I decided I was going to catch up and write a blog post today, so I turned on the computer, sat down, woke up the programs I normally look into and caught myself a half hour later daydreaming my way through facebook posts without retaining anything of what I had read.


My third grade teacher was forever making me stay after class to write twenty, thirty or one hundred thousand five million, and one gazillion more times, “I shall not daydream.” For all her efforts, that did not stick. All I worried about was missing the school bus. After I got over her efforts at shaming, I realized that daydreaming is not such a bad thing. It gives me rest from intense mental engagements. It offers me time to get in touch with aspects of my soul I may not be giving enough expression to. Sometimes I will get a mental picture of an artwork I want to do or a new project I want to engage in.

All in all, daydreaming is not such a bad thing. Maybe those folks whose posts I was reading were daydreaming too. I mean how much mental time can it actually require to poke the share button on some wise-assed meme?

It’s not the daydreaming that catches me out. It is whether I act on my inspiration or not. I have known lots of talented people who never seem to bring their dreams to action, and I have known other talented people who have so many dreams to bring to action that it is hard developing the self discipline to finish any one thing. I am one of those who have stopped and started often, and one of the ways I am working on self now, is to make clear choices about which ideas I want to give energy to and which ideas would lead me to simply spinning my wheels. This effort is based upon the realization that I have just so long on this Good Earth to accomplish those tasks and dreams.

I am still working on my book about the Norns and Hela. For those not in the know, in 2013 I began what I have to describe as a “Spirit-led” apprenticeship to these Beings. I call Them Goddeses, and They have been very gentle and loving with me. The book itself has been a stop and start project, not because I lack the discipline of working on it, but because just when I think it is done, They suggest a new approach to the doing of it. I trust They know how to help me make it better.

So if you too are one of those people who find daydreams more interesting than daily life, here is my suggestion. Tune into your personal “I want.” This is your passion (I am talking SOUL here, not anything sexually transmittable). Trust that in some way your passion to create art, write, make music, or just be your God-given humorous self will contribute something worthwhile to uplifting humanity, and then go do that thing, however many starts and stops it makes. There is no blame here. This is your life path. Daydreaming is just a roundabout way the Psyche calls you to manifest forth your life. Contemplation is the other side of the daydream. Keep a Journal. Record ideas that you might not have a lot of time for. This way you can revisit them without losing their impetus. And maybe we should add this little statement to God’s commandments:



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