365 Days of Prayer – Day 59 – JERA

The Rune Jera seems a good one to pull into the Daily Prayer today. It is a new year, and 2020 promises clear sight for the year ahead. At least one can always hold hope. Hope, Love and Faith are the perennial emotions.

There are days when the inspiration to prayer is greater than others and the sense of connection more certain. Still, one must work for depth of relationship with the divine, and wait for inspiration.  So JERA is it for today.

JERA speaks of the passing of time. The nature of a year holds the seasons and includes the spring planting, summer tending of the crops, and fall harvest. This is the time of year when new seeds sleep in the soil, and people and animals wait out the cold months, taking on whatever tasks are necessary for survival. At these times planning begins for the warmer months ahead.

But I don’t have to jump into planning without taking stock of my emotional state. This is time too to review what passed in the previous year and my feelings about all that. Once I am caught up to my inner self, I can more enthusiastically dive into what I want to see happen in my life in 2020.

Norns, you are the overseers of fate and destiny. Urdr, you have taught me that my memories hold all the keys I need to see through unfinished business and catch my emotional life up to the present. Thus disappears the anxiety over stuff left undone. Verdandi, you who represent the present, you remind me, dear lady, to remember to be here now. Skuld, you who will cut my life thread some day, nudge me when the threads of tomorrow’s potential for a more fulfilling life show up. In your grace and impartiality, I trust.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 41

This morning things were out of sorts with my partner. I was in a good mood and he was trying to start an argument. I was doing my best not to fall into his mood. Misery loves company, but I don’t love misery. So these things were going on today.

I took my morning Wind Walk, and suddenly a key teaching of Gurdjieff popped into mind and I understood it in a new way. In Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, somewhere in the Purgatory chapter, where G. describes the laws of three and seven, he says, “The higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle.”

My partner had been trying to lower my mood in order to raise his own. We are all connected, and we do this in groups. I remembered times I had with unconscious motivation done the same to him. So it is important to me to share that I write this without blame. It’s just how people are. We vent, but in venting, there is a sharing of negative emotions that makes no one really feel good, except in that moment where we have group agreement.

So, what to do with this information? How to hang on to my good mood?

It took some work, but finally I remembered that I am always connected to Spirit, drawing the sustenance for my being from Spirit, so I simply turned to Spirit in my prayer.

Creator, I have just now remembered that as I draw my life essence from you, I draw my life breath from you, and my energy from you. Please flow through me to release any negative emotions I encounter today, my own and others, so that in this practice I might bring more of your joy into the world around me today. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 39 Symbols that bridge inner and outer knowing

Symbols that bridge our inner knowing and our outer knowing

Recently I posted a Facebook video on making Rune cards using ZenTangle methods learned from books, and the pendulum to indicate special lines, the flow of lines, and to select from my tangle collection.

Here: Rune Card video 1

And here: Rune Card video 2

What is so much fun about such projects is that the Runes have been my daily companions since 2013, and they have shared so much of their energetic meanings with me. When I create art using a method such as ZenTangle, it adds to the depth of the meaning of the Rune whatever is going on in my Subconscious. In this way symbols serve to bridge the waking consciousness of the day to day with the greater and broader depth of the Subconscious.

Reiki symbols do the same thing.

Religious symbols do the same thing.

What symbols are most important to you? For my son, the Marine Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is a symbol of the great accomplishment of The Crucible, and his willing service to America.

Today I let the simple act of art to become the prayer. I sat down to the design and allowed it to inform me of what I needed to release to feel more clear in my relationship with my Creator.

Creator, thank you for creativity. Thank you for inspiration. Thank you for this burning yearning to always feel close to you.