I have promised to write up the meanings of the Runes as I understand them. I stick to the Elder Futhark, and this is what will appear in the book I am writing called Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: A Call to the Well of Being. Below is the Elder Futhark in the three Aetts from my first set I made hand painted on river stones.

Elder Futhark three Aetts

Here is the first: Fehu.

FEHU – The first Rune in the Elder Futhark ring, Fehu’s essence encompasses abundance, provision, prosperity, manifestation, and earned wealth, and in a sense contains the entire Rune cycle within itself. Edred Thorsson wrote that Fehu is wildfire. It relates to that passionate thrust for life that M.E.M. showed me in Vision, of the first little fish seeking life on land. As the first in the Rune cycle, Fehu represents a force forever calling things into being. From this Rune everything comes. Fehu lies above and beyond the physical form, not something we can perceive with the five senses. To my understanding this Rune ties into the Awareness that underlies physical life, supports our wellbeing, and is universally available to provide that which we call into physical life through our understanding of how to work with its power.

Fehu can mean money and moveable wealth through barter and trade. In ancient times this meant cattle, as the herds and increase of herds meant wealth in a form that provided easier subsistence than hunter/gathering. Tamed cattle provided milk and meat; herds of sheep or goats provided meat, milk, and wool. Fehu includes the wealth that arises from one’s own hard work, knowledge of craft, and/or how to provide a service. Fehu differs in this respect from Othila, which ends the Futhark ring, and means inherited wealth, land, real estate, country, and family. The essence of Fehu in wealth building manifests as one has a plan, one applies one’s self diligently to the manifestation of that plan, and one’s hard work pays off in the wealth generated.

Fehu is a rune that attracts, so there is a need to be very clear on that which one wishes to manifest. The warning inherent in this is that if your thoughts are muddled with negative expectations, one may also attract that which one is seeking to avoid.

To use Fehu to draw toward us goods for our wellbeing and physical sustenance, we focus on those wants and needs, utilizing the wealth of our positive imagination to harmonize with the Universe in delivering these things into our lives. If you long for a new car, for example, imagine yourself driving that car, how it will feel to have that car, and all the good associations you have with that car, then Fehu becomes an attractor toward manifesting that car.

However, if there is an area in your life wherein you are encountering a lot of resistance, Fehu can be used to clear the path of resistance. What we give thought and emotion to, we manifest, and if we are manifesting worry, concern, strife, or opposition (i.e. negative self-talk), we are pushing away that which we say we want.

Meditation with Fehu can help to clarify what your actual feelings about that want are. For example, I want to be slender, but being heavy keeps unwanted male sexual attention away from me. So to lose the weight I ideally need to clarify (a) that I am heavy to keep unwanted male sexual attention away from me, and (b) how I can begin to feel safe from unwanted male sexual attraction so that I can slim down. Perhaps I can feel safe by taking a kickboxing class, which could teach me how to defend myself from predators and also provide me a valuable form of exercise.

Or maybe my concern is financial. That brand new truck costs a lot! Maybe I can save up toward a down payment so that my monthly payment will fit within my cash flow. Or maybe I am willing to take a second or third job to make that happen.

In healing work, I have found that I can use this Rune to connect with a person’s energy and discern what ails them. I suspect Fehu correlates to the meridians of the human body, as it is a Rune that encompasses the entire Futhark within itself. I have not tested this theory of mine, however, except via self-healing and giving my husband hands on healing.

My favorite Rune story with Fehu was when Freyja came to me in my garden one spring day and taught me how to use the Rune to grow green beans. The previous year, I had asked the green beans how to save their seeds for future years of gardening, which they told me through Vision. At that time I was still learning to trust my own intuition, so it was through trial and error that I learned to let the bean pods dry down completely before the brown bean seeds were then ready to harvest for next year’s planting.

The next spring I was driving myself crazy with thoughts of “what if” I harvested the bean seeds wrong. On planting day, I sensed the presence of a beneficent, powerful Goddess, bringing her powers of calmness, confidence, and abundance. She said, “Let me show you,” and combining her power with mine, she laid a bubble of power over my little garden to which we fed the Fehu Rune energy. The bubble contained Fehu over my garden while it grew, and I would add more energy as needed. The green beans, to which the Goddess and I had most specifically directed the Rune’s energy, were more abundant than ever before in my lifetime of gardening. At that time, I asked Her Name, and She answered, “Vanadis.” Later I learned Vanadis, meaning Lady of the Land, is another name for Freyja. So, Vanadis/Freyja, the green beans and I thank you.