365 Days of Prayer – Day 100 – Reverence

The only way it seems to break through my own negative and critical thinking of others is to focus my attention on gratitude and reverence.

When gratitude wears out against a darker mood, I turn to what I love. Thoughts of these things sustain me and give me pleasure to turn aside a critical, perfectionist attitude that fails to see everything is fine just as it is to seeing that everything is fine just as it is.

I love my dog’s happiness in running, no matter what the weather.

I love doodling, no matter what the distraction.

I love my husband and his home cooking.

I love the gods and being in communion with them.

I love visiting my tree friend Hem.

Sometimes I fall back on memories of riding Future around the dirt road loops by our farm, or riding Chesa at full gallop alongside the corn fields, or feeding carrots to Magic who had a way of curling her lip in satisfaction and letting her chicken friend sit on her head.

I remember how it felt to nurse my baby and feel his arms around my neck in a warm hug.

I remember my parents preparing the summer swimming pool with love.

I remember the great taste of a beer after an afternoon in the hayfields on a summer day. And best of all, I remember the great smell of the hay. I honor a full and honest day of work.

I remember people who were teachers for me: Ann, and Don, and Jane, and Harry, and Nick. Some were spiritual teachers, and some were teachers of life. I honor them.

I love it when my son the Marine surprised me with a visit home or a phone call I was not expecting.

Sometimes it is harder to love what is closer to home with daily chores and the stuff that I have differences with other people, but I can choose to see beyond those differences to what I love best in my husband despite his smoking making me cough. And what I honor today, surprisingly enough, is the freedom to fight for my own needs, as he does for his. Together we work.

Creator, thank you today for that which makes me smile instead of what makes me frown.