Ansuz is the God-Rune, the Rune of Divine Breath, wind, and wise council. The Æsir Gods evolved from the giants by the power of conscious being/becoming. Therefore no longer acting purely from instinctive natural impulses, they now act from the shining higher mind. The garth of the Gods, Asgard, is found at the very top of the World Tree representing the highest aspects of being, akin to the Crown chakra or Higher Self. This is the enlightened, illuminated mind. Humanity (the first humans Askr and Embla made from trees) received the gift of breath/life, inspiration, and physicality/passion/sensuality from Odhinn, Hœnir, and Lódhurr, the three grandsons of Ymir. These forces guided by higher mind represent the sacred pinnacle of life via the twinned aspects of Thought and Memory, symbolized by Odhinn’s Ravens Huginn and Muninn, given to him by Hulde, who may be the pre-Christian version of Hela, Norse Goddess of Death.[1] This relationship seems to point also at the life and death relationship of this Rune. Ansuz is the Rune of the Word made flesh, the transformative power of spiritual and numinous knowledge. A human being in prayer or in ecstatic practice becomes the receiver for this way of knowing, which possesses an inherent force for transformation in the sense of being.

Relating also to the Ancestors, Ansuz is a Rune for the knowledge held within our DNA, chromosomes, blood, and bone. This Rune is a knowing of the ancestral, sovereign god of consciousness, notably Odhinn, also known as “All-Father.” Another kenning here for Ansuz is Ond, or “mouth,” like the mouths of rivers from which all journeys begin, like humans are descended from this Sovereign God.[2] The capacity for consciousness is inherited from the Gods through our human ancestors, giving us the capacity for self-sovereignty, or self rule.

On the more mundane level of daily life, Ansuz can mean the spoken word; education, exam, or test; the receiving of knowledge, wisdom, or life experience from an expert source; or the chance meeting with a wise elder. When the Rune shows up reversed, it can mean poor advice, lies, lawsuit, trickery, deception, or the need to get a second opinion.

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