the Vegan and the meat eater alike if these actions are in accord with their self-awareness and spiritual practice, but when someone criticizes me because they find my spiritual practice abhorrent to their idea of what is good, then I am aware we can find no connection in common. I believe that this is a manifestation of the shadow side of the “good,” which seeks control instead of allowing the other individual the freedom to find and to be themselves. The Balance of God is as Divine as the Goodness of God and the Shadow of God.

Creator, as humanity struggles with itself to evolve as the human collective, I want to pray for the mercy of understanding and the justice of self knowledge. Thank you.