365 Days of Prayer – Day 111

White people are recovering the roots of their shamanic practices. I am of Scandinavian ancestry practicing the Runes and spirit-led teachings of the old gods, who are very happy to teach and inform about the lore of Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds.

I value authors who still remember things that my ancestors had lost, including the perception of the “Spirit-Who-Dwells-In-All-Things.”

Thunder Wizard Michael William Denney has shown that an Indo-European Medicine Wheel is very like the Native American Medicine Wheel. I hold gratitude for the words of Lakota Natives Nicholas Black Elk and Frank Fools Crow, who cared enough about what is holy to share their knowledge with white people who could listen, write down what was said, and so preserve the teachings that resonate respectfully within me.

I do not “borrow” and call something my own when it is not. I am simply a human being who wishes to practice and share methods that bring all peoples into greater harmony with Mother Earth, the Four Directions, and Nature through spiritual being practices.

Creator Gods and Goddesses, I wish to pray for all people today that the human collective might recognize the sanctity of all life and thereby learn to live in unity with one another, not through “sameness” but through the recognition that diversity is part of the All.