Gifu translates literally as “gift,” but its meaning includes a sense of obligation with the accepting of the gift. The worldview of the ancient Norse placed high value on hospitality and frith. Frith is a concept that most scholars interpret as meaning “peace,” but Odinic scholar Galina Kroskova has suggested its interpretation is more in line with “right relationship.” This fits what I wrote under Raidho. The concept of gifting thus represented that which was given in reciprocal exchange. On a mundane level this can mean two people coming together in partnership whether in a romantic union, a business relationship, or friendship. On a spiritual level this can equate with the sacred marriage or in communion with the Gods. The Rune has no reversed meaning, so if it appears in a reading with otherwise negative Runes it can point out a condition of an emotional nature or an area where a partnership’s reciprocal responsibilities have not been met. When Gifu shows up sometimes it is worth considering all aspects of what is expected in the mutual exchange before one commits to accepting what is offered.