NAUTHIZ, the “Need Rune,” translates as “Needfire,” and represents the Bow Drill, an ancient tool for fire making the fire essential to saving and maintaining life during long, icy northern winters. Following the Rune Hagalaz in the Rune Row, Nauthiz indicates severe constraint and hardship; its very essence helps determine the solution to the need.

Nauthiz as a Rune of Time connects one to the Norns, and represents those things that contribute to the development of character: delay, constraint, limitation, oppression, affliction, illness, lack of vitality, money, or other resources. The difficulty of Nauthiz can best be overcome by developing a wait and see attitude, and the practice of patience and endurance. When Nauthiz shows up in a reading, the questioner is undergoing a trial by fire that could result in the further development of their character.

Nauthiz is not a lucky Rune, but if one comes to the Rune with an accepting and willing attitude the solutions to the problems will make themselves known, offering knowledge of the necessary actions to get out of the difficulty. If Nauthiz shows up reversed, the best position to take is one of total honesty and open communication with all involved parties. This is a situation where more face will be saved by owning the mistake than trying to place blame on another party. Nauthiz can also mean continuing hardship, karmic debt or Ørlög to pay off through suffering, melancholy or depression.

Rather than to be regarded as “evil” this Rune can represent the displacement of a great force – what is favorable within one set of circumstances may prove stressful in another. Overcoming Nauthiz means a period of hard work, attention to detail, and perseverance.