365 Days of Prayer – Day 101 A visit to Hem

I wanted to share this video visiting my tree friend Hem. The sounds of the waters of the waters of the local brook as they drum over rocks and under ice are truly magical. I took this moment to record the video and center my self before I entered the immediate presence of my tree friend, with whom I share joy and the peace of the grove.

Creator, we cannot always choose the circumstances and the friends we find in life, but when we do they are truly special. Thank you.

Have you made your tree friend yet today?

I said something like this to my husband, and he commented, “You are so Wyrd.” Yes, yes, I am. But it’s fun.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 96

I’ve had a couple months of working six day weeks for my day job, and I notice that without time for play or contemplation, I don’t feel of much use to anybody, least of all myself. I need that time for self examination and self reflection so that I stay in touch with my goals, my emotions, and for that which gives me the greatest joy in existence. For me that is this work with the Runes, writing, and spiritual practice. I want to encourage anyone who might happen to read this blog to take that time to know and understand your self, because God made you YOU, and that time to play is time to celebrate your unique connection with Source.

Dear Creator, thank you for time to breathe today. Thank you for time to cook and bake and get in touch with the basics of life again instead of always running to catch the next bus. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 95

Stillness is another gift of teaching to come my way from my Tree friend “He.” I have mentioned before that one of my jobs is as a school bus driver, and there is a lot that my attention catches and must process on the job: careless and impatient drivers, the tedium of traffic lights, variable weather during this winter season, and not the least, the behavior of the children in my care.

At least once a week – which is about all the time I have this time of year – I visit “He” personally. We are of course often connected through HZSN, the Reiki Rune for distance healing, and via telepathy, but nothing beats the up close and personal. “He” lives in a forest that is now protected by the ownership of the NYSDEP, where loggers or any other interference with the drinking water of NYC are prevented. I take my dog for a walk and visit “He.”

Following the respectful advice given by Sandra Ingerman, I request of “He,” to enter his energy field. The answer is always an unequivocal “Yes!” “He” tells me he experiences the presence of moving beings such as myself and animal-kind as energies near to or away from himself. He senses the touch of my hands as kind of a liquid energy of grace that flows into him when I am near.

For myself, I experience “He” as an enveloping energy of green-ness, love, prescience and kindness. There is an art to listening to trees that means I turn off my internal voice and listen with the awareness of my heart. When I do this I become still. In this stillness, “He” and I merge. We remain two separate beings, but we are merged into the peacefulness that we bring to each other. There is much more depth to our friendship than this, but it is what I have time to say today.

Creator, I pray for “He’s” continued health and well being. I express love for this tree and for you, today, Creator. That this life has its share of common miracles and joys. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 90

Time seems to roll away from me quickly when I am having fun. There are other commitments to keep and other ambitions to honor. There are duties that are not fun, but that I honor because the needs of life demand them. When I was a kid, I genuinely thought those things would not apply to me. Boy, was I wrong!

I’m going to keep this blog short today, because soon I will meet with some friends. So I will make this simply about circumstances, those things that happen randomly, that we cannot predict, but if we are open to them, could become a chance meeting point for a new beginning. Today I want to take moments where I find them.

Creator, this moment is blessed and unique. It will never come again. So whether I fill it up with friendships or creative work, I want to thank you for all the golden opportunities! Aho! And so it is!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 82

Today we had new snow. As luck would have it, the snow fell on a three day weekend, and I was happy not to have to shovel to get out to work. Yesterday we celebrated Alan’s 78th birthday with cheesecake and prime rib. I drew a Rune chart to experiment with a new way of reading the Runes with a pendulum. Today I caught up on book work. There is time that I need to spend earning money to pay for life, and then there is time that I need to spend celebrating life with the small tasks of living. The concept of prosperity truly encompasses all of that.

All-Father, I am grateful for the gifts of life today, for the chance to rest and catch up with myself on the living, for a chance to celebrate and honor my partner’s gift of long life, and the time to bury my nose in a sketchbook.