365 Days of Prayer – Day 127 How Are You Called?

The Norns Weave Orlog

The Norns weave Orlog. I was called to the Norns in 2013, the year my understanding opened to the Runes. I have been Spirit-led since. The Norns are the three frost-thurs from Niflheim who are the weavers of fate and destiny. I was called to them by the Creek Woman whose “body” or “place” encompasses the valley where I live. This deadly virus has given me the time again to spend in communion with the Spirits who teach me.

COVID-19, as awful as it is, has given us the opportunity to STOP and reconnect to what is basic and simple, and -if you allow it to fill your being- a source of profound joy. I am talking about reconnecting with Nature. Nature has been revered in times past by great musicians (Beethoven comes to mind), artists (Frederick Church, Thomas Cole, and George Inness), and indigenous first peoples world wide. We humans are part of Nature and we should remember that as the pause from COVID-19 shut down the world, and Nature’s bounty has rebounded.

Many people of our era have experienced such a disconnection from Nature that they do not seem to relate the life of the Spirit to the Spirit of Nature. These people even question such “realities” as Spirit, Soul, God. I wish to encourage such folks to look within and find again these connections. It does not matter to me which Gods people follow. What matters to me is that people get in touch with their own divinity. Turn inward and learn who and what you are. This is what matters.

The god-brothers Odin, Vili, and Ve gave humanity everything really necessary and good for our lives in our own bodies. Odin gave Ond, the breath of life; Vili gave mind and will; Ve gave blooming hue, which encompasses everything from the blood that flows in our bodies, to the heart that beats and pumps, our outward appearance, the capacities of the five senses, and the sensual delights these bring us. In the Norse mythology, these life attributes that made humanity were given to two trees, Aske and Embla. Therefore, the Norse connection gives us a profound connection with Nature in our own bodies.

Creator, I pray today that as people face the times we are in, that they will be healed of all that has been out of balance in modern culture, and find in themselves again the connecting links that have been broken.