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  • Airheads & Bubblegum

    The blog really isn’t about candy or gum. It’s about reflection and recollection and how very differently we all process information. Recently I’ve discovered Teal Swan, and I think she has some marvelous insights into looking at trauma and tremendous in-depth understanding of herself as a conscious being in terms of her willingness to heal…

  • Ever wonder how you can help repair the world?

    I was listening to a radio interview of Barbara Streisand last week. She had just released a remastered version of songs from her youth that had never before been released. Ms. Streisand said that her Jewish faith has a phrase for repairing the world: Tikkun olam. The topic caught my attention. I have studied Gurdjieff.…

  • Earthing Grief

    Earthing Grief

    Today I remembered a teaching from Medicine Chief Frank White Eagle. “Go barefoot on the Earth.” I had caught myself in one of those sudden choking moments of grief that wants to arise and erupt in tears, but I did not want to luxuriate in the processing of too much emotion. So I did what…

  • “how to heal”: A Poem — Discover

    From Rarasaur: “Pack your cells with joy until it is what they know best, and what they trust most.” “how to heal”: A Poem — Discover Scanning others’ WordPress blogs, I came across this sentiment with its innate truth, and I wanted to share. Not a lot of words needed here. Succinct is sometimes best.