Category: Norse Gods

  • Odin, Hoenir, and Lodhur

    Odin, Hoenir, and Lodhur

    For a while now I have been striving to stay open to receiving guidance for my life from the divine. Intuition deepens. It is like listening, only with all the senses. It is like when we understand a thing, we say, “I see!” It is about the quiet knowings that clairvoyance makes possible. Language is…

  • Spirit, Soul, and Being

    Spirit, Soul, and Being

    I have questioned for years the nature of “soul.” I have asked myself is “soul” the same as “spirit.” I have concluded that they are NOT the same, and it is the root translation of the words that informs me.

  • Hail, Loki!

    Let me qualify. I am not a devil worshiper. This God of the Norse pantheon has been mislabeled by the tendency in Christian thinking to mark anything challenging to the human race as a devil. Admittedly, the tendency throughout Christian history to make extremes of those qualities labeled “good” and “bad” is responsible for the…