June 9 – 15, 2019 Rune Interpretation

The Rune interpretation this morning was quite complex. Using the Four Directions spread provides for more definition. Please watch the video for explanation. The processes of deep introspection and release that were begun this winter are moving toward closure, but are in their final stages of completion. So as to not be trapped by negative emotional patterns and repetitive thought forms, many of us have had to do the work of forgiving and letting go. For some issues this can be a challenging process as it awakens our anger, but we have the choice to move beyond anger and no longer allow that to diminish our creative choices in life.

On a really positive note, I have completed my first book. RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation is now available in Kindle format and paperback through Amazon here.


RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation

RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation is now available at amazon for your kindle and in paperback.

Buy it here.

The Runes are congruent in meaning for at least 1800 years that we know of. The principle energies behind the Runes are probably much older than that, dating back to the shamanic practices of the ancient Indo-Europeans.

This book contains the descriptions of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark, and then moves into meditative and artistic exercises designed to help the student of the Runes master their essential energies. The Runes are discussed throughout the book in accord with the Triad, one of the lawful movements of energies within life. Seeing one’s self in accord with the Runes and with the Triad is a useful practice on the journey to “Know thy self.”

The last part of the book uses the Runes to explore the connection of the Valknut, a symbol dating from the Viking Age to the Enneagram, the contemporary form of a nine-sided figure brought to the west by G.I. Gurdjieff with his Fourth Way method of work on self. The book is designed so that a student of the Runes can move through it at their own pace.

It is my wish as RUNE PLAY’s author that you will buy the book and dogear your copy.

Rune Blessings,

Susan Hintz Epstein







Banning the Runes?

When I learned that Sweden wants to ban certain Runes – Othila, Tyr, and even the Valknut symbol – because they were used by Nazis for an evil cause, I decided I had to add my voice to the outcry.

The Runes are ancient symbols that contain energies that assist life, and the Runes held congruent for at least 1800 years. The idea that a government could ban selective symbols from history is the same story of the ostrich burying its head in the sand – and avoidance of a problem does not make it blithely go away.

There is an underlying naivety in the human race that seems to think if we point the finger and blame the other guy we are somehow dissociated from the shame of an act. But the fact remains that hatred exists within the human collective and it is up to all of us to ferret hatred out and chose not to give expression to that within our self.

I understand that some people have the experience of so much hatred that they cannot see clearly to be other than how they are. But for me to direct hatred against that person is not to bring them Light! Rather I must try to hold my own Light clearly enough that someone might experience the seed of Love and move forward in their own work on self. As long as institutions like prisons or poverty exist on Earth we shall have these problems before us. As far as I can discern, the only solution is for each human being to wake up, seek their own enlightenment, and thus person by person, illumination may be experienced by our species.

Meanwhile, I celebrate OTHILA because it reminds me to honor my family and brings me closer to my Ancestors and to help me heal what was unfinished in the family lineage.















I celebrate TYR/TEIWAZ because by honoring the Warrior in myself I develop the strength, courage and integrity to move above and beyond the superficial thinking generated by seeing only the outward image.

So my final thought to the government of Sweden: Think again. Why ban a wonderful national heritage just because of a few hate groups? GEBO carries the same lessons inherent in Christ’s words: Love another as your self.



Rune Draw May 25-31, 2019

A SHOUT OUT this Memorial Day Weekend to the men and women of our armed forces past and present for the sacrifices they have made for this great country – to those who have given part of their lives or all of their life. My heart is humbled before your sacrifices. Don’t let anyone tell you this country has to be made great again… It has always been great, because of our capacity to work together and bring forward what we must for the good of all. This is just what Americans do. It is the best of America.

Today’s Rune Draw for May 25 through May 31, 2019, was taken from the Younger Futhark. The first Rune Fehu speaks to dynamic power, manifestation, cattle or monetary wealth, or the gold inherent within our own spirit. The second Rune Madhr, that evolved from Mannaz, the Rune for humanity, came up reversed. Humanity was created to walk upright on the planet for a reason. We are transformers of energy between the sky and the earth. When we are not living from our highest potential, we are living in our lower centers. The lower centers are where such issues as greed, fear, rage, sloth, and lust live. Many of us can see what our species has manifested on the planet, and now it is time to turn that around. But how?

Hagal (Hagalaz) shows up here as the Seed Crystal, that spark of divinity  – conscious being – that was planted in humankind at its creation. By turning and facing our negative emotions and funding the will to overcome them – overcome our own fear, greed, anger, et cetera – we break through our personal resistance that layers of conditioning have saddled us with. We don’t have to do this alone. The Rune SOL (aka Sowelo) is the Rune of the Sun that calls forth life as the frozen grounds of winter give way to the fertile soils of summer. When we reach as high as we can the divine powers reach down to meet us. It is through each of us overcoming our own darkness that allows us to carry greater light in the world, and for all of us doing that work today, the sad results of the human condition can be mitigated for our children and grandchildren. There is a lot of good going on right now, from developing energy with sunlight and wind power to people creating goods that break down before they poison the ecosystem.

I do not wish to keep a negative viewpoint or blame others for the state of the world, so I do my part to carry my light forward. I leave you with a Rune Blessing this week that SOL light your way to bring forth your soul’s joy from the soil of life experience.

Rune Draw May 19 to May 25, 2019

Today’s Rune Draw featured LAGUZ, KENAZ/KAUN, and RAIDHO. LAGUZ is all about being in the flow this week; like water, LAGUZ seeks its own level, even as it has the power to flow around the obstacles that may arise in our path.

KENAZ/KAUN is the Rune of knowledge gained from life experience, craft, and art. In the Anglo-Saxon Futhark, it takes an additional meaning, of those things we learn from painful experiences. We have two inherent messages here: like water we can flow around those things that have caused us pain in the past, or like water seeking its own level, we meet like-minded others and vent.

The ability and the choice to stay in a positive flow is up to us and part of our life journey reflected in today’s Rune Draw by RAIDHO. RAIDHO is the Rune of the planets traveling in harmony with the stars, and it can mean journey, travel, and communication.

For those who have been following me, we had been working at releasing those shadows that triggered us into old and negative behavior patterns. This week tells me that we now have the power to choose to flow around these. LAGUZ, like water, flows and seeks its own level, so depending where you are at in the process of releasing those shadows, you now have the choice to flow around and not let those old patterns engage.

However, if you have not done that work, the triggers that arise in response to events could result in the venting of negative emotions with like-minded others, and so like water you will find associations for your comfort level. KENAZ/KAUN is the Rune of knowledge, so if one takes stock of the situations that do come up, it becomes an opportunity to learn what your triggers are and where they lie.

Bridges to Consciousness


I don’t care what religion a person has. I do not believe that any particular religion is better or worse than another, except insofar as a person’s religion points the way to their relationship with God.

And, yes, I will say “God.” Damn political correctness when it will not let me call a spade a spade! If anyone chooses to feel offended by what I write, they had best examine their own relationship to the ideas I am expressing.

God, the Divine, Goddess, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Baha’u’allah, the Tao, Shintoism, Kami, Wayrapacha, Pacha Mamma, Wakan Tanka, Odin – the Names and True Teachers are as endless as the streamlines of humanity who worship at the altars of the Great All-That-Is, the Spirit-That-Moves-In-All-Things. The Winds of Spirit, the Wheel of Time, the flow of movement within the Enneagram, Prana, Chi, Ruach – these are a few more names that reflect the Divine Mystery to humanity.

Where do we get lost? Why is there all this Biblical talk of what is lost and what is found again? Why are some people who are alive in body, said in the Bible to be dead in their spirit? And why are some so vibrantly alive?

If you are still reading, here is an answer. When we are born we are relatively pure in our essence, but as we grow up we have experiences and receive teachings that divorce us from that essential nature.  The Bible doesn’t say we are born sinful – the Bible says that we are born into sin. Sin itself means “error” or “mistake.” What we receive from family, education, or the random things people tell us are taken in by us and used to inform our lives. Sometimes these things are good – like when our mothers protect us from eating poison from under the kitchen sink where the cleaners are stored; but sometimes these things are bad. When parents teach racism, for example, they are giving to their children an idea that separates and divides them from the rest of humanity.

All of these things have their positive and negative aspects. Life after all is polarity. I do not wish to protest or defend different points of view. All I want to speak here is that our essential nature is often scabbed over with the crust of an education that does not contribute to the development of our gifts, our life purpose, or to the collective raising up of humanity.

To begin to “find” the self, is like peeling away layers of an onion. Parts of the peeling process make me cry, parts add to the flavor of my life like onions contribute to great cooking. I examine my habits, thoughts, and beliefs to see if there is any truth revealed today that will add to my liberation and ultimate enlightenment. I need to unrepress emotions that have been suppressed for a long time. There are wounded children in me that I can now parent to adulthood. All of this work brings me closer to healing and wholeness. I am arriving there.

I remember reading years ago a book called Journey to Ixtlan, by Carlos Castenada. Don Genaro and Don Juan were always going home, even when they were traveling in an opposing direction. Nicholas Black Elk said “I am always at the center.” Home is where you are by virtue of you being the center of all that is You. Home is found in the heart, which connects body and spirit. When we allow our self the gift of an open heart, it is no longer a question of whether “Am I worthy?” That stops us in our tracks. Rather, the open heart, like the winds and the waters, is always flowing, always carrying us home to our selves. We are worthy as children of Creation along with the trees and the stars and every body else to have all that is truly necessary and good for our lives. There is always enough.

Rune Draw May 5: Choosing to Be Happy

The message today is all about our right to choose to be happy. I was at a Psychic Fair yesterday that had a very low public attendance, so it was an opportunity to meet new psychic friends and spend time catching up with old friends. Mackenzie, from Nook and Crannies Shop in Oneida, said something that really resonated with me, and wouldn’t you know it was in the Rune draw today.

She said, “I used to have periods of melancholy, but since I made a conscious choice to be happy, I have not had them.” The same thing was true for me. I used to have periods of melancholy, and I made a conscious choice to be happy.  The first Rune that came up today was ALGIZ, which can be a Rune of conscious choices, those we make to protect ourselves. I made a choice to be happy.

The second Rune from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark to turn up was EAR. This Rune has been interpreted as anything from death to deep water. Today she was reversed, which I am interpreting as those things in life that lead to our personal stagnation. There are many situations in the day to day reality that can color our emotional mood in the negative, but we do not have to let ourselves be drawn downward by these events when we can make that conscious choice for happiness.

The third Rune was THURISAZ reversed. Those of you who have been following this Rune draw regularly have heard me talk about turning and facing those deep emotions. By bringing our personal shadows into the light, we heal and clarify our personal energy fields. This in itself allows more room for happiness to come in.

The fourth Rune, STAN, is the foundation of small steps that we can take beginning with each new day to choose our personal happiness.

So what exactly is happiness? Does it depend on having the next material thing? Yes, somethings do bring us pleasure to have and own, but I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to learn to find happiness in the small things all around you. The Wind in the Trees, those days of sunshine, the people you love, new friends and old. The list can be endless. It is simply what we train ourselves to look for.

Have a blessed week! If you are interested in a Rune reading, great! I love to read for people! Give me a call or flip me an email!

Weekly Rune Draw for April 28 to May 4, 2019

I realize in the video I got the date of May 4 wrong. I said May 6. I’m sorry my mind gets stuck sometimes on the math. However the Rune draw for the week ahead looks very promising. HAGALAZ indicates the potential for sudden change. Now I realize that any change can bring challenges, but if we meet these challenges with an upbeat mindset, looking for the opportunities instead of the difficulties, our positive attitude can carry us breezily through any problems that arise.

The next Rune YR, the Rune of the Artist and the Archer, indicates that a focused concentration on our goal is what is needed to carry us through to…

JERA, the Rune of Harvest, is also the Rune of changing seasons and the year. This is Spring, so this is the time for planting the seeds we want to manifest in 2019. A time of hard work and concentrated effort will lead us to the Harvest that we seek with careful planning and attention to detail.

I have news that I am very excited about! I have almost completed my book on the Runes and I anticipate self-publishing through kindle by the end of May, at the very latest by the end of Spring. If you are interested in a copy, please send me your email address, and I can notify you when it comes out.

If you would like a Rune reading with me, contact me to arrange one.

Wishing you a blessed week ahead!


Rune Draw for April 20 to April 26, 2019

Good morning! Happy Easter to my Christian and Pagan friends, and Happy Passover to my Jewish family and friends!

This week’s Rune draw featured Mannaz reversed, Wunjo, and Teiwaz reversed. Mannaz reversed can mean great unhappiness, as when we lost the sacred cathedral of Notre Dam. The human collective is undergoing great struggles at this time, with people of various religions fighting over who is right and unable to see that each is the repository of Divine Wisdom.

Wunjo reminds us of the joy we take in each other, and Mannaz is the mirror image of Wunjo. We turn this reversal upright when we remember to look for the best in each other and not expect the worst.

Teiwaz is the Warrior Rune, and when he shows up reversed, it means that we are acting from weakness or from meanness, and not the highest in ourselves. To be a Spiritual Warrior means to act from honor and integrity. I can look within and discern where I am acting from weakness and then turn that around. There have been times in my life when I have been afraid to speak my truth because of fear of persecution of others who had ideals different from my own. There have been times I have argued from a need to be right, even when I was wrong. I can turn that around.

So the advice I will impart from this reading is that for the human collective to ascend spiritually, it is as individuals who are empowered to bring forth our Love, instead of hatred, Peace instead of war, Trust instead of mistrust and divisiveness who will guide others toward the highest in themselves. This work is what will turn the tide against negativity and fear toward goodness of heart and cooperation of spirit.

That said, on this Easter, which is a day of Resurrection of Mind, Heart and Spirit. Have a blessed week!

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