Kenaz is one of the friendliest of the Runes. Whereas Fehu is the wildfire, Kenaz is the fire of the torch, the hearth, the forge, the candlelight that warms the garth, and the warm heat of the living human body. In this sense it has a protective influence. The Rune can be used to activate Tumo/Tuvo, the process that young Tibetan monks are taught to raise the heat within their own bodies.[1] (A useful kenning for a cold day!) Kenaz conveys the essence of strength and good health. As a forge fire it indicates all the good and useful things that can be designed and crafted to meet the needs for life. In modern times, the meaning may extend to electric lighting and electric usage.

Kenaz represents knowledge, the fire of the creative mind, a passion followed, or the birth of a new idea. It is a Rune for artists and craftspeople; the knowledge gained can represent a trade or apprenticeship of some kind. Protective, positive attitudes lead to right action followed by good benefits. It can indicate a time of good things coming into life – an opportunity to start a business or a new relationship. With proper application of knowledge, Kenaz can mean freedom from anxiety. When reversed in a reading, Kenaz can indicate misuse of knowledge, lost opportunities, or failing, broken relationships. The “heart” has left the “hearthfire.”

[1] See section on Shamanic Exercises and Meditative Techniques.