365 Days of Prayer – Day 123 WTF

When I started this intention, to post 365 days of prayer, it was with my son’s departure for the military. It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted, but I pray daily, and far more than once.

COVID-19 has been a shock and a gift. Yes, I realize that to call something so deadly and so invisible a “gift” may not be in everybody’s vocabulary. It’s horrible, but the air is cleaner, I am seeing more wildlife, people I meet are very considerate of maintaining the six-foot distance rule. There will never be “normal” again in the same way we previously understood it. COVID-19 has forced us to step back, become accountable, and to have a deep look at ourselves. We become more present to the moment we are in and to those we love. Those of us who do that work of self-examining are not wasting any time. We take time. We are not rushing. We say “I love you” often, just in case that second chance does not come. We are more considerate of our elderly and our young.

Dear Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, I bow before the presence of the Holy. I recognize that powers exist greater than me. I pray that this pandemic be eased, that people be healed, that humanity does the hard work of rising above its own fear, its own anger, its own shit. I thank you that some of the beauty of Earth has been restored by this time out from human industry. Let us make beauty born of our creativity and our caring for one another. Forgive us for our previous greed, and heal that, that we care more for one another than our monetary gain, that we care more for the planet than to rape her over and over for the profit of the few to the detriment of the many. Let us find joy in simply existing. In the work of our hands and minds. Let me make something better today for someone else. Let women plant trees, sing more songs, have time for tenderness for their children. I pray for the safety of my son in the military. I pray for every mother’s child in the military. Bring them home, dear ones, alive and well to the joy of their kinfolk. Teach me what to pray for as we endure this time of stopping. Gift me the words to comfort others who have lost their loved ones. Let no one die alone. Let the loved ones who have preceded them to the “other side” be there for them now as their physical loved ones cannot. I don’t know what else to pray for tonight. Guide us all through the night with your love and caring. Amen.


365 Days of Prayer – Day 122 – Changes

When I started these 365 days of prayer, I never foresaw the changes and the challenges we would face -as a world!- and the challenges that social distancing and being homebound would bring. I laughed at first that people would buy out all the toilet paper, thinking that reflected contemporary values, but my initial laughter has changed to tears as I contemplate those medical personnel on the front lines without adequate gear -masks and hazard suits- to protect them in the work they still show up for day after day.

And it is not only the medical personnel, but the grocery clerks, the long-distance haulers, the transportation folks, those state workers who show up to meet the insane demand for unemployment so that people can continue to feed their families and pay the rent while we wait out this time of isolation.

Stupid, I think, are those who don’t take this seriously, when people are suffering through infections they may or may not be able to fight off. To NOT practice social distancing is to put the young and the elderly at further risk.

Noble, I think, those who are reaching out to neighbors while maintaining the six-foot rule to do the extra shopping and helping with the groceries. When I walk the dog in the mornings, there are always neighbors who are glad to see me as we have conversations from across the street.

In short, life is weird and it will never be the same. This morning I talked to a friend in Berlin via ZOOM, halfway around the world, as she is launching her new book on her birthday of April 4, 2020. More and more things will probably be done via technology, at least until we know this virus has been managed.

Creator, guide us as we navigate these turbulent times. Amen

365 Days of Prayer – Day 118 – Stay Home

One of the mandates for the Corona virus is to stay home to help contain the spread within the capacity of the hospitals and health help centers to care for its victims. Governor Cuomo was on the TV exclaiming over people who were still frequenting beaches and coming into close social contact with each other, and specifically asked us to stay home so that we can continue to meet this emergency.

So please, if you happen to see this blog, stay home and keep yourself and us healthy! Thank you!

Creator, today I pray for those on the front of this disease. Keep them healthy, keep them rested, and let this disease burn itself out quickly. Let us honor the caring these individuals do to help those on the brink of death heal. Amen.