Rune Draw July 14 – 20, 2019

JERA, the Harvest Rune shows up alongside EIHWAZ and PERTHRO this week to remind us that how we feed our life force energy can be either fear based or love based. Ultimately it is how we think about things that taps into either scenario. When I am criticizing, venting or complaining of how things could/should/ought to be, I am operating from an angry, fear based reality and not acting on what I can uniquely take a stand to make life better than I believe it is. When instead I choose to find gratitude for things in my life – the earth, the sky, the sun, the stars, the rain, the bad as well as the good, I am choosing a love based reality. Sometimes I have to work really hard at gratitude, but when it does win through, I am a lot happier. So I want to wish you a Blessed Rune week ahead.

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Eihwaz, also known as Eolh, or Elk Sedge, a marsh plant, is one of two Runes used for protection and defense; the other is Algiz. The protective and defensive quality lies within the energy of the Rune itself, which contains within itself what is needed for defense, as the horns of the deer or the sharp edges of the Elk Sedge. Eihwaz is the flow of energy from the root to the crown and back again along Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life and Worlds, and in the energy system of the human body running vertically up and down the spine – Barbara Ann Brennan’s Universal Energy Core. It represents the connection and the connectivity between opposite extremes: life and death, conscious and unconscious, dreams and waking consciousness, the recycling of life itself, and the movement between polar opposites. No energy is ever lost, it moves into a new form. It might be considered that which connects two opposing forces in divine Paradox. What is this Paradox? Everywhere in life we see opposites. The Paradox is the blending of the forces: the higher with the lower or the lower with the corresponding higher. I hate, I love – forgiveness brings the transformation. Whenever Eihwaz shows up, take heart, there is work to be done, but there is hope for the situation.

At its highest level, Eihwaz can mean enlightenment. The status of enlightenment is one of harmonious growth and development between human knowledge and being, between the intellect and the emotions, which results in understanding. We may not all attain the Enlightenment of a Buddha, but each time we gain understanding, we say we have gained in enlightenment or illumination. This letting in of understanding is a by-product of experience, and the knowledge we have gained based upon that experience. I feel it important here to mention the process inherent in the Runes as a pathway to conscious being is the flow between thought and memory that defines and enhances our experience via the process of Reason. The clues are there in the Lore for us to find – for example, Odin’s Ravens, Huginn and Muninn, who were given to him by Mother Hulde.[1]

In the Rune work the starting point is the self. Remember that Odin sacrificed himself to himself in taking up the Runes. Self knowledge lies at the heart of the matter, and no matter what events occur at any given point in time in our Outer World or Inner World, there is a stillpoint we come back to: our indwelling center. Eihwaz, like Sowelo, is a Rune that formed the base of the Solar Wheel, or a sky wheel denoting the movement of energy, whether solar, storm, or wind. The eye is at the heart of a hurricane. Like the eye of a hurricane, there can always be a part of the self that holds its stillness through the storms of life. This is the defense offered by this Rune: within us is always that still center from which we can choose how to respond to situations. We are the deciders, and then the doers.

[1] Aswyn, Freyja. Northern Mysteries & Magic.