July 6- July 13 2019 Rune Draw

This morning upon waking I had to deal with a personal shadow triggered by my son leaving for Marine Boot Camp at the end of the month. Much opposition exists for me here. My son’s soul calling is the military. Ever since he was a little boy he has been attracted to the archetype of the warrior. As for me, I strive to be a person of peace. I recognize that the human dynamic requires all types, and the gift of my shadow work this morning was greater acceptance of the situation. I support my son fully – I am very proud of the discipline and energy he musters toward his calling – yet I do not sacrifice my own prayers for peace.

As often happens, the energies behind my own “stuff” are energies others of us are going through. We may not the same issues, but we do share struggles with the shadow as the human collective at this time. The first Rune to turn up was CWEORTH from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. CWEORTH the “Funeral Pyre” often indicates the fiery need for mental house cleaning. The seeds of our unhappiness generally relate to the wounded inner child, and sow our effort to find our happiness, as indicated by the Rune CHALC, the “Holy Grail” which we always reach for but never quite attain. Here we have at play two oppositional forces.

In my book RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation, I wrote about “…the threefold concept hidden at the heart of an ancient awareness of the sacred. Polarity and paradox represent the point of struggle between oppositional forces. Modern physics states that Every action will lead to an equal and opposite reaction. The blending or equalizing force is often hidden, but can be seen in the result of any conflict. When we can observe this unfolding in ourselves, we can find the blending point that is our center.”

The final Rune FEHU can appear reversed or upright in its interpretation, and the final result of any oppositional encounter within our selves will be determined by how we feed it emotionally. I recently had the opportunity to choose for myself – I can feed the part of myself that wants to feel like a victim so I don’t have to do anything about anything; OR I can feed the part of myself that overcomes, rises up, and confronts each situation toward the development of my spirit, soul, and strength of character. Character is fed by overcoming challenge and struggle.

I will be writing more in my blog this week on exercises to clear the chakras toward growing and maintaining personal integrity. Please check back!

Rune Draw for June 30 – July 6, 2019

Good morning! This morning I sat with my husband for a while to watch the political commentary on television, but I quickly discerned that to continue would do nothing to uplift my mood, and much to unsettle me. So I took the dog for a walk. It is a beautiful day here in the Northern Catskills. The plant life lushly reflects the deep greens of late June. The winds are blowing cool air to transform the humidity. There is a rumble of thunder overhead.

When I got back and sat down to draw the Runes for the week ahead, the Runes I drew were sadly reflective of the news this morning. TEIWAZ reversed and MANNAZ reversed spoke to collective humanity living by lower ideals, and the consequences of this were indicated by NAUTHIZ – severe constraint and limitation. I don’t like unhappy endings even in a Rune draw, so I inquired for Runes that would indicate what could be done to right the situation.

ANSUZ, the God-rune and Rune of higher consciousness spoke to living by spiritual ideals. URUZ showed up half-mast, neither upright nor reversed. URUZ is the Rune of the physical body; upright it means strength, physical well being, and stamina. Reversed it can mean illness. Therefore I interpret URUZ today to reflect that some of us are dealing with the limitation and constraint of illness. Illness can reflect what is going on with us emotionally, as emotions are stored in the body, so the illness we are individually experiencing can reflect those issues that are keeping us out of balance, whether it is with self, family, or the larger doings around us. It may be a simple as a cold or as destructive as cancer. We are given a choice here, as to how well we maintain our attitudes in what we are going through. Rising above the problems can be guided by looking for the gift within a bad situation. The gift might be as powerful as regaining your truth and living your authenticity. The final Rune THURISAZ upright reflects the opportunity to look outward as opposed to inward, and remember that we are part of Great Nature. When we are in higher consciousness we live more in accord with the ideals presented by the Spiritual Warrior, TEIWAZ upright.

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RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation


June 23-29 Weekly Rune Draw

Good morning! The Runes drawn for the week of June 23 to 29 were INGWAZ, URUZ, and BERKANO. INGWAZ indicates a period of waiting or gestation. URUZ, being the Rune of strength, physical power, and passion, indicates this to be a time of waiting to gather strength toward that which is indicated by BERKANO. BERKANO heralds an initiation of some form related to the feminine mysteries: birth; coming of age into young womanhood, motherhood, or even cronehood; or life transitions such as weddings or divorces, or the passing of a loved one. These events ask for the strength of our presence. How does this interpretation meet your life this week?

I have been contemplating lifestyle changes for myself, for example. I am feeling a heartfelt need to reconnect and recommit to my relationship with Nature and the Divine. For me this translates into morning prayer beside our creek; being more at home in my own body through better choices for exercise and nutrition, which remind me that my body is my connecting link to Great Nature; and I am also discovering during my Crone years that maintaining right relationship with Earth, family, and friends is very important.

I would love to get to know you better, so if you feel inspired, please drop a comment at Nornir’s Corner on FB, or here, or visit the new group page Wyrd Women, where you just might key into new friendships who share the similar frame of thought.

Rune Draw June 16 – 22, 2019

Today a bit of useful information to add to your Rune practice. In RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation, I speak of the three-fold forces in Nature and humanity. In Nature this would be the affirming/active, denying/receptive, and equalizing/reconciling forces. In human terms, we speak of our three aspects as the body, emotion, and intellect.

To add depth to a Rune draw, you can ask yourself whether the Rune you drew relates to the body, emotions, or intellect through a simple method of tuning into your own body through Intentional Sensation. This simple method gives us a yes or a no. The method might be as individual as you are.

When I am in connection with the spiritual, my body often rocks back and forth, a physical movement that Jewish people call davening. When my body rocks forward, I get “Yes”, when my body rocks backward, I get “No.” My husband experiences a movement of energy along his spine moving Upward for his “Yes,” and a downward movement of energy for his “No.” Try what seems to work best for you. Or you could use a pendulum, asking the pendulum how it will say “Yes” today or “No.” For me, my pendulums usually give me a straight swing for “Yes” and a circular swing for “No.”

For today’s Rune reading I used the Younger Futhark. The first Rune drawn was Mannaz/Madr for Humanity. I asked whether the energy was physical, emotional, or intellectual. The Yes came on Emotional. This was confirmed by the second Rune drawn, Thurisaz reversed. Drawn frequently in recent readings, you many remember Thurisaz reversed speaks of repressed, suppressed, buried emotions that may spring out as negative venting or attacks upon other persons. By working to clear ourselves of these shadow aspects of ourselves, we clear the way to carry more light in our lives. The truth of this was supported by Fehu, the Rune of manifestation, abundance, and prosperity. Thurisaz showed up for the emotions, and Fehu showed up for both physical and intellectual well being. By bringing balance to our emotional state, our physical and intellectual well being is assured.

This reading today speaks not only to our individual selves, but to the greater human collective consciousness. By working on self, as many of us do this work, we contribute to the collective light our species carries forward in its evolution. To confirm this interpretation, I drew one more Rune. Isa came to reveal its properties of concentration, stillness, and slowing down. All of these relate. As our efforts are reflective of the concentration and stillness of Ice, the difficulties presenting humanity must slow down and find their own measure of Balance.

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Thank you for spending time with me today, and Rune Blessings for the week ahead.



June 9 – 15, 2019 Rune Interpretation

The Rune interpretation this morning was quite complex. Using the Four Directions spread provides for more definition. Please watch the video for explanation. The processes of deep introspection and release that were begun this winter are moving toward closure, but are in their final stages of completion. So as to not be trapped by negative emotional patterns and repetitive thought forms, many of us have had to do the work of forgiving and letting go. For some issues this can be a challenging process as it awakens our anger, but we have the choice to move beyond anger and no longer allow that to diminish our creative choices in life.

On a really positive note, I have completed my first book. RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation is now available in Kindle format and paperback through Amazon here.


Rune Draw May 25-31, 2019

A SHOUT OUT this Memorial Day Weekend to the men and women of our armed forces past and present for the sacrifices they have made for this great country – to those who have given part of their lives or all of their life. My heart is humbled before your sacrifices. Don’t let anyone tell you this country has to be made great again… It has always been great, because of our capacity to work together and bring forward what we must for the good of all. This is just what Americans do. It is the best of America.

Today’s Rune Draw for May 25 through May 31, 2019, was taken from the Younger Futhark. The first Rune Fehu speaks to dynamic power, manifestation, cattle or monetary wealth, or the gold inherent within our own spirit. The second Rune Madhr, that evolved from Mannaz, the Rune for humanity, came up reversed. Humanity was created to walk upright on the planet for a reason. We are transformers of energy between the sky and the earth. When we are not living from our highest potential, we are living in our lower centers. The lower centers are where such issues as greed, fear, rage, sloth, and lust live. Many of us can see what our species has manifested on the planet, and now it is time to turn that around. But how?

Hagal (Hagalaz) shows up here as the Seed Crystal, that spark of divinity  – conscious being – that was planted in humankind at its creation. By turning and facing our negative emotions and funding the will to overcome them – overcome our own fear, greed, anger, et cetera – we break through our personal resistance that layers of conditioning have saddled us with. We don’t have to do this alone. The Rune SOL (aka Sowelo) is the Rune of the Sun that calls forth life as the frozen grounds of winter give way to the fertile soils of summer. When we reach as high as we can the divine powers reach down to meet us. It is through each of us overcoming our own darkness that allows us to carry greater light in the world, and for all of us doing that work today, the sad results of the human condition can be mitigated for our children and grandchildren. There is a lot of good going on right now, from developing energy with sunlight and wind power to people creating goods that break down before they poison the ecosystem.

I do not wish to keep a negative viewpoint or blame others for the state of the world, so I do my part to carry my light forward. I leave you with a Rune Blessing this week that SOL light your way to bring forth your soul’s joy from the soil of life experience.

Rune Draw May 19 to May 25, 2019

Today’s Rune Draw featured LAGUZ, KENAZ/KAUN, and RAIDHO. LAGUZ is all about being in the flow this week; like water, LAGUZ seeks its own level, even as it has the power to flow around the obstacles that may arise in our path.

KENAZ/KAUN is the Rune of knowledge gained from life experience, craft, and art. In the Anglo-Saxon Futhark, it takes an additional meaning, of those things we learn from painful experiences. We have two inherent messages here: like water we can flow around those things that have caused us pain in the past, or like water seeking its own level, we meet like-minded others and vent.

The ability and the choice to stay in a positive flow is up to us and part of our life journey reflected in today’s Rune Draw by RAIDHO. RAIDHO is the Rune of the planets traveling in harmony with the stars, and it can mean journey, travel, and communication.

For those who have been following me, we had been working at releasing those shadows that triggered us into old and negative behavior patterns. This week tells me that we now have the power to choose to flow around these. LAGUZ, like water, flows and seeks its own level, so depending where you are at in the process of releasing those shadows, you now have the choice to flow around and not let those old patterns engage.

However, if you have not done that work, the triggers that arise in response to events could result in the venting of negative emotions with like-minded others, and so like water you will find associations for your comfort level. KENAZ/KAUN is the Rune of knowledge, so if one takes stock of the situations that do come up, it becomes an opportunity to learn what your triggers are and where they lie.

Rune Draw May 5: Choosing to Be Happy

The message today is all about our right to choose to be happy. I was at a Psychic Fair yesterday that had a very low public attendance, so it was an opportunity to meet new psychic friends and spend time catching up with old friends. Mackenzie, from Nook and Crannies Shop in Oneida, said something that really resonated with me, and wouldn’t you know it was in the Rune draw today.

She said, “I used to have periods of melancholy, but since I made a conscious choice to be happy, I have not had them.” The same thing was true for me. I used to have periods of melancholy, and I made a conscious choice to be happy.  The first Rune that came up today was ALGIZ, which can be a Rune of conscious choices, those we make to protect ourselves. I made a choice to be happy.

The second Rune from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark to turn up was EAR. This Rune has been interpreted as anything from death to deep water. Today she was reversed, which I am interpreting as those things in life that lead to our personal stagnation. There are many situations in the day to day reality that can color our emotional mood in the negative, but we do not have to let ourselves be drawn downward by these events when we can make that conscious choice for happiness.

The third Rune was THURISAZ reversed. Those of you who have been following this Rune draw regularly have heard me talk about turning and facing those deep emotions. By bringing our personal shadows into the light, we heal and clarify our personal energy fields. This in itself allows more room for happiness to come in.

The fourth Rune, STAN, is the foundation of small steps that we can take beginning with each new day to choose our personal happiness.

So what exactly is happiness? Does it depend on having the next material thing? Yes, somethings do bring us pleasure to have and own, but I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to learn to find happiness in the small things all around you. The Wind in the Trees, those days of sunshine, the people you love, new friends and old. The list can be endless. It is simply what we train ourselves to look for.

Have a blessed week! If you are interested in a Rune reading, great! I love to read for people! Give me a call or flip me an email!

Weekly Rune Draw for April 28 to May 4, 2019

I realize in the video I got the date of May 4 wrong. I said May 6. I’m sorry my mind gets stuck sometimes on the math. However the Rune draw for the week ahead looks very promising. HAGALAZ indicates the potential for sudden change. Now I realize that any change can bring challenges, but if we meet these challenges with an upbeat mindset, looking for the opportunities instead of the difficulties, our positive attitude can carry us breezily through any problems that arise.

The next Rune YR, the Rune of the Artist and the Archer, indicates that a focused concentration on our goal is what is needed to carry us through to…

JERA, the Rune of Harvest, is also the Rune of changing seasons and the year. This is Spring, so this is the time for planting the seeds we want to manifest in 2019. A time of hard work and concentrated effort will lead us to the Harvest that we seek with careful planning and attention to detail.

I have news that I am very excited about! I have almost completed my book on the Runes and I anticipate self-publishing through kindle by the end of May, at the very latest by the end of Spring. If you are interested in a copy, please send me your email address, and I can notify you when it comes out.

If you would like a Rune reading with me, contact me to arrange one.

Wishing you a blessed week ahead!