Rune Draw July 14 – 20, 2019

JERA, the Harvest Rune shows up alongside EIHWAZ and PERTHRO this week to remind us that how we feed our life force energy can be either fear based or love based. Ultimately it is how we think about things that taps into either scenario. When I am criticizing, venting or complaining of how things could/should/ought to be, I am operating from an angry, fear based reality and not acting on what I can uniquely take a stand to make life better than I believe it is. When instead I choose to find gratitude for things in my life – the earth, the sky, the sun, the stars, the rain, the bad as well as the good, I am choosing a love based reality. Sometimes I have to work really hard at gratitude, but when it does win through, I am a lot happier. So I want to wish you a Blessed Rune week ahead.

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Jera’s traditional interpretation means harvest, harvest time, or the period of a year. I have found Jera, as the year, to be inclusive also of seasonal activities, cycles, and the idea that “what comes around, goes around,” in accord with the laws of nature and of humanity. This lends Jera a judicial interpretation: lawful action leading to lawful consequences. Jera can indicate a period of time during which one works patiently towards a specific outcome that cannot be rushed. In this manner the farmer tends the planting from spring until harvest-time, weeding, watering, and fertilizing the garden until the fruits and vegetables mature. The outcome of the harvest will be what sustains you. When I was a dairy farmer, we made the field grass into hay for the cattle stored against the winter months, and in return the cattle offered us the sustenance of milk and meat. To summarize, Jera can indicate a time of waiting; with careful planning and hard work during the time of waiting, one can realize a beneficial outcome. When Jera comes up in a reading, it can mean the result the person is looking for will time itself around late summer to early fall. For those who do energy work with the Runes, the application of Jera as harvest may bring a good outcome to a healing.

Jera’s connection to the year and the seasons connects us ceremonial applications around the solstices and equinoxes. A year is the length of time that the Earth revolves around the Sun, giving it also a relationship to Raidho, the Rune attuned to the rhythms and cycles of the stars and planetary bodies. In fact we get our concept of the passage of time from the heavenly bodies. A month is the moon’s cycle through its faces as it orbits Earth; the changing faces of the Moon are the result of its position between the Earth and the Sun on any given night. (The cycles of day and night relate to the Rune Dagaz, which falls in the third Ætt of the Futhark). In ancient times, humans were attuned to these natural rhythms, and they used the heavenly bodies to navigate the oceans and rivers. The placement of the stars, sun and moon set their course. During the passage of a year, humans traditionally honor the passage of the seasons, bringing families and friends together for our health and mental wellbeing. When we are feeling out of sorts with life, Jera can indicate it is a good time to honor the old ways of the seasons to attend to and retune our biological rhythms and physical-emotional welfare.