Book Review: Winds of Spirit

Ever since the day I sought to meet the Holy, and the wind came up on a still day, the wind has been a special comfort to me. For Christians, the Holy Spirit is the Comforter; since “spirit” means “breath,” I have associated the Holy Spirit with Divine Wind. So that when I came across Renee Baribeau online, I began to follow her work. Renee is the Hay House author of Winds of Spirit.

Winds of Spirit is a original and unique book. Renee got the idea one day to follow creation stories and discovered that the Creator gods were often wind gods. Renee identifies the types of winds and how they affect living on a daily basis. Tailwinds, crosswinds, and headwinds among others can affect our moods, our patterns, and shape our creativity in art, craft, business, and avocations. Renee provides exercises for working with the winds in ways that enhance spiritual growth from identifying and clearing resistances to change that occur in the body to manifesting what you need. Renee teaches ways to work toward your authentic self.

Wind Knots, Wind Whistling, and using the Winds to clear resistance from your life, or seeking spiritual counsel from the 32 Wind gods and goddesses at the back of her book  are other practices. Available to enhance your practice with Winds of Spirit are a Wind Bag of cards with the names of these winds and a Wind Whistle, which can be used to call in the Four Directions, grounding yourself, and healing, here.

I’ve been fortunate to study with  Renee Baribeau through her online Spring and Fall Wind Mastery classes, and her Winds of Spirit class at Omega in August 2019. You can find her on Facebook on the Wind Clan page, on The Shaman’s Cave (a podcast she hosts with Sandra Ingerman), or at The Practical Shaman. Community YOUniversity is a place you can join on Facebook to have a truly supportive and loving community. Weekly video conferences with Renee’s students exist for continued engagement.Winds of Spirit has given me additional tools to use in my healing and divination practices, and is a practical addition to my library. All in all, I believe that Winds of Spirit is a book that belongs on the book shelf of every shamanic practitioner and healer.




Rune Draw for April 7 to 13 2019

Good morning! The Rune draw for April 7 to April 13, 2019 was THURISAZ, OTHILA, and HAGALAZ. With these three showing up there are two ways to divine the week ahead: the outer life and the inner life.

Outer life: THURISAZ indicates natural forces beyond our control. These may be adverse astrological influences or things as large as tsunamis and floods, wildfires, or earthquakes. OTHILA’s influence suggests that these disruptions will come in the arenas of real property, real estate, land holdings, or even within family. HAGALAZ, the force of sudden change, suggests that the best thing one can do is ride it out, but look for opportunities disguised as loss. When the Chaos of Change arises, look to the best that can be had from the situation.

Inner life: THURISAZ indicates that the emotional and mental clearings some of us have been doing over the past few weeks are going to continue, and OTHILA points out that this effort lies in the direction of the Ancestors. Most of us have baggage that has accompanied our families over the generations, and for those of us who are doing the work of inner cleansing, HAGALAZ promises change. This is a time to look to our Roots, discern what is good, what is not so good, and what can be done about it. The deepening process of forgiveness, even when you are not forgiven in turn, frees your heart and your mind to best carry on your own life. I have heard it said that the work we do in this vein also frees our ancestors and descendants forward and backward for seven generations.

If you have not worked with your ancestors before, there are practices you can establish – whatever appeals to you. When I began working with the Norse, I read the blog of Galina Krasskova, who suggested creating an Ancestor altar. You can establish this space anywhere in your home. I put together old photographs of my departed ones, and eventually I added to that a structure of three shelves that to me represent the Otherworlds of the shaman – the middle world, upper, and underworlds. But a simple space with photographs and items of reminiscence will do. I often light a candle, offer water or coffee, or even a bit of good homemade food in honor of all that they sacrificed in order that I might be here today. A friend of mine recites the names of her dead daily, so this can be a mental practice also. As in anything, trust your intuition, as it is the whisper of your soul.

I leave you today with a blessing and an invitation before the end of April 2019. If you sign up to my email list at the link here, you will receive a FREE Rune reading by email and the photo of the Rune drawn for you.

I Write Because…

Someone asked me who the audience for this book, The Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: Call to the Well of Soul, might be, so to find the answer, I went within, to locate who I was writing for. I had a story – the Norns, Scandinavian Goddesses of Fate & Destiny, and Hela, Norse Goddess of Death, had shown up to spirit-lead me into a path of shamanic practice. But why was I writing?

I write because the act of writing liberates me. I began because I had too much stuff wedged way down inside me — too many negative emotions, pain and suffering that no one else wanted to hear, and I didn’t either. The meanest teachers ever from third and fifth grade, the things somebody said that made me feel bad – awful – about myself, the sense of abandonment and betrayal and loss, mistakes I had made – I had deaths inside me, tears inside me, and the JUNK that I was holding on to because at some very deep level I had come to believe that this was what defined me, made me who, how and what I am. Somehow along the way of writing, releasing bit by piece, I realized that things inside me were turning over, and I was freer. Overcoming fear, overcoming what is buried within, digging up the dead from inside myself was very liberating. NOT in the sense of self vindication, but in the sense of LIBERATION! Working with the GNG (Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty) freed me from all that, and I want to share liberating aspects of the teachings.

I expect the story to primarily interest women who follow the Norse pantheon, who wish to understand with greater clarity an esoteric interpretation of the Lore, who are maybe already working as healers or energy workers, and are interested in the self-transformation inherent in Rune study and the Worlds of Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life. Since Creek Woman introduced me to the Norns, who taught me aspects of the Weave, I have followed a path that has proven very liberating for me as a woman. Norse women were regarded as equal to, but not the same, as the men, and everybody in the community worked together for the survival of all.

This book explores my inward journey as I was led primarily by the Norns and Hela. Life review, Vision/Shamanic Journey, and the Runes were among the tools to release the emotional suppression that separated me from my true self, and lift me up into the wonder of Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds. The Old Norse teachings are an amazing roadmap into the soul and the understanding of the human consciousness process.

I consider myself a reformed Christian who now follows the heathen path of my long-ago Ancestors. I do not reject the healing ways of Jesus, but I questioned everything that rang false to my conscience. If Jesus loves everybody, then why would people who lived before Jesus ever came to Earth be doomed to hell? Yes, that really was a question I asked my mother, and she answered, “Because they didn’t know him.” Well, how could they? I wanted to find out what the soul was, did any part of a person live beyond the death of the body, and how would we know?

At the ripe old age of eighteen, I met people in college and we discovered we shared memories of past lives in common – just from different viewpoints. I did not have to question rebirth – I had the experience of it. I learned from other religions – Ba’hai, Buddhism, Taoism – and I kept what made sense to me. I studied Gurdjieff, and I met teachers who had learned directly from Gurdjieff’s pupils. I was led to what I needed to learn. But all along self-doubt still assailed me, because I couldn’t see that I was worthy to learn, to follow my own life path.

In a day and an age when the word “Soul” seems to be a neglected or forgotten concept… In a day and an age when the common denominator among humanity seems to be a hidden rage rising ever closer to the surface… I feel that the deep concepts of the great thinkers Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff and Sigmund Freud are poignant for our time. When they said, “The Subconscious ought to be more properly the Consciousness of humanity,” what did they mean? Might it be true that people need this knowledge more than ever before when it is upon mutual good will that the survival of our species on earth seems to depend?

The root word of “psychology” is Psyche, the Greek word for “Soul.” “Soul” actually refers to the deepest, most profound aspect of our selves, the Wellspring of emotion from which we each find our best joy in life — or our worst habitual urges. The range of emotion colors all that is transcendent in humanity. Emotion is considered the feminine aspect of the self, and Thought the masculine aspect of the self. The marriage of the polarity of Emotion and Thought in an individual is the Alchemical Sacred Marriage. It is through the Well of Soul that we find our way.

Many of us get along well enough in life. But for some of us something happens, and we find our self locked into a moment of rude awakening. It might be as St. John of the Cross called a “dark night of the soul,” or the Bible a “prodigal son” moment. Whatever the cause, the shock comes as a “whole body insight” that life is not as we assumed it was. These are the moments we experience as friction that can lead to growth for our soul. If we listen – to the well of emotion deep within us that speaks through dreams and art, or those moments of intuition that break through into waking consciousness – we are guided for our ultimate highest good.

To begin to awaken our innate potential as independent individuals leading mindful and fulfilling lives, the practice of becoming emotionally open with our selves is part of what is addressed in this book. To become aware that the shadow side of emotion – an honest look at feelings of anger, envy, laziness, lust, greed, gluttony, or pride when they arise – is as a guidepost to what the soul truly needs – and to be able to suspend the “bad” emotion in its tracks to instead look at the “gift” it offers is to identify that which is truly needed for our well being.

Everybody is worthy. Women are worthy. Men are worthy.

I feel this idea so important for children too, because mothers are the greatest influence in children’s lives from the age of birth to six when their basic personalities are formed. We can nurture their joy of life or stuff it down by our actions, reactions, praise or criticism. I have made mistakes in my own mothering, and it is from my experience and my love for children and mothers that I speak.

I have my story about how shadowy goddesses from the Norse pantheon led me into right relationship to myself. From right relationship to myself everything else flows: love of my son, my husband, my community, my country, my Earth. There should be no shame or guilt in any of the choices I made as an individual, as a woman, as a mother. Rather as I honor myself I honor the larger whole to which I belong. I hope that my story will interest others.



The book Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows almost jumped off the shelf at me back in January of 2013 when I had too much time on my hands from being stuck indoors during a hard winter. That was the beginning of my journey with the Runes. I had been a Gurdjieff student for several years with Ann Kelly and later Donald Petacchi, and the bridges toward conscious being were obvious to me between the two systems. I am not saying one is exactly like the other, but the roots for conscious evolution are apparent within both.

One of things that impresses me about this work is that to be in right relationship with the GNG (Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty) I have had to work hard to maintain a certain level of integrity in my being. For this reason I give honor to TYR. I do NOT do this work to support white supremacy or any form of racial hatred or genocide. I use the Runes for knowledge, becoming, and for healing issues that other formats do not seem to cover, such as the deep inner work of releasing repressed emotions. In all the ways I have been guided by the Norns, by Hela/Holle/Hulde, and occasionally by Freyja/Vanadis, Odin, Loki, and Sigyn. I call them the GNG, because I have faced hard issues in myself to bring the shadows out into the light of healing. I am working on a book concerning their lessons.

When the Norns first came to me, they showed me a Vision of the horrors of World War II, and they told me to make it right. I wondered, how could I or anyone make that horror right? Later, when Odin first came to me, he said, “Wilkommen al kriege,” meaning the struggle is within self, and showed me the same horrible scenes of mass destruction, and said to make it right. Again, I wondered, what was the meaning for me? Later I began to teach the Runes and their wonderful properties for expanding human consciousness, I felt the power of the GNG with me, and I knew. This work is to be shared. As we evolve toward the Gods there is less room in our hearts for hate, for destruction, for any of these lower self issues, and more room in our heart for the higher self issues, of love, of prosperity, of being. And this is why I work hard to maintain a level of integrity in myself that the Gods will accept so that I might be in right relationship to Them.

I am still new at the Norse traditions in many ways. I value the work of Kenneth Meadows, Galina Krosskova, Edred Thorsson/Stephen Flowers, Freya Aswyn, and Raven Kaldera. I can inform myself by reading their work and learning from their experiences. I make no value judgments because I know my own imperfections. Instead I relate each one to his or her own experience and decide whether what they are speaking to is applicable to me as I am working through learning the Lore and the traditions. I have a long way to go, I have come a long way, and I stand in respect to the many Rune Masters who have maintained the tradition of the Runes throughout the ages for those such as myself to find.

A Beginning Point

Everywhere people struggle. They struggle to get by, they struggle to find happiness, they struggle within family struggles. Comfort, individuation, the need to stay fed and keep a roof overhead are some of the reasons. Whatever the reasons, we often find ourselves imprisoned by our beliefs, our needs for the very things we think that we need. To get by, we take on more than we bargained for or feel we get less than we deserve. All of these perceptions, good and bad, right or wrong, block the actual flow of the reality of events. All of these things block us from the vision of our spirit. To get hale, to get hearty, we need to find our way home.


We have a choice, and the choice is very simple. To stop… Right here… Right now… Take that breath, release that tension, let go of all the imagined… What you are supposed to do, how you are supposed to be doing it. These are someone else’s words, not your own. This is your programming, not your true self. So stop, right here, right now, take that breath, release that tension, and turn inward, quietly, center yourself, and listen. There is a still small voice within that will inform you and guide you so that when you turn outward to the world again, you can bring with you more integrity of yourself.


Vision, and in visioning dare to dream. Dream yourself awake to the reality of who you are and how you came to be here. Each one’s story is unique, but within the stories are common bonds that will unite you with others. Ours is the common human experience. Ours to find the way home.


You have a body. You have a body that unites your spirit to Earth experience. While you are here in your body, Earth is home. What we can imagine without conditioned thought is a positive imagination that can bring to us the stuff of life that we need for survival. No worries and no fears. What we imagine with conditioned thought is terrifying and so is the world that generations of humans have created with conditioned thought. This is the world of Armageddon, wars, ravished by disease, and every other ill – but we do not see that we have collectively created this world by agreeing to see the world in the same way everyone else around us sees the world.


The shamanic viewpoint is different. It has to be. A shaman correlates the world of the spirits she sees with the world of matter that she sees. A shaman sees that spirit animates all of matter. She also sees that most people lack shamanic vision. What is needed is a new way of seeing the world, or maybe a new “old” way of seeing the world. If you see that everything has life and you respect life within you, maybe you will take better care of that life. The Peruvians say, “Ayni” – Today for me, tomorrow for you: Reciprocity.


To reach this stage, we need a beginning point. For today, the beginning point can be a moment. So stop. Right now… Right here… Take that breath. Go within. Listen for that still small voice. Louder voices may override it, but be patient. Let them go like the clouds flowing overhead. The wind of Spirit will blow them away, and the still small voice will make itself heard, loudly, in the Silence that follows.


Town of Athens cemetery

Hela, Norse Goddess of Death, summoned me prior to my night’s rest. I sat down in the Meditation Room, and began, as is my habit, to thank the Creator and my guiding spirits for the day, its blessings, and its challenges. Once I was receptive to what she had to say, Hela asked me to encourage people to meditate upon their death, which they can use toward a fuller life.

The ultimate passage from this world awaits all of us. Death spurs us to live fully, love totally, and to work on self actively. Let no moment go by unfulfilled. Death is an ending and a beginning. Every day, many moments of small deaths occur unnoticed: the end of one breath and the beginning of the next; the end of one task and the beginning of the next; and the flow of one movement into the next.

Awareness becomes the disciplined practice of giving attention to life. Work on self might include that stuff we do not like to do – a goal for my self, if I finish cleaning my kitchen, then I can return to my artwork without further thoughts nagging upon this task. Work on self becomes also an awareness of the stuff that we do like to do, but deny ourselves. In this mood I finally completed that intricate puzzle I kept putting off due to imagined time constraints. Now it hangs on my wall where I can look at it to enjoy the sense of accomplishment and achievement it continually gives me.

To meditate upon death is to loosen the fear it can have over me. Conditioned Mind might grab me with fears of death, but I cannot “see” my final hour. To make meditation upon my personal death a regular practice offers me the chance to struggle with Conditioned Mind to loose its hold over me, including those anxieties that rob me of a peaceful night’s sleep!

My son was born on the first morning of spring. I sat with him in the hospital window on one of those rare sunny days that promise an early season, but don’t deliver more than a couple of nice days before winter comes back as rain and mud. I watched the clouds scuttling overhead, and I looked down into my son’s eyes that could not quite focus on anything yet. His eyes reflected back to me those passing clouds: Something passing and gone more quickly than I could grasp hold of. Conditioned Mind is like that. Thoughts constantly arising and passing away grab my attention, one moment slips away into the next before a moment of wakefulness comes, and I realize an hour has passed and I have not remembered myself.

Anticipation of my death pushes me to the struggle for conscious being. I have today to breathe, live and move. With death everything will stop. My body will be stiff and unresponsive. If I have trained my spirit, the other side of life will welcome me. If I have not, I will be heavy with remorse for all I have left undone. Have I said, “I love you” often, and meant it? Have I remembered to practice kindness, an act of compassion? Have I remembered to feed the dog, feed the cats, feed the horses, and give adequate care to those I am responsible for? My son? My husband? My co-workers? Have I had love? Or has my time on earth been spent in bitterness and jealous longing for greater material wealth?

Death makes me consider what I can take with me when I die and what I can’t. I can’t bring my material wealth, but I can bring my spiritual accomplishments. I have my memories. I can practice mindfulness, enjoy peace of mind, and be excited by the next adventure. I can bring my love, my good will, and my trust in the Creator, because isn’t the Creator the Great Mystery at the end of the journey, even as at the beginning?

Hela has been a great teacher to me. Death is not a new experience for me; I have been recalling unfinished past lifetimes since I hit puberty. What I needed to remember was repressed in my unconscious mind – the scars of this life that had remained unhealed. I had to uncover these to begin the process of dying to myself, which even though the Norse were training me is akin to what Jesus talked to Nicodemus about dying to self to be born of the Spirit. The hold of the Conditioned Mind, or ego self, must pass away before we can open to the Wholeness of Spirit that we are.

When Hela first came to me, I had answered the call to Northern tradition shamanism, a renewal of all the indigenous traditions lost to the Scandinavian peoples via the event of the spread of Christianity. I had begun to study the Runes and learn from the Norns. My first experience with Hela came as a test that occurred during my daily physical exercises.

I was rolling my head gently around on my neck to loosen habitual tension, when suddenly I found myself hanging from a noose! After a moment’s time to react, my thought was, “Okay! This is old stuff!” (Salem, MA, August 19, 1692 where I believe myself to have been John Proctor). Next I found myself lying flat on my back being disemboweled and dismembered on the battlefield. Valkyries flew overhead, and there was the smoke and the stink of carnage. My next thought was, “Okay! So this is what it is like to die by the sword!” I saw living skeletons dancing around me. My spirit took in all that was happening. I had been reading about Hela online at Raven Kaldera’s website, so I asked, “Are you Hela?” She nodded, and said, “You are not fearful!” I replied, “I am not! I have died many times before.” That exchange sparked a dialog with Hela on death and dying, rebirth, and living between states of awareness.

It is as possible to be dead while you are alive as it is to be alive when you are dead. This statement seems like a contradiction, but I consider the example from Christianity when Jesus admonished his apostles to let the dead bury the dead. An enlightened consciousness is vaster than what passes for waking consciousness, but is totally unknown to those who have not experienced it; a state of sleep in life is akin to death, because we have been separated from an innate connection to Spirit, which should be our birthright. It is possible to find ways to live mindfully with intention and awareness. We can learn by seeking the commonalities among world religions to overcome our own inherent religious bias. Carolyn Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, said Christ is the great teacher of the Heart, as Buddha is the great teacher of the Mind. The Koran acknowledges the other teachers from God that came before Mohammed. Is this something fundamentalist Christians (who seem to hate Moslems on principle) are even aware of?

To be mindfully alive in full knowledge that death will eventually claim me spurs my efforts to have meaning and purpose. I can sense the life forces in all things around me and I want to continue in spirit in relationship with those beings that I love. I make the best use of this precious life. I will not lay it down without struggle.

Expanded soul awareness informs me of what is important to my life. The tasks necessary to survival must be met, but beyond this, to partake in the dream of the world is to lose my inner peace. Witness the wealthy and the famous who emphatically pursue unvirtuous lifestyles just because they can: the Donald Trumps, Roy Moores, and Anthony Wieners of this world turn my stomach with their denigration of women, the natural environment, the poor, and the physically challenged. To seek the collective wellbeing via acts of service is its own reward: to clothe the orphans and feed the hungry, visit the sick and tenderly administer to the dying, to birth babies and help the new mothers toward a satisfying relationship with their children. To honor the values of the spirit is to raise our awareness to the less tangible wealth that we can take with us when we pass.

I am coming into a deeper awareness of what it means to walk my talk and live my values. To hone my truth is to speak it and to stand by it with my life if necessary. This is what I stand for. This is my foundation. And as I take on more of the mantle of the shaman, I even more dedicate my remaining years to the wellbeing of others and stewardship for the earth. And this is how meditation on my own death has helped me: I waste less time on useless pursuits and spend more time on those things that have meaning to my task.

I had thought this work finished, but Hela called me into conversation this morning and wanted me to add to this piece the reminder that the death of the physical body is not the death of the spiritual body. This body temple that houses our soul for this particular life on earth will pass into stench and decay that will feed the soils and become living matter for plants. Our soul is a different matter entirely.

There is a planetary wide call today to awaken consciously as never before. The actions that homo sapiens have taken to make life easier for itself has led to too much reliance on fossil fuels, and generated more waste and garbage than the planet can handle. We are called to a new style of life that leaves a softer footprint where we walk on the earth home during our time here. These are conclusions we must reach individually, gained through our own experience, because nobody else can do our inner work for us.

Our spirit, after our physical death, will be stronger or weaker for the time we have invested in working on learning and practicing the lessons we came into life to learn. Work on self is essential for the growth and evolution of our spirit. Our spirit can be in a state of “death” that is akin to deep sleep from which we lack the energy to awaken. Or, our spirit can be loving and conscious and strong. The choice is up to us.

I do not say this because I wish to scare any one, but the time is growing shorter. The true power in time is Now. The Present Moment holds all of our power in life. My suggestion to anyone reading this who has a sincere wish to work on them selves would be to form groups of like-minded people. Discuss ideas, discuss solutions, take advantage of your ability to be politically proactive and get representatives in government who are as sincere as you are about creating the world you want to live in. If you wish to communicate with me, please do. My email is If you wish a Rune reading, to form a Rune study group, or join a summer drumming group if you live local to me, please email me at the above email address, call (518) 947-0645, or PM me on FB.

© Susan Hintz-Epstein – March 23, 2014 and December 8, 2017


Awareness and the form of life

This morning I woke up with the phrase: If “God” is Awareness, and I am aware, then through my awareness I am partaking of the Awareness of my Source, aka God. This supports the idea of all Creation myths, even that of Genesis, that the Creator gave Beings life through Divine Breath. If you are Christian, you will believe in the Holy Spirit. “Spirit” comes from the Latin word “spiritus,” meaning Breath. Jesus talked about the Holy Spirit as the Comforter. Other words for the Divine Breath are Ruach (Hebrew), Ond (Norse), and Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy. Jehovah and Odin are Creator Gods within their own mythologies and there are many others, as Renee Baribeau talks about in her Hay House Book, Winds of Spirit.

The people who insist on monotheism are missing some vital points on the Nature of God. There is a oneness of God if you realize that it is the awareness beyond the form of life which grants collective conscious participation within life. Every living being is a part of that! Myself, my husband, my dog, the trees in my backyard, you, your family, your pets, that pesky squirrel that broke into your attic, ad infinitum. My Gurdjieff teacher, Donald V. Petacchi, used to say that consciousness is the unity within the diversity of all life.

God has as many faces as there are living beings to conceive of God. Whether we call God, “God,” or “Allah,” or “Jesus,” or “Odin,” most of us imagine God as the ideas of what we believe God should be. It takes a special effort to sort all of that out and surrender to what the divine actually is. In the Gurdjieff work I learned that I was created in the image of God as a three-brained being possessing the attributes of body, emotion, and intellect. When I hold my attention on self-remembering, these three forces are unified within myself in a special way wherein I am more conscious.

My Facebook friend and Wind-teacher Renee Baribeau has discovered the Creator Gods in the Wind throughout the many Creation myths of the world. To say one is literally true at the expense of the rest, seems to me couched in insanity when I consider all the religious wars such ideas led to. When I woke up this morning with the above mentioned phrase playing through my mind, I understood that we are all equally partakers in the Awareness that lives beyond the form of the world. What we form from that, or whether we ever totally access that which lives beyond the form of the world depends on the questions we ask or the experience we seek from our lives.

To get research for my own book, I read Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner. At one point he chooses to seek the awareness beyond the dream, and what made itself so richly known to him through his experience was a clear blue light, which he equated with the Clear Light meditations he had done through a Buddhist meditative practice. This seemed to me very beautiful and connected to what Donald Petacchi used to say about the diversity within the unity. How many who talk about the oneness of everything have really experienced it in this way? Or is this another justification to push for monotheism?

Another person whose ideas I follow published a very well written post on her blog this morning on prayer, which practice connects us to the Gods. You can find Galina Krosskova’s post here:

I return to my original point, that life partakes of the awareness of the collective consciousness, and this thought is supported by my Christian friend John Naughton who writes so well of the hidden applications of Revelations. I met John in Oneonta, NY where we were both working as psychic healers. His message tied in exactly with something I had read by Edgar Caye, the Sleeping Prophet, who channeled from the Akashic records that The Revelations of Saint John is not a book about the end times, but a book on healing. John Naughton publishes his book Revelations under the author name of Phoenix, and you can purchase it from him online if you are interested. Revelations relates to the end times insofar as it relates to our own living and our own dying. It is at birth that life begins for us and at our death that it ends.

I may have a lot more to say on this subject eventually, so if you are interested, please subscribe to my blog at

The Voice of God is in the Wind

One of the things I have always been is a student of the divine. A few years ago while I was still a Lay Speaker for the Methodist Church, I wanted to meet God, so I went up on the mountain and prayed. My answer was immediate. The wind came up on a still day into the pines where I sat, and I saw a face of God. I believe God is in all things, in all Nature, as an aspect of the Creator gave breath to all Life. The Wind or Holy Spirit/Holy Breath/Ruach/Ond flows through all times and all spaces. So now I know that God has many faces, many names, and all may call upon Him at any time. Not any one religion is the right one, polytheism is just as valid a form of worshiping God as monotheism or even atheism. I no longer judge.

Since I received this understanding, I met online a shaman who is teaching work with the winds and has a book coming out on Hay House next February. I joined her facebook page, the Wind Clan, and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the things that interest me to check out what she has to offer. Her name is Renee Baribeau. With her teachings many of us are emptying our closets of old emotional junk and finding our own Wind Voice.

The Runes and Norse Goddesses with whom I now work are also energetic beings of this type. They have facilitated deep inner healing and have been teaching me ways to facilitate that. I am interested in forming a local community who is interested in working with the Winds and the Runes. If you are interested, please call me at (518) 947-0645, PM me on FB, or email