365 Days of Prayer – Day 3 for Water

When my husband Alan and I moved on to the land here, we quickly learned that the Nature spirits are alive and well. Among the first to introduce herself to us, was the Angel of the Creek flowing behind our home. I will call her Creek Woman, because her essence feels feminine, and there is a masculine counterpart to her work. Creek Woman has taught us about working with the element of water. I would meditate by fixing my gaze on the water flowing by. The practice taught me about water, how to move with water, about my emotions, and also taught me reverence for water.

Without water we could not live. We drink it, we bathe in it, we wash our bodies and our dishes in it, we use it in our cooking, for cleaning our cars, homes, and washing our dogs. No organic being can survive without water. Water cleanses us from the inside out as well, keeping us healthy.

Unappreciative of all this, many people take water for granted. Water is contaminated through polluting, through dumping chemicals, through fracking, through many ways that have begun to come back to humanity, hurting ourselves in the process.

Creek Woman has told me that water likes to be sung to. Water can take our prayers to heaven in a similar way to the burning of Sacred plants like Tobacco, Sage, and Mugwort. Water does this when it rises as fog in the morning hours. In fact morning is a good time to pray, before the concerns of the day take the calm of our night’s sleep away. Or conversely, morning is a great time to talk to the waters about the worries that emerged during the night.

The words to this spoken or sung prayer came from a young musician whose name I have forgotten. She shared these words at a Medicine Circle held by Barbara Three Crow in Red Hook, NY over ten years ago. If she sees these words and claims them I will give her credit here. I thank her for her offering that I share with the waters.

Love and gratitude to the water,

Love and gratitude to the water,

Love and gratitude, love and gratitude to the water.