Rune Draw for April 20 to April 26, 2019

Good morning! Happy Easter to my Christian and Pagan friends, and Happy Passover to my Jewish family and friends!

This week’s Rune draw featured Mannaz reversed, Wunjo, and Teiwaz reversed. Mannaz reversed can mean great unhappiness, as when we lost the sacred cathedral of Notre Dam. The human collective is undergoing great struggles at this time, with people of various religions fighting over who is right and unable to see that each is the repository of Divine Wisdom.

Wunjo reminds us of the joy we take in each other, and Mannaz is the mirror image of Wunjo. We turn this reversal upright when we remember to look for the best in each other and not expect the worst.

Teiwaz is the Warrior Rune, and when he shows up reversed, it means that we are acting from weakness or from meanness, and not the highest in ourselves. To be a Spiritual Warrior means to act from honor and integrity. I can look within and discern where I am acting from weakness and then turn that around. There have been times in my life when I have been afraid to speak my truth because of fear of persecution of others who had ideals different from my own. There have been times I have argued from a need to be right, even when I was wrong. I can turn that around.

So the advice I will impart from this reading is that for the human collective to ascend spiritually, it is as individuals who are empowered to bring forth our Love, instead of hatred, Peace instead of war, Trust instead of mistrust and divisiveness who will guide others toward the highest in themselves. This work is what will turn the tide against negativity and fear toward goodness of heart and cooperation of spirit.

That said, on this Easter, which is a day of Resurrection of Mind, Heart and Spirit. Have a blessed week!

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Intentional Sensation & Body Awareness

Intentional Sensation seems to me such a simple thing when I explain it, but when I look around and observe human life, it seems so profound, because conscious attention to the sensation of our bodies can inform us about who we are, how we are, and our presence in the world. I think for the most part our body is just something we take for granted, or else we have surrendered to ideas that are not our own and inherited a negative body image.

When I was a kid, Twiggy was the rage, and anyone who was not ultra skinny learned to hate their body. In other eras, it was Betty Davis’s eyes, or Betty Grable’s legs. Maybe these stereotypes reflect a subconscious longing to fit in, but that is not the goal of any consciousness raising group or program I have belonged to.

So what exactly is my point? I believe that we are all special and unique, and that we have the potential to develop that individuality toward a meaningful and fulfilling life. Ignore this if you already have a meaningful and fulfilling life, because I’m preaching to the choir.

If we are people who are hung up on body image, we are people who care more for how others see us than how we see ourselves. Take a new look in the mirror. What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you see? Throw those ideas away. Look into your own eyes. Gaze a little deeper. Do you begin to feel the stirring presence of your own soul? Do you begin to feel the stirring curiosity: What is this person? Forget for a moment the image you’ve been staring at automatically for the past – how old are you anyway – number of years, and ask a new question? Who am I? How am I? What am I today?

Chances are you can’t answer this except by defining the roles you play. Dad, Mom, sister, brother, cousin, the job you have, the money you have or don’t have, the car you drive. Go deeper. What are you without the stuff of your life? Is this an idea of yourself? Or a feeling of yourself? Take a moment more. Let’s try something new. Take a deep breath. Another.

I know. Okay, this author is boring, let’s click away from this blog.

But really, if you are still with me, with each deep breath, you are feeling a little more relaxed in your own body, are you not? Take a moment or two more. Stretch where you feel stiff. Didn’t that feel good? If it did, go deeper. Scan your body with your attention for areas of stiffness, areas of relaxed, areas of pain. Choose one, and breath into it. Slowly, deeply, meaningfully. Are you experiencing relief?

This is a taste of what it feels like to live mindfully in your own body. This can lead to a taste of what it feels like to be grateful for this body, this earth life, these sensations and these opportunities to taste, touch, see, listen, smell.

Intentional sensation is an all-body experience that I learned from my Gurdjieff mentor Donald V. Petacchi. With intentional sensation you can walk, play sports, ride horses, and turn any kind of movement into a meditation. You can relax into classical music, turn a walk in the garden into a mystical experience, practice experiencing the sublime. So if you’ve stuck with me this far in this reading, take a walk today. Breathe with awareness. Move with awareness. Have attention for the sensations your body provides you. Have a meaningful life.

Weekly Rune Draw for April 14 to April 20, 2019

This Sunday is the weekly Rune Draw for April 14 to April 20, 2019. These Runes are from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. JERA, the first Rune, represents the cycles of life as experienced through the seasons of Nature. The contrast of the warm and cold halves of the year speak to Contrast. Contrast is a way in which we learn to understand the world and by which we define our experience.









The second Rune, DAGAZ, also infers contrast in its paired aspects of Day and Night. Daylight becomes a symbol for enlightenment as we move from life experience to life experience. We gain wisdom as we ponder our life experiences for what we have learned. For many of us the past few weeks have provided a trial by fire as we have cleaned mental house and adapted to challenges that have arisen in life that have demanded of us an ability to stand firm in our own integrity.









The final Rune, KAUN, evolved from the Elder Futhark’s KENAZ, retaining the earlier meaning with the added meaning of things that we have learned through pain. Pain teaches us what to avoid or how to structure a task differently. When I did my apprenticeship to the element of Fire, Fire taught me a lot about structure. I had to structure the wood so that the fire would burn well. So too can the contrasts of life teach us the routines that provide structure for our personal growth and the expansion of consciousness.

Contrast provides a structure upon which new awareness can take form. Today might be a good day for time in Nature to allow the cycles of the seasons to open you to a new way of knowing. New impressions fuel creativity.

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On that note, have a blessed day, and see you next week!

Spring 2019 Show Calendar

Upcoming shows:

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RUNE Divination at the Metaphysical/Holistic/Craft Vendor Fair on Saturday, May 4th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, located at The Parish On Broadway, 730 Broadway, in Utica, NY. Fundraiser for the WNO Food Pantry.

RUNE Divination at The Gypsy’s Closet, 2nd Annual Psychic Fair starting at 11:00 am on Sunday, May 19th, located at 9488 State Route 32, in Freehold, NY.

Highlight your summer with a RUNE Divination at OPUS40 on Sunday, July 14, 2019 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This outdoor show at the sculpture park feature the music of Gamelan, Reiki healers, sound healing, and the Psychics.

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Healing the Heart from Brokenness

Healing the heart from the brokenness of painful emotions requires the courage to move through the pain, and doing the work to find solutions. Without fail, this means catching our triggers before they manifest, examining those thoughts and beliefs surrounding the habit of negative emotions, and seeking new affirmations and self-talk that will change the outcomes around those triggered behaviors. This is where the role of forgiveness and release come into play.

How can I identify when these emotional energy loops are at play? I can become aware of areas in my body that don’t feel good, don’t feel fluid, don’t give me the ease of flexibility I expect through the practice of Intentional Sensation.*

Candace Pert’s important book, The Molecules of Emotion, testifies that emotions are stored in the body. I am sixty years old now, so I can add to this testimony that having a stiff neck has reflected stubborn beliefs I was unwilling to give up, that my left knee stiffens up when I am holding on to anger, and that my twisted tailbone may have its source in my support job of driving a school bus, but that has reflected a fear of money when finances are tight or overdrawn. Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body holds many more similar correlations.

In areas of resistance, such emotions as anger, depression, resentment, melancholy, guilt, shame, jealousy, envy, laziness, and the kind of pride that separates me from connection to others can be found. If people allow these to trigger through blame and projection, they become destructive. Venting might make one feel good for a moment, but when those negative expressions come back to us in the form of broken friendships and trust, that no longer feels good.

If I can instead catch that emotion before it manifests, it becomes a guide to teach me what I need in my own life. For example, when I observed envy in myself, it was due to a friend who has become extremely successful as a multi-media artist. If I would like that for myself, I need to consider the things I would need to do to achieve that. Other friends have written books. I want to do that too, so I have set aside time each day to get the process of writing done. For me this has meant sacrificing an idea that “someday” I would have time to work on that. At sixty, that someday might never come, so it might as well be now.

Emotions are not always so benign as the recognition of envy that told me what I needed to do to have what I wanted. Women healers  are a collective group that has expressed pent up rage at sexual abuse, persecution as witches, and the total negation of the wisdom of half of the human species. Each of us has experiences that are unique to us. Beginning the process of listening to our own feelings and emotions is the first step toward wholeness.

* Intentional Sensation is the practice of sensory attention to our body, and has been taught in the Gurdjieff work as one aspect of self-observation of the physical-emotional-intellectual complex that is a human being.

Contradiction Brings Stuggle

Contradiction brings struggle. Whether the contradiction exists inside of us or outside of us, a struggle exists between two forces. The struggle might be as simple as realizing I am cold when I want to be hot and putting on a sweater to warm up, or the struggle might be between two armed forces trying to overcome the other for matters of economic principle or a higher ideal, such as letting all of humanity be free.

When Odin first came to me, he greeted me with the statement, “Wilkommen al kriege.” Perusing a German dictionary, I discovered this meant, “Welcome the warrior.” A warrior, in Angeles Arien’s book The Four-Fold Way, is one who shows up. When I show up to my areas of resistance, a very real opportunity exists for soul growth.

If one comes to struggle and contradiction unconsciously, these are things that just happen to us. Accident.

If one comes to struggle with a conscious effort, one can bring to bear the full force of one’s own will within the struggle. And this is an entirely different thing. Destiny.

There is more I intend to say about this later.

RUNE DRAW for week of March 31 to April 6, 2019

The Rune reading for the week ahead comes from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. The first Rune drawn was AC, meaning Oak tree, and it appeared in reverse. The Oak tree, a strong hard wood tree with a deep tap root, draws the lightning. In some manner this week, some of us have been hit hard, possibly with old issues or old patterns of thinking that we are now asked to break in order to move forward. This has been a theme of these readings for a few weeks now.

When we have been hit hard by life to the point where we have a moment of clarity as to the relative unreality of all that we have been taught to believe, or  come to think we ought to believe, a moment comes when we have the possibility of arising to a new level of consciousness. I don’t know what your personal story is, but I had been hit hard by sciatica this month, and pain gave me that great gift of in-seeing.

I am a “tree whisperer” and there is an Oak tree I visit almost daily beside the Hudson River. Yesterday that tree enveloped me in its peace and serenity, so that I was able to stop troubling thoughts and rise above them to the peace within my own soul. My body broke down because I had the wrong idea that I had to do it al alone. There are other beings in the world to help us – our families, our friends, people of good heart, our pets, and trees.

I share this story, because the next Rune that I turned up for us is LAGUZ, the Rune of Flow. This can be a time of flowing into new forms, new ideals, or even transitioning into a total transformation of self. Humanity has the choice, as individuals we have the choice always, to rise above troubling ideas and emotions into a broader perspective. If I choose to only dwell upon what is not right, I will never see the possibility of the choices before me to make things right. Choice is our power, and its most potent moment is the Present. Now. I can rise up above old issues of anger and anxiety. We can rise up above old issues, whatever they are for us individually.

The final Rune for this week, DAGAZ, says this best. Day is a period of transitions – night into dawn into day and again into evening. The shadows do pass into the light of day again, and in fact if we didn’t have light, we would not be able to be aware of the shadows. So the message for this week is: Rise up, rise above the shadows that drive you into a broader perspective, and then you can truly access the power of your present moment now, your true point of power.

Life Changes

Recently I had a bout of sciatica that took me way down to the point where all I wanted was relief from the pain. This planted the seed of a new metanoia in my relationship to the divine.

The term “metanoia” is explained in Maurice Nicoll’s book The Mark. He discusses the word’s translation as “repentance” in the New Testament as being inadequate in its meaning. Instead, he says, “metanoia” refers to a deeper process, of grieving or suffering to the point where life as seen through the physical senses seems unreal, and this is the point at which a change of consciousness, or waking up, becomes possible. Faith is more than simple belief, but an inner knowing of something higher. People may have many such moments in their lives; these moments provide opportunity toward an awakening of the higher mind. Not everyone makes conscious use of these moments for spiritual evolution; some people’s lives are so hard that they give up on hope and simply do the best they can for themselves.

The challenge for me has been to turn away from old judgmental thoughts that no longer serve me because they were fed by unhappy experiences I had as a child. These thoughts generally followed a comparative pattern, and when I felt someone, usually my sister, had something I wanted or I felt I had been treated unfairly, these thoughts manifested as critical judgments of other people that fed my unhappy ego. I needed to feel superior to other people because I felt so diminished in myself. My sister was the one who commanded the attention in our family, because she wasn’t well. I lacked the parental nourishment that would let me feel satisfied and joyful in my accomplishments.

When the pain had taken me down to the point where all I wanted was relief, there was room for the divine to enter. I received help in seeing through my childhood memories to the grief that was buried deeply inside my nerves and bones. I allow myself to process this grief, and as I do this inner work, my inner child begins to experience levels of joy and clarity I have not known for a long time. I still hear my ego mind repeating those old judgmental stories, but now I can see them for what they are: stories that keep me from living in my fullest happiness. I can ask myself whether this story is true, and if it is not, I can re-write a new tale.

Meanwhile, there are new connections to make, new relationships to form, and old relationships to deepen. I feel like a new person, and I am still learning sides to Susan that I was unaware she had – I have.

The journey to self-knowledge is not always an easy one, but the person I am becoming is happier and more able to take better care of herself. Why am I sharing something so personal as this on my blog? It is my hope that people going through these hard times will turn inward and see what is possible for them with the awakening to a higher state of mind. It is so very worthwhile.


Turning Inward

Turning inward factors into my weekly Rune forecast lately. How you or I respond to events that happen to us can engender an entire wealth of experiences. Before I turned to face the unpleasant stuff in life it was easy to give up and be a quitter, but once I began turning to face my fears, I gained something from that simple experience: most of my fears are just ideas that live in my head.

When I face my fear, I ask myself, “What is the worst thing I can imagine?” After I get that list, I go down the items one by one, and I ask, “Is this even likely to be true?” Usually I can wipe the fear off the slate right there, but every now and then something will come up that gives me the goosebumps.

There was the time I casually said to my husband I would go on the roof to clean the moss off that was growing there, and then I froze on the ladder due to my fear of heights. I faced myself down and did the job any way. It had to be done. I shook the whole time, but once off that ladder, deep breathing never felt so good. But then there are the more subtle fears that have their roots in not feeling good enough or capable enough. These fears may have their roots in unresolved emotional issues buried in the unconscious aspects of our being. Some of these can be dug out with the help of psychological professionals, but when talking things out results in talking around things instead of getting at things, there is another thing you might try.

I have found that just before or after sleep, my mind is often receptive to the power of suggestion. I find those moments when I am consciously trying to work through stuck points to be valuable questions to ask of my Subconscious in just this way.  Here is an ideal moment when the Subconscious and the waking consciousness can communicate. I had been drifting a bit in my spiritual clearing practice and noticing that I felt off-kilter. I asked my Subconscious upon waking one morning, “What is the next soul issue I have to work on?” I waited a moment, and I felt a black energy at the back of my head, just at the base of my skull where it meets the spine. Then I said, “I don’t know what to do with this!” Something in me took pause, and the energy reassembled itself into the symbol of a Black Swan and I “heard” the names “Leda and the Swan,” and “Swan Lake.” Both relate to how men have used women, and I discovered in myself there a deep pool of anger at men. As I learned how to work on these issues, layers began to peel away for me, and I am more able to step into my own power.

That experience was particularly deep, but I have also found this method to be a reliable guide to intuitively know what decisions are best for me, and those that aren’t. I invite you to try this method, and please share with me whether it works as well for you.

Rune Draw for Week of March 24 to 30, 2019

Good morning! This week’s Rune Draw bears another powerful message. SOWELO as the Sun shines upon everyone, good or ill. This is for us to remember as the human collective consciousness is shifting like the seasons. JERA, the Rune for the year, seasonal changes, and harvest speaks to the cycles of reaping the harvest of our own actions. This may bypass some people, but for those of you who like me are caught in tangled emotional issues, the Sun calls us to rise above blaming and accusations. The political climate remains a huge trigger for some folks, but instead of blaming the politicians, the next Rune ISA tells us that it is time to take inventory of our self and what can we contribute to the collective for an outcome we are willing to live with. ISA declares that this is a time of stand still, so this is another opportunity to take advantage of its reflective properties for further inner work.

Catch catastrophe thinking as it arises and before it manifests into physical action where you cannot undo it. Catch limiting thoughts and negative self-beliefs. Swipe, delete, and reset.

Stop blaming others for your disappointed expectations.

Dig deep for your own dreams and fill your thoughts with your positive accomplishments.

Go forward on Faith. This will establish a firm, positive foundation for the road ahead.

Let go of control issues.

Have a blessed week!

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